Why You

Why you make me
Want to do
Unexpected things for you
Why you make me
Want to switch
Rearrange and change
What if I become dumber
When I’m around you
What if I become an idiot
When I’m with you
I think I do
I lose my brain a bit
When I’m around you
Forget things
I always knew
Why do I become dumber
When I’m around you
I lose track and sight
I have a goal set
In my mind
I try to focus
And yet even things
That I have known forever
Slip like stars
Out of the sky
Why you make me
Want to why

© GÄ


I have a love for monsters
Why do I still crave you
In the way I always used to
I have a love for monsters
No getting over feelings
Reality and fantasy deceiving
I have a love for monsters
I dream about the hope
Of your love
I think to speak before
I say too much

Hang on
Don’t break the thread
If I have a love for monsters
I may have a love for death
A love for losing my breath
You have something I want
The words that I need
You cannot give them to me

It’s not your fault
You don’t know how

© GÄ

After All

Can you be generous
With my heart
When I crawl out from chrysalis

A fantastic overview if
Maybe we could take notes
Mind bending material
To apply in our modern day lives
With ancient wisdoms
Consuming all like light
Without rejecting or accepting
Our compassions exhilarated
By negative situations

I can see in all directions
And the sound of emptiness
Is the source of all my words
Telling lies in order to please me
Don’t be silly
Is it too late for
What I wanted
After all

© GÄ

Not Knowing You

My love got buried in my hurt
Because they didn’t think
It mattered that all things
Wake up together
Or at least we thought
We could
We might
We should
Wake up together
More than once
More than twice
Even more than
Three times
Three finger strokes
Along your back
Count the stones
Along your spine
Name each one
The compassion of our bones
Like xylophones
Singing to one another
Through the hammer
Of our hearts
I left my disappointments
In a basket by the sea
The path of embers
Underneath my feet
Led my most important
Self above the sand
Where once was buried
The pain of
Not knowing you

© GÄ


Is it better to speak
About it or to die
When the most beautiful
Is too also temporary
Like brightest friendships
That disappear or hide
Tuck my head deep
Into the hottest romance
Only to know before
Too long this in between
Will soon fade away
Rather I hold my tongue
Or say what I feel
How will it feel the next day
Will I find two versions
Of our love twisted up
Inside of me
Or even one ripped
Open into two
Is it better to speak
About it or to die
Without unleashing
All the emotions bubbled up
Will my hands soon
Need to apologize
Will the sorrow of a belly
Feel the weight of
My forked tongue
Or will my steady beating
Haloed heart be quiet
Just this once

© GÄ

Distracting You

Presence of mind and patience
Reconcile me so
I gave up everything to be with you
What did you give up for me?
They care just enough
To make you think they care
Breaking hearts left and right
But I cannot beware
This time

It would make for quite a lie
For me to bear the fruit
Of our despair
What does it feel like
To give up just enough
I’ve always been so hapless
Giving all my love
All or nothing
I’ve heard it said
In a world where
Through the phone
Can be as quick
As rolling over in the bed
But not for some

Blame their distractions
I know that much of this
Is very true
Wouldn’t it be nice
If it was I
Distracting you

Presence of mind
And patience
Reconcile me
So I can let go of the dream
That you cared about
An equal dram
For me

© GÄ

Wake Up With Me

Wipe my lips at the memory
Of a kiss that is nothing
In comparison to you
He who has become one
With the essence of what is
My impermanent discovery
Lungs flutter like
Butterfly wings when I
Breathe you in
Chopping wood
Between the ferns
Surrounding green
To build a hearth
A birch like cabin for your heart
Burning the lime blue
Flames of embers truth
Impressed upon my youth
Wake up with me tomorrow

© GÄ

Finding You

If I found open resilience
A kind of knowing in yourself
Like receiving an image
Like feeling a touch
I think I’d find
One can’t succeed
With a ghost for love
In the wrong room
Wrapping away at the wrong door
As if not everything
Is meant to be embraced

© GÄ


I reach across myself
Down into your pocket
To find a handful of sparkling light
Impossible to pass through
Are the iron gates that protect
Or enter into my love
For you
Impossible to understand
For many
I reach across myself
In five points of direction
For your protection
Hermetic in my distance
Like the planet Mars
A pocket full of sparks
Impenetrable is
My love for you
Nothin’s gettin’ through

© GÄ

Back & Forth

I am
Lower cased in fragments of
Position and
But by that which I decree
And that which burns in me
Is better
Back and forth
Twisted simply in my heart
Pauses percentages of life
I won’t pencil in
The things that deserve ink
As I can’t pencil in the past
And erase it’s cause
Can operate
So smoothly in your arms
Taking sips of sunlight
Off and on

© GÄ