I’m not locked in
Are you locked in?
Is this even possibly the
Beginning of sweet liberation
I’m drawing polka dots
To connect later
With my favorite pen
In the shape of a metaphor
But not without your permission

I watch certain moments
Wake up within me
But I’m not really sure
Or unsure if hysterically
There were laughs that I was
Somehow missing in between
Like being born without
A parent who could teach me
Any other language than
American English
Still filled with filial piety

They say take the hand your dealt
Make the most of what you’ve got
What have I got?
A paintbrush a toothbrush
A hairbrush and a plot
To better fulfill the best parts
Hoping they don’t change
At least not more than say
The usual amount

I like tall not necessarily
Easy to define moments
Hiding behind subtle descriptions
A little fear for touching them
And finding out what could be possible
Or maybe even what could be
Taken away if I touched it
Even once

Don’t lose your step or trip up
Or position in permission for
Your metaphor or the hope of
What I wish for which is
What I must become
Which is not what I
Was necessarily given

© GÄ


It’s going to get worse
Before it gets better
She said and then I
Wrote her a letter
Lots of blue ink and
A Roman candle
Dripping wax on paper
Sealed with a brass cast
Of all the feelings I’ve been
Sitting with for years
Every sentiment I kept
Wound carefully in burlap
Hidden beneath the last board
Of the wrap around porch
I spent every summer on
For the past seven years
Years of trying to say
The words that cannot seem
To find their way
Still to the surface of my
Pale pink wet lips
It’s the best that I can do
To send the letter off to you
Now that it’s better
After the worst of it
Drifted off like dust
Into the backyard of our memories
Into the broken earths crust
I always thought
The lava would bubble up
Molten feelings of the
Forgotten sense of friendship
Turned to romance turned to
What happened to the
Only time I saw myself
Running away
Somehow still standing
In the same place
A gold earring and
A broken piece of clay
The center of what matters
No longer being held hostage
Was I just a boy
Or now am I a man
Free to say what I finally
Always wanted to say
In a letter now that it’s better
Than yesterday

© GÄ

Stalemate Solution

Will you let me go and fetch him
Run across the way
Grab a boat down at the slip
Beg for him to stay

Love does not delight in evil
They say rejoicing with the truth
Protecting you always trusting too
Always hoping you would say
My bad I hurt you

My heart with purpose quills
To soar above a thoughtful need for this
No one can tell you
How to feel better except you

The resentful pain of not telling it
I don’t want to hurt you
So I carry the weight of it
A paper weight of it
A kettlebell
Wrapped ‘round my heart
I will not forget our story
I promise x

Climbing up the hill losing traction
Falling on my face is no different
Than a stalemate solution
No one wins but love
Because love existed
Even if a long term resolution
Never could

© GÄ

Unexpected Ways

So then
Just as you received
My telegram to meet me
At the motel
I found myself overflowing
At the mere thought
Of our reception
Enduring love is
One of those things
Like calling out your name
In the middle of a field
Sometime after midnight
Hidden in the grass
Regarded twice as tall as me
Not quite as tall
As how I felt when I saw your lips
Mouth the words

‘I think I love you’

Like nightly dreams
Painted on plaster
Across the ceiling
Like morning light
Creeping across
Your body one ray at a time
You can always counsel me
On the way that I should reach out
To get closer to you
To understand your maze
To walk your labyrinth
In any way you most prefer
There’s a fire waiting for us
In the living room
There’s a fire waiting for us
In my heart
There’s a fire waiting for us
In every corner of the world
Your love bursts through me
In countless unexpected ways

© GÄ

Falls the Notes

I’ll write a sacred song for you
I’ll hum a reverent tune
Make music from my heart for you
Sing as the crocus bloom
My mind is awfully occupied
Of dreaming about you
A phenomena that even I
Cannot seem to unscrew
This is a lifelong passion longing
A chain reaction to be told
To all the thoughts
I’ve written down
To sing the lyrics of age old
To finally find your listening ears
And serenade you with the sounds
That hold you close to me for once
To sing the words in lyric rounds
That make you feel secure
To chip away the outer bark
That must protect you from the brutes
To soothe the heaviness of life
To sing a psalm I wrote for you
A tune that you can always carry
Throughout time where’er you roam
Where’er your boots may climb about
Where’er you’re walking into town
I’ll write a sacred song for you
To remember in your heart
Let your voice box tremble sweetly
Let the leaves that rustle play
In the trees the branch wood instrumental
Clicking drums the pace
Sit beside me on this bench
Rest your head in open lap
Let me comb my fingers round your crown
O’er your head so nicely found
Falls the notes
Of true loves magic
Falls the notes
Of dreamy sounds
Falls the miracle
Of music in a divinating sound

© GÄ

On Our Own

I suppose there’s
A million things I could say
Like the quiet thoughts
Stirring in my head
On a rainy day
There’s a lot of wisdom
To be uncovered
Even in the fear
Of how we say
It feels to be unloved
In a peaceful walk
Wandering about
Under the streetlights
On our own
A little march for one
In the steps of nighttime air
While the city lights will fade
In the distance listen closely
As the sirens lose their blares
A little unheard in
My feelings
Never sure of what life wants
Except to love
Just helping others
Even with
The jealous rage
Of those who want to
Hurt the innocent
Keeping voices locked
Away inside a cage
Though the signs of love
Are everywhere
And light is beaming from inside
It doesn’t mean
That we don’t feel
Like a lonely
Stranded island
Or an undiscovered planet
In the haze
I try my best just to recall
That even with the hate
Even when the tears will fall
We’re not alone
Love is too real
For all the others
Not to feel

© GÄ


I wonder
If a relationship is for me
Where could you be
On the shore of some
Unknown sea
Across the pond or
Hanging out
Beneath a tree
Tender painted dreams
Always held
Birthstones and dogwoods
Dancing bees and
Spiderwebs weaved
A human history
Of sticky sidetracking
Miles of ghosts
And lovely leaks
Unstoppable flares
Rosy warmed up cheeks
I’m not famished at all
Just a little hungry for
A heart strong moment
Taking delight
In the desire of your kiss
Catching you off guard
Sitting at the end of the couch
Deep in some books wit
Jumping in to take a look
Into those eyes I can’t resist
Without a doubt
I am quite certain you exist

© GÄ

One of Them

I have a tiny heart
With giant feelings
In a big sky
With little clouds
Filled with
Enormous beats
Vibrating in
Miniature pulses
Red lights everywhere
I lookout for the green
Bright yeses
When the man
Says no
Who’s behind the decks
Who controls the
Anyone with the
Check of approval
To check your box
With a big fat no
Be on the other side
Of yes
Find a way around
If the ship feels like
It’s sinking
Perhaps we’re swimming
In different directions
Destiny is a funny character
And the universe
Has many different plans
The earth is only
One of them
My friend

© GÄ

Remember This

Tonight is a good night
Some days are good
Some days are better
Than others
Tonight is really special
Filled with love in
All the right places
Heart throbbing
Happy to make it
Through the nights
That weren’t so great
How about a dance
While the crickets
Chirp in serenade
All in shiny black tuxedos
Freeing us from our past
Only new memories
The both of us
Creative passions
Hatched in Autumns’
Dizzy mystery
Assuring sights
For greater fields
To run our obvious obsessions
Through with the perfect
Release into what
We always wanted to
Become real
Conceived not in sin
But rather laughter
And the joy of
Obsolete wonder
That carries not the shell
Of how we dress ourselves
For the world
Walking down the footpath
Of every dimly lit street
But wide open
In the gaze of what is
More importantly
Our lightening hearts

© GÄ