What happened
To the integrity
Of our memory
On shifting ground
On broken ice
Whatever was built
Whatever was found
Whatever advice
Whatever smelled nice
Has become
What my eyes wish to
Forget in a blink now to shut
Kiss goodbye
Eject the memory
Walking the tightrope
Of to whatever was before
You can show yourself
Out the doorway
Of my heart

© GÄ

In the Air

I’m in public
But I do not have permission
To be here
I have feelings
But they do not have permission
To be here
Chord structures
Can be built to make me cry
Why does the change
Make me want to die
Something unreachable
You want it more
I feel the world closing in
Like everyone is just against me
Is all of this untoured?
You may not have
Trampled my heart
But you left a footprint
You may not have drawn blood
But I can still smell its essence
Faintly in the air

© GÄ

Of Your Arms

Heart Clouds
Love storm

Maybe if I didn’t love you
So much it wouldn’t hurt
So much it hurts because I
Can’t stop loving you

Crash boom bang
Goes the sky
Goes my heart
Goes the tears from my eyes

I don’t know
What kind of person
You really are inside
But if it matches the outside
It’s gotta be stunning

I like tiny miracles
Feeling the sun on my back
Pressing my face in your lap
The pink horizon
Is getting close

I’d like to fall asleep one day
In the masterpiece of your arms

© GÄ


Like a channel of fire
A full on stream
Why don’t you sing something
We can all sing
Pleasure holding
The heart of a deer in her hand
A hunter and goddess
Ear to the ground
What maketh like
Irish bells grousing around
In udder disdain to be held
Crackling fire
Water wells
Fountains crowded with
Thoughts of majestic compelled
Deep dark green
Glowing up on the edges
To light the foot path
As a neon light shimmers
Twice in each eye
Not as a tear
But as a wood nymph
Might cry passing by
The remnants of a forest
Once thriving now
Burned in blue sky
Hold thy head up to
Fear and the passionate deer
Will guide you blindfolded
Through the dancing
Rainbows of darkness
Into the golden light
Of a swinging chair
Hung from the clouds
Woven from sunrise

© GÄ


A priestess nest
Tightly woven
And pendant
One and the same
My fortune
Is your tempest
Let impudence
Rain on since
Courageless soil
Pour it cannot
An empty birth

By that edifice
We shall rise
Accustomed to our
Sacred sense
Of separateness
And transmigration
Linked from
The opposite ends
To the beginnings
This is my reverence
My supple being

In one finds it not
Sadly mistaken
His eyes would
Open to the light
Of our betrothed
And beckon not
A branch so
In sanctuary mind

Mine alone is delicate
Forlorn is my beset
And yet my heart is yours
With tenderness
I will comfort this
That breaches every distance
What mankind has severed
And bestowed

© GÄ

Prey Heart

You rock me
From birthday cake
To turntables

You make it feel
Like I want it
And I do
With you

What are we forging?
What could this be?
Stop asking questions
And just fuck me

Love red before sex
Sex isn’t it
A part of it
The lesser

Words turn me on
I let you be elusive
I am not
I am your prey

If one tiny step is all you can take
Will you take it today?

© GÄ

Heart Secret

Hard to speak
Sometimes it feels
Messy to say
What I perceive
But why not tell the truth

If you ask me
A question I can’t
Answer with a lie
Sometimes I feel weak
When I admit with certainty
Out loud to a friend
That I can trust
Or even to myself a truth

What’s the meaning
For us if we don’t
Acknowledge what’s real
As I find strength
In my honesty
I master how to feel
I learn to rely on myself
Not to let what others think
Effect the way that I breathe
Establish my beliefs vulnerably

Being certain can be hard
But like a fire burning strong
I know that life altering
Moments always lead
Me down the truest path
That I can tread
Away from grief

I say I’m better off dead
Than living carelessly spent
In a world
That cannot possibly
Be good
Psychologically speaking
I know the closer I get
To the simple truths head
Clearly peeking
Out from under
The rocks of disconcerting others
Disturbing behaviors
That try to cover up
The truth
Of feeling good about it

Is a powerful relief
Opening freedom
To ourselves doorways
Away from rumors

Being true to the heart
May be hard but
In the end
If it seems messy
It’s because a simple honesty
Can’t always be

© GÄ


Unlike fire resolute
The suffering takes a stance
Proclaims it’s existence
I have a voice too!!

It can be cold and calculating
Sweetly and verbally skewering
Humiliating you
Dark ages are upon us
Light is inside us
Growing yet
Keeping still

Free will has had a taste
Of the reality to come
What illness breaks
Cannot be undone

As often soldiers do
We will too
Find our way
Through the chill
Breathing to fulfill
A greater home

Waking up on the other side
A promise to stay alive
Is in many of our hearts

Some are disillusioned
To absorb the truth that is

Let it be said
That before we’re all dead
We have hope
We can cope
With the cold
The bleak and icy
Condemnation that bitterness
Slides around in
Holds less than half
Maybe a third

One for you
One for me
One for destined eternity

We cannot escape the glacial tide
We can remain heart open wide
The more we burn
The more we learn
But what is to be gathered
From suffering?
What is to be fathered
In a wintry spill
Of emotionless meaningless
Hurtful grief?

I find our relief
In the Mother
That has always been
In the mortal free word
Before the beginning of time

Carry us through
The sleeting cold
Armor conceived
To behold
Our destiny

© GÄ


There are no chains
Upon my heart
There is no restraint
For what flourishes beneath
The powerful beat
Of my inner
Rum pa pa pum
Would you like some
Of this endlessness
Bitterless love?
No shackles no tethers
None can trammel
The hamstrings
Of my sensitivity
I dream you concentrate
On me my love
I fancy an incubus
Of lust will welcome us
Onto the veranda of
Our daymares
Bathing in the sun
Moonlight resolves
Our nightmares
One by one
I kiss this pear
In remembrance of
My imaginary flair
For you
A make out session with fruit
A dash of patience
Cupped with mastery
Will do
If I wrote you a letter
Would you answer?

© GÄ