Afternoon Rumor

Like a cloud aspired
To countless skies
Our sincerest laughter
Which never dies
All your words are true
My ears a gift
To listen to

Dappled I will crawl
Past the darkest shadows
Into the morrows light
The afternoon rumor
Is to tell of your delight
I will not be absent
From this
We will not be distant
Still the evidence
Is just a whisper
And a kiss

© GÄ

One at a Time

The unfolding of your words
From the deepest wellspring
Giveth light to the faraway
Understanding this has
Always been paradoxical
And ever will continue

Always previously given
With an undying
Debt to attachment
Something one can’t shake
Like a feeling that takes over you
My unrelenting crush

Call to me and I will answer you
Though the downtime feels a bit
Like a straitjacket for love

About such an appeal
There is only one way to deal
The cards out between you and I

One at a time

© GÄ

The Attendant

From the window
Dreaming listlessly
Through a small hole
I saw a woman
Cleaning a birdcage
Her face was beautiful
Like a swallows flight
In mid air
Long hair flowing about

The aroma of cinnamon toast
Floating everywhere
My senses all too aware
Like a gypsy fortune teller

Sometimes we see things
We shouldn’t see
Shaped like a memory
We can never forget
Strange I thought
And placed my hand
On my head
To feel my temperament
I bet I could break a hundred
If character or disposition
Could be measured
You know
Sealed glass and mercury
Rising and falling
With emotional levels

Window shopping
When relief seeks its way
To the top of blossoms so sweet
So natural and
Unassumingly with wonder
You wonder what I mean

Watching all the cars drive by
I think to myself
There goes another life
I wonder if that life
Would like to know about mine?

With each boring moment
Arrives another one
Ever so alluring
Like the art on the walls
That keeps changing every month

Hmm, I guess if I hadn’t known
About love I wouldn’t ponder
To think it might have forgotten me
But then again how could it
I’ve hardly been a day
Without it in fact
I can’t remember when
It wasn’t at the forefront
Of my mind

Yes, voyeurism
The look of love
The heart that’s sitting
Opposite in time
From mine
Warped by butterfly wings
On the tips
Of prosperity

Have you any sense of direction?
If you’ve half a mind
Or could even find the time
Meet me on the corner of
Fifty-Second and Charles
I’ll be waiting there with
A cameo of you
I had it made
Especially to impress
Your handsome heart

© GÄ

Blind Dismay

The moon
In broad daylight
It gives a lovely light!

The madman
Is my refuge and my shield
You make it easy to delight!

All the weapons
In the world would cause no harm
If they had some sentimental charm

Sometimes I think
About the night come mid morning
The glittered darkness is restoring

Sweep the things of yesterday
Into a countless ashed array
To toss it out with thoughts gone by

And still we ask ourselves
Am I amazing?
I am amazing
Am I amazing?
I am amazing

No pressure worn for wear
Sarcastic snares

Teeter-totter back and forth
To find the gentle hover
To discover the perfect weightlessness
Svelte calm serene

With all the answers
Travelling safely stowed away
In our back pockets
Forgotten hastily

‘Tis but to blind dismay

© GÄ

Ghostly Love

The truth is
I am grateful

I crave
I long for
Transcendent love

Exhaustion at the end
Of a busy day
Could never mask
My desires

My satisfaction
A feeling of work
To do what I’m
Capable of
With you

As surely as grass
Yearns for water
My mouth seeks
Your bread
Even if I fear
The breaking changes

I search a great cloud
In a sky full of witnesses
Throwing off everything
Daggers that hinder
The wisps if words
Are lisps that conjure
Us absent on lips

An arm around to receive
What lowers to raise
Dips down to retrieve
The ghost of a love engraved
That wanders the halls

Calling out
For the home
That cements it
Underneath our

In the chest
Of our bodies
Pressed together
Even if exhaled sharply
Just for a moment

© GÄ

Love Grove

Good hath come
To the generous heart
The lenders of selflessness given
Freely conducting
A symphony of their affairs
No worry no wear
Just being there

People look
Side to side
In a most bewildered stare
In my direction if not for money
Then what for?

I imagine
Walking slowly into the universal
Garden among the green
With a resilient ardent glow

If we should fall to
The consumption of the
Materials of being here on earth
Hidden behind the stained glass
Treasures in a manic state rebirthed
Walking atop the all too
Attractively colored shards

Our cause will crumble
Under her spell
The witch of darkness
Rings the bell
Call to the one in white
With blood free diamonds in her hair
To be so drawn to her
Though we are so often
Drawn to danger magnetically
There is a comfort
Knowing the trees
Are surely there

To coexist within a grove
That has not need
For pots of gold
Within our hearts and hands
For what we hold
Toward every footpath
Is surely sold
Our freedom from the coin
Into the wealth of love

© GÄ

Listen Closely

Sometimes the right thing to do
Is not what your body wants to do

Do not hinder the situation
By not following your summation
It’s in the gut

Gift it to the mind

Struck by the fool’s gold summit
In the gloom
On many knees shaken
We are together in the darkness

We shall all wish not to plummet
But it is for others to witness
To be undiminished somewhere

At the borders we must cross separately
But we will find our footsteps
Temperately stamped together
Cast out like nets
Retrieving emptiness
Without fish in our unanswerable scorn

Woe will prey on our hearts
But the distant light
Will soon escort our
Broken hands into
A cattle call of beastly prize

© GÄ

Third Time Charm

Third time is the charm
Follow your arm
Watch while the curving veins displayed
Within a pulse hot lava sprays
Will the memories we create
Make forth a magistrate
To take a gallon of your love
In just one pulp
Thirst quenching gulp
A bed ten thousand
Mattresses high
Still left to climb
But found in one
With you beside
Where cloud and sky
Drift by and slide
Atop of me you sweetly lay
A light blue air
Of blanket weighs on
Dreams so sleepily so peacefully
We stay
After seeing one then two
Learning what knowledge knows of too
Hold what is three as it could be
One plus one plus two make
Us becoming three
And now as third time is the charm
And we are liberated lovers
Innocent from global harm
In the secret garden harvest
Do we plant
The final seed
That farming sews
The story flows into a tattoo of
One heart upon our sleeve

© GÄ

My Second Part

Oh sweet love of my life
From which branch might
Thou be dangling
From which ladder might
Thou be purveying
Of which lake might
Thou be straying
Whilst my heart
Is chaste decaying?

Oh sweet love of my life
In which flame might
Thou be burning
Of which wheel might
Thou be turning
In which field might
Thou be flourishing
All thine flowers?

Oh sweet love of my life
In which choir might
You be singing
Where dost thou lips
Find clinging to
Which canvas are you bringing
All thine love?

Oh sweet love of my life
Didst thou find empty books
For which to write the kindest words
Where will thine eyes cast light
In which direction will thy travel
East west or right?

For where thy compass turns
Assured your pure reflection finds
Your tongue where words will shine
Oh sweet sweet love sweet love of mine
In chambers heart
My sweet love’s spark
Find two halves divide
Of one heart my love for you to find
Yourself the other half the whole
My second part

© GÄ

Your Words

If you’re not opposed
I’ll set out a change of clothes
For when we finally
Get up this afternoon

I can’t remember when
The last time was
I had someone’s lips on me
I’d rather wait for you
Than hook up

Like screaming fire!
In a crowded theater
My heart is beating
A mile a minute just thinking
Of when you’ll arrive

Why don’t you just
Throw a dagger into me
You sexy beast
Your words are like
Sensuous poetry

© GÄ