What Did You Feel

Was it real?
Did you feel
What you said you felt?
Now I have to question
All the things you said
And maybe it’s because
We never went to bed
And maybe it’s because
You can’t control me
Like you control everyone else
Or maybe it’s because
It wasn’t real
How did you feel
My recent conclusion
Comes from waves of outer space
Knowing that you could just be
A comet burning brightly
In and out of my existence
Just an outline to erase
Though we had years
To rediscover one another
I may not have been what you need
In this phase of your life
And I can’t need you
To be there for me
In ways that you’re
Incapable of being
Too bad it feels
Too late

© GÄ


We didn’t make up
These words individually
They don’t belong to us
We protect what we say
We put the puzzle together
But we did not invent
Letter H alone
Did you …

Someone before you maybe
Someone who did
Everyone agreed
Someone before them
There was someone who did
And you learned
How to write it

You use words in this house
This letter
The sentences are born from you
And you call them your own
They are all you have
To hang on to
And without H
Your words
Wouldn’t be your words

It’s all too old
That’s all you’ve got in this world
Minus H

It’s all tat you ave to old onto
It’s all tat you ave in tis world

Even if
You didn’t invent them
Even if
You don’t know how they got here
Even if
Other people will share them
Even if
Some birds will speak them

You want to own them
But they are not yours
They belong to everyone
And you use them so well

A beautiful possession
Even though they don’t really belong
Even if they are not really his
Or hers or yours

They want to be heard
And you brought them to life
Now free to fly
Just as they came are the words
You want to be yours

© GÄ

Your Words

If you’re not opposed
I’ll set out a change of clothes
For when we finally
Get up this afternoon

I can’t remember when
The last time was
I had someone’s lips on me
I’d rather wait for you
Than hook up

Like screaming fire!
In a crowded theater
My heart is beating
A mile a minute just thinking
Of when you’ll arrive

Why don’t you just
Throw a dagger into me
You sexy beast
Your words are like
Sensuous poetry

© GÄ


If you say it
You have to wear it
Like a garment
In front of whom ever
You said it to
Be OK with them
Framing an opinion
About it

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
If you’re strong enough
To say it
You’ll be stronger
Because you did
You may be saying
The things
That no one else is and
It may feel like shit
But just say it!
It’s OK to break your own heart

A little bit

If the world that you’re making
Is a better place
To be in
Because of it

The auspicious time
Of the Solstice
Has been revered
In ancient wisdom
Powerful times
Embrace the
Changes in our lives

Honor the cycles
In a brilliant light
And cosmic sight
Directed at the center
Of the Earth of your core
Consciousness says

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
And if you’re strong enough
To say it
It’s how you convey it
You’ll be stronger
In the long run
Because you did

© GÄ

Lost Words

Different words
Hidden out beneath
Crawling up
From underneath
Like the awkward rock
That I turned over
We don’t know
What to expect
When we let go
Really ever
But we respect and we hope
To be accepted
To be loved
Even at our worst
Our most embarrassing

Loving the shamelessness
The deepest secrets
Our special shares
A person may not be
What we thought
When we find them there
But the learning
Of opening the book
Of the heart
Always taught me
To be stronger
More like myself


Giving permission to
Things we wouldn’t normally
Is a gift that is sometimes
Simply holding out
To open as flower
Of bared consciousness will

Found in you

Keeping away
What is that?

Vulnerability allows
Brain fog to lift
Captivating what is caring
In a completely open state
Spirit flailing
Only happens in the
Of pure love

Open the window
To the better unknown

© GÄ