Cut Me Off

Why be mad because it’s true
If you already knew it would be?

I’m drawn to your aggression
Flip me off and watch me become erect
What makes your fever
Also make me want you more
Attractively berating
What is this beautiful yelling
A strange saliva comes to
The surface of my kiss
While you stand shouting
What is this ardor warmth
That burns for more of your howling
Lost in your aftermath
Significantly as you drive away
Why be mad because
You can’t have something
You didn’t even know that you wanted
Leave me wanting more
To taste your salty skin
The fervent pitch
O, the sweet temperature of your sweat
On my lips
The throttle of your shout
What is this about
What is this about
What is this about
To drink the outline of your fire
With my eyes
Only a memory now
Resting like a flame
In my lap

© GÄ