In Our Lives

Assimilation or death
Which one is best
Alive or dead
How can the living
Wrap their heads around
The difference
The concept of a breath
Or even if not taking one
When we’re not breathing
We have no choice
Awake or dreaming
Sleeping forever
Starkly awake
Scuffling through life
With a head held at halftime
To remain or to escape
To take a step forward
Or to wait
We could also choose
To be awake
For the first time
In our lives

© GÄ


Die from fright
Dramatic music
There’s a tremble
There’s a shake
And then it’s gone
A week long
One week
How can we die
Tumbled off in a rush
Crumbled until the theory of us
If suffering from knowledge becomes
Freedom in understanding
Through wisdom
I cut through
No need to accomplish
What love has already done
Love letters written
To restore my deepest core
Sketchbooks illustrate
Living my best life
In a field of zithers
Reeds singing
Rising to glisten
My heart will listen
Grab it back
Taking hold
Snap attack
My sweetest fold
Sliding through the
Zigzag path
Called life

© GÄ


Stop the car
Open the door
Step out into the light
Feel what life feels like
Without your phone
The earth is your home
If we do the math
Subtract the things
Minus materialistic
Values that bring us
Less comfort than
One another
Alone with all our stuff
Step out onto the bluff
Of our tomorrow
Minus all the pain
Subtracting all the sorrow
Bringing your grief
Substantial relief
Now breathe
In between the mist
Up above the flying fists
Their is a brightness
That distances the
Shadows of hope
We are the boat
To our eternity
What does it look like
Peering through the
Fisheye view
Can you see me?
I can see you
I am more when I am with you
Than all the diamonds
In the world
I choose you
I stop the car
I put on the breaks
I open the door
And there you are
Dancing in the light

© GÄ

Life Has Just Begun

The damage is done
But life has just begun
Breaking through the concrete
Up into the sky
Reaching for the sun
Climbing over the rocky
Past the coins
Gems beneath our feet
Breath of life
More powerful
Than the pentacle
Married to the moon
Bed found in the grass
Dance floor
On the desert ground
Light up the floor
Cocktails in foxgloves
Dew drips on your
Lips sweat the pain
Swaying with the wind
Circling the fire
Ballet on the water
The damage is done
But life has just begun
Start from the beginning
As our ancestors did
Building up
Out of the broken
Don’t stop believing
The damage is done
But life has just begun

© GÄ

The Future

Life is short
Don’t make it hard

Believe me this I know

Life is short
Don’t make it hard

No matter where you go

The future is unlimited
Believe me this I know

Life is short
Though days seem long

Don’t make it hard
You hold the torch

© GÄ


Suspended by cords
On a canvas
Sketch it out
Draw the mythical

What a masterpiece
Fibers will paint
A sweet exposé
Still inertia
From bold
Into faint

Free the handle as bone
The ferrule as strength
Constructing a
Passionate muscle
To claim
The life
Of a generous

At the tips of my fingers
Nothing left here to linger
I dream under covers
In wait

The distance below me
The space up above me

Reach up into the howl
Every feather of fowl

Bows of rain
Without wonder
Will squander
Both scatter about

Slung like a scarf
Swinging couch
Lovers tarp
Of restraint

Chainless morning
Is dawning
Sun appears
Without warning

Bright new colors adorning

Bonjour just a
Footstep away

© GÄ