In the Light

I had my guard up
How awkward
It was strange
To see you
Did I miss you?
Should I hug you?
Was it hate you left me with?
When everything dissipated
You burned me
Caught me on fire
In many ways
Where the love of friends
Was left is friendship
Also lost?
There are no leftovers
From the hangovers
Of the hurt
Trial and error
Choosing to invest
In a place
With limited return
A lot of love was lost
A lot of love was found
Keep the conversation
And the memory
In the light

© GÄ

Green Light

I want your green light
Satisfy this appetite
Spark my dynamite
Everywhere I see you there
Green light
Truest eyes
The brightest smile
The warmest hands
Running towards your
Sweet demands
Miles and miles
Goes on for days
Green light
Kill the red
Love you til we lose
Our heads
Lose our way
Forget the plan
Wrap my legs around you
In a
Green light

© GÄ


Wondering winks
Hands grab
Final distinct
Between my teeth
Acting like grownups
The night comes fast
Pulling up the covers
Hanging out our feet
A perfect gravity
For stretching
Love for each other
In marvelous ways
A mighty rage
Breaking into perspectives
Of perspiration
Adult decisions
Wet on the skin
In all the light
Of dreaming
Softly in these sheets
Faux feathers
Plush beneath
Our heads
Scarlet sins
Naked wins
Lush lyrics
Pillared in love

© GÄ


While you talk about the woman
Who’s makeup isn’t on quite right
Do you know how hard it was
To show her face today in light?
Pull herself out of her bed
Tuck herself in late at night?
The best that she could do
Is amazing in my eyes
Thank you for showing up
Today my dear
Thank you for sharing
Your sweet smile
Thank you for taking time
To share your light
With us
You’re so inspiring

© GÄ

Even Roses Die

My grandma Rose
May have died
But she’s really still alive
Still here on earth
Still breathing out
In her own way

Inside my heart

I wish the Universe
Could say
Not at this time
This one’s not mine

But her hands were needed
For gardening the skies
Expressing thoughts
In clouds floating by

Propagating love

It makes no sense
How I could be
Here on earth without you
Experiencing life
When life has always been
About you

Honest intention
Simple truth
Big imagination

It seems impossible
That I could be zoetic
Waking everyday
Without your words prophetic
Without your physical presence
And yet I’m here building
The life I never
Thought that I could build
Which tells me that
Your essence is
All around me

Your blood is light

I could never do this
Without you…

Yes even roses die
But they return
Nature is unending
As is your spirit
Climbing through
The concrete cracks
Your love is sending
Me the messages I need
In every step
In every day
I know without a doubt
Your heart is always with me

© GÄ

Into Light

Sun at my back
Starlight at my front
Wind on my face
Every thought wants to
Remind me of the beauty
Of this place

Like I’m walking around
Inside the corridors of
Your heart
Remembering the best parts
Of being free with you

No room for judgement
But many doors of prophecy
Etched along our sacred walls
Painted in typography

We open every gate
Walking bare foot over stones
That remind us of our strength
Of what we have to hold
Wandering the caves and halls
Like the stars we used to know
One day we will see
Each other there again
As we did before

Ancient connection
Of acceptance that can
Find it’s way to you
So familiar to the past lives
Our souls are privy to

I will never misplace your energy
I will always remember your smile
I could find you in a world
Of thorns and darkness
Mountains high

The echos of your laughter
Shake me to the very core
Rings the bell tower
Flips the switch on
Calls me out of
My conch home

Folded hands together walking
Down the steps of life
We carry one another
Through the darkness
Into light

© GÄ