I don’t want to forget
What reminds me
Of hopeless endings
There would be no
Reason to want something more
Something worth defending

I’ll never give up on
The hope that it could be
But I can’t stop
Searching out every possibility
To convince me
Of our truth
You need faith
And in time
I believe it would prove
What it’s looking to see

I must be willing
To risk the chance of losing you
In order to feel
The hope that I could love you
I would love you
And the fact that I could
Is more powerful
Than actually proving that I would

If you only knew
What I wish I could do

© GÄ

Play Me

I have a little secret
I’ve kept deep inside

If I tell you there are words
To teach your mouth how to feel
But only if it opens

If you swing your heart
And follow the truth
If you

I imagined you taller
But your smile was the same

I want more than you are
Ready to give

I could feel you burning across the room
My eyes devoured you in it
With flaming grass
Even the sun is not as hot

Tambourine symbols drum tambourine
In the middle of an orchestra string

Why did you take me?
Am I just your imagination
A photo torn from the wall
A stain of bitter past

You don’t want me to do it
Or don’t you?

I know I can find you
If I take the furthest shore

© GÄ

Wake Up

You affect the essential cord in me
That is afraid to vibrate
Where did you get
Your guest pass
Who let you in?
It doesn’t matter now
It’s already been done

And here you are
Need I ask where am I?

Barely awake
Sitting up sleeping
No reply
No anticipating
Just an absolute waiting
For you to wake up

© GÄ

Your Greatness

As we move forward
In this new world we
Find ourselves
Settling in new ways
I say

Your beauty is confused
By its ability to be beautiful
In it’s absence it rips away
At your heart
I holler that you will find meaning
And decode what it deserves
Oh, if I could only show you

The place where you crouch
Is hiding from elegance
What a shame it is to doubt
How special your significance
Is to so many
How you fill them
With plenty

I take a step towards
The distance that forces you
To know you
The way I want to show you
Your greatness

© GÄ

Miss You

Then there
This that
Where what
Tsk tat

Emojis wish
That they could show
The hugs and love
We feel
There’s no comparison
To what the real hug
Actually appeals

I miss your face
I miss your love
I miss your warm
Inviting hugs

When will we meet
In fields of barley
Running towards each other
Hardly feels like it’s tomorrow
Why in fact it’s feeling
Farther and farther and farther

I won’t give up
And don’t you either
I’m a tried and true believer
That the day will be here
Sooner than we think
Even though it’s hard to tell
I truly hope
You’re safe and well
See you again
When we can laugh
And looking back we can relent
About the time we spent
As isolated friends

I send a kiss to you

© GÄ


Take the thickness
Take the sad
I want to
And it wants you

Minutes after
I’m still heavy
The unreal
To what you feel
What it could be

And oh,
What you carry…

…unmarry yourself
Will you blind

Rest your head
In my lap

Who mussed your feathers?

For the hurricane will subside
It will subside

© GÄ

Occupied Obsession

Lost in thought

Persistent with an idea
Feeling is
Absorbed intensely
Into that which
Already occupied
Our abstract thing and state

Having only intrinsic form
Expressing a quality
With little to no
Pictorial representation
Fixed and unyielding
Despite reason or persuasion
An old fashioned invasion

Entry of an army
Into a country for conquest
To set in and make fast
Only to shape
Our insoluble bodies
Spaces and phrases
To act on what is achieved
Past absent deceived
Curiosity weighs in
Generally a percentage of the amount
Both borrowed and believed

This readiness
To afford distinguished beauty
Is belonged insignia

© GÄ

So I Can

“I just don’t have time.”
He said

I remember when we did
Oh yes, I remember
How great it was then

Crack the cocoon
And remind me again
Remind us

Just let me now when
So I can return

So I can…

© GÄ

In Her Tree

I fear that in this
Somehow founded animosity
A stain has merged
Into a monstrosity
And I am climbing
Every limb of your tree

The tide that passes
Through you
Is heavy as the night
Can weigh upon us
And my soul
Is raw from tire
Ripped with spite

I am empty from
The energy I spend
To make things whole again
And all the tears
I cry that bleed
Are extracted
Pushed out
Rejected antidotes

Funny how the words
I feel at once
Can root from hurt
When all that I had planted
In was love
Turned spoiled soil

The carriage is empty

She is beautiful to me
But I’m exhausted from her tree

© GÄ


If you say it
You have to wear it
Like a garment
In front of whom ever
You said it to
Be OK with them
Framing an opinion
About it

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
If you’re strong enough
To say it
You’ll be stronger
Because you did
You may be saying
The things
That no one else is and
It may feel like shit
But just say it!
It’s OK to break your own heart

A little bit

If the world that you’re making
Is a better place
To be in
Because of it

The auspicious time
Of the Solstice
Has been revered
In ancient wisdom
Powerful times
Embrace the
Changes in our lives

Honor the cycles
In a brilliant light
And cosmic sight
Directed at the center
Of the Earth of your core
Consciousness says

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
And if you’re strong enough
To say it
It’s how you convey it
You’ll be stronger
In the long run
Because you did

© GÄ