Happy Cracks

We have a broken cord
A mystic multi thread
Many parts empty
But with certainty some links
Are chained and bonded
Interwoven broken
Hit or miss cracks
Fullness and emptiness
Sometimes we gather the spark
Often it feels too dark
The pit of my stomach
Unsure that it wants to feel
Unreel the ugly parts
Uncovering the pretty parts
The glistening smile
Behind the damp unpredictable
A friendly time
From time to time
Filling the blanks
With happy space
And remedies
For broken dreams

© GÄ

What Did You Feel

Was it real?
Did you feel
What you said you felt?
Now I have to question
All the things you said
And maybe it’s because
We never went to bed
And maybe it’s because
You can’t control me
Like you control everyone else
Or maybe it’s because
It wasn’t real
How did you feel
My recent conclusion
Comes from waves of outer space
Knowing that you could just be
A comet burning brightly
In and out of my existence
Just an outline to erase
Though we had years
To rediscover one another
I may not have been what you need
In this phase of your life
And I can’t need you
To be there for me
In ways that you’re
Incapable of being
Too bad it feels
Too late

© GÄ

In Whatever Way

All the things we do
All the seeds we plant
Nothing compares to
Standing on these steps
And thinking of you

Watching the rain fall down
On the flowers that I placed
In the ground thinking of us
Day dreaming of you is the
Best way to pass the time

I love to picture your arms
Around me
It’s just a thought
Nothing based in reality
Making up is part of the fun

And why not
Love remains
In every pulse
Every beat every tremor
In your throat when you speak

To hear you say so many things
In such a way that I
Can’t control the chills
Up my neck and
Standing on the deck
Of life I see you

In whatever way you
Decide to find yourself
In some space
Dripping rays of light
Beaming from your face
With me

You don’t know your effect
That’s the beauty of your innocence
The gorgeousness displaced
In the vast terrain
The visceral unexplained
In the soil
Of my heart

© GÄ

The Only Thing

The only thing I have
To live for is flowers
I said like a lone bird
Flying over an ocean of petals
Calling out upon the
Waves of color above
The grounds of my earth
Softly tilled sweetly toiled
For my lover
Dost thou know me by my tone
Couldst thou differentiate
My variant of discern
She rang me up and I
Collected my things
Knowing not of how I sound
I’m either pleasant or distraught
For to be what I’ve become
One that is intimate with flowers is
Meanwhile waiting for the one
Meanwhile waiting for the one

© GÄ


Back and forth
What does it matter
If I have any part every part
Little times big times
Nudity foul language
I’ll take what I can get
If it’s with you
Like me don’t like me
Even for a moment
Heat and later cold shoulder
Flames of forever
Or not
What if even for a moment
Warm bed turns to cool sheets
Later or before
It’s a yo-yo
I’ll take what I can get
If it’s with you

© GÄ

To Each Their Own

You know to admit that I was good
For you is very hard
Like you lost something
The competition has been won
It’s over that part is done
Liberated into my own
Though I made ground for you
To stand on to give great
It would be ever too much
To accept such love to open up
For to you it feels as if you
Soon would break
All the tears you cried
Ah at all the wrong times
I never could make sense
Of why I was the one in pain
Comforting you
It was my duty to take care
And in your way you took care too
And now we take care of ourselves
On either sides of moving glaciers
Beautiful sparkling blue
You know I sometimes wonder
What is it that makes people
So purely selfish
It’s a gift I think that is given
To those who need not give back
But only to themselves
Sometimes I wish I knew this gift
But mostly I just think that with it
I’d be lonely

© GÄ


Light floods in from
Underneath the door
Knives slipped through the trim
In front preventing any entrance
What can I do to have you
Closer to me in the presence
Of my,,, I thought my father
Might approve
One can dream
And then I closed my eyes
You kissed me and the need
For anything melted away
The innocence of youth
Simpler times that somehow
Could be appreciated better now
But those things don’t
Always line up in such a way
Pictures on the walls
Photographic memories
In the halls of my imagination
And the actual recall of
A time when hope for that love
Was hiding in a car in the rain
After midnight free to make noise
The same car we lost the breaks in
Many breaks we lost
Even the break of my
Sweet innocence
And youthful heart

© GÄ

Distracting You

Presence of mind and patience
Reconcile me so
I gave up everything to be with you
What did you give up for me?
They care just enough
To make you think they care
Breaking hearts left and right
But I cannot beware
This time

It would make for quite a lie
For me to bear the fruit
Of our despair
What does it feel like
To give up just enough
I’ve always been so hapless
Giving all my love
All or nothing
I’ve heard it said
In a world where
Through the phone
Can be as quick
As rolling over in the bed
But not for some

Blame their distractions
I know that much of this
Is very true
Wouldn’t it be nice
If it was I
Distracting you

Presence of mind
And patience
Reconcile me
So I can let go of the dream
That you cared about
An equal dram
For me

© GÄ

On Our Own

I suppose there’s
A million things I could say
Like the quiet thoughts
Stirring in my head
On a rainy day
There’s a lot of wisdom
To be uncovered
Even in the fear
Of how we say
It feels to be unloved
In a peaceful walk
Wandering about
Under the streetlights
On our own
A little march for one
In the steps of nighttime air
While the city lights will fade
In the distance listen closely
As the sirens lose their blares
A little unheard in
My feelings
Never sure of what life wants
Except to love
Just helping others
Even with
The jealous rage
Of those who want to
Hurt the innocent
Keeping voices locked
Away inside a cage
Though the signs of love
Are everywhere
And light is beaming from inside
It doesn’t mean
That we don’t feel
Like a lonely
Stranded island
Or an undiscovered planet
In the haze
I try my best just to recall
That even with the hate
Even when the tears will fall
We’re not alone
Love is too real
For all the others
Not to feel

© GÄ