Prey Heart

You rock me
From birthday cake
To turntables

You make it feel
Like I want it
And I do
With you

What are we forging?
What could this be?
Stop asking questions
And just fuck me

Love red before sex
Sex isn’t it
A part of it
The lesser

Words turn me on
I let you be elusive
I am not
I am your prey

If one tiny step is all you can take
Will you take it today?

© GÄ

Heart Secret

Hard to speak
Sometimes it feels
Messy to say
What I perceive
But why not tell the truth

If you ask me
A question I can’t
Answer with a lie
Sometimes I feel weak
When I admit with certainty
Out loud to a friend
That I can trust
Or even to myself a truth

What’s the meaning
For us if we don’t
Acknowledge what’s real
As I find strength
In my honesty
I master how to feel
I learn to rely on myself
Not to let what others think
Effect the way that I breathe
Establish my beliefs vulnerably

Being certain can be hard
But like a fire burning strong
I know that life altering
Moments always lead
Me down the truest path
That I can tread
Away from grief

I say I’m better off dead
Than living carelessly spent
In a world
That cannot possibly
Be good
Psychologically speaking
I know the closer I get
To the simple truths head
Clearly peeking
Out from under
The rocks of disconcerting others
Disturbing behaviors
That try to cover up
The truth
Of feeling good about it

Is a powerful relief
Opening freedom
To ourselves doorways
Away from rumors

Being true to the heart
May be hard but
In the end
If it seems messy
It’s because a simple honesty
Can’t always be

© GÄ


Unlike fire resolute
The suffering takes a stance
Proclaims it’s existence
I have a voice too!!

It can be cold and calculating
Sweetly and verbally skewering
Humiliating you
Dark ages are upon us
Light is inside us
Growing yet
Keeping still

Free will has had a taste
Of the reality to come
What illness breaks
Cannot be undone

As often soldiers do
We will too
Find our way
Through the chill
Breathing to fulfill
A greater home

Waking up on the other side
A promise to stay alive
Is in many of our hearts

Some are disillusioned
To absorb the truth that is

Let it be said
That before we’re all dead
We have hope
We can cope
With the cold
The bleak and icy
Condemnation that bitterness
Slides around in
Holds less than half
Maybe a third

One for you
One for me
One for destined eternity

We cannot escape the glacial tide
We can remain heart open wide
The more we burn
The more we learn
But what is to be gathered
From suffering?
What is to be fathered
In a wintry spill
Of emotionless meaningless
Hurtful grief?

I find our relief
In the Mother
That has always been
In the mortal free word
Before the beginning of time

Carry us through
The sleeting cold
Armor conceived
To behold
Our destiny

© GÄ


There are no chains
Upon my heart
There is no restraint
For what flourishes beneath
The powerful beat
Of my inner
Rum pa pa pum
Would you like some
Of this endlessness
Bitterless love?
No shackles no tethers
None can trammel
The hamstrings
Of my sensitivity
I dream you concentrate
On me my love
I fancy an incubus
Of lust will welcome us
Onto the veranda of
Our daymares
Bathing in the sun
Moonlight resolves
Our nightmares
One by one
I kiss this pear
In remembrance of
My imaginary flair
For you
A make out session with fruit
A dash of patience
Cupped with mastery
Will do
If I wrote you a letter
Would you answer?

© GÄ

Your Heart

He focuses on her
She is ready
Their conversation is sensual
She says
“Ohh, that’s freaking leaking!”
“There.” He said, “What?”
Is it supposed to go like this?
Ya, where is the pick at?
It’s behind
Yah… over there
That ain’t gonna hold it down
No it wasn’t on there like that
I was gonna laugh if you screwed that up
“I wasn’t gonna screw it down.”
She said
It wasn’t like that I know
Look at you!
Wait! Here is where I want to put it
Right there…
Pop it on there
Okay there’s gotta be a hinge
To this somewhere
Where’s the flashlight?
It’s gotta be here somewhere
Let me see that thing
Just for a second
What thing?
Your heart

© GÄ


Branding is a bitch
Branding is a bore
Branding is for
Sluts and Instagram
For attention
Did I mention
Promoting globally
Advertising in
Common ways

Not too far off
From the action
Of marking cattle
With an iron

Many of us do it
I’m not above it
I’m guilty to it
The swish to symbolize
An identity’s importance

Be consistent
What’s the difference
If we all keel over
Penniless in the end
More time spent on the phone
Than with a favorite friend

It’s changing us

Writing poems and planting flowers
Is so much more attractive
To pass the hours
Though I also stand
To make an effort
To build and to create
A space where products
Grow and find their way
Around the world
They cannot take
The place of
Making a connection
Heart to heart

Here here!
To soul reflection
To intimate connection
Let us not take love for granted
With a screen that
Such love making
Is made for the television gleam

No better love hath
Ever been found
Than face to face
The touch
The sound

Of you in person

I’ll write you a letter
Bless the ink
And leave a scent
For you to keep
Close to your bed
Think of me
I’ll be thinking of you too

Let’s make a plan
To meet for dinner
Lunch at noon?

© GÄ

Heart of Gold

Gold in my mouth
Heart of red
On my tongue
A grizzly love
Voracious truth
I could dig a hole
To China just
To find you

All the veils
Of my ignorant inner life
Burned in the light of
My awakening
To you

All mistakes they
Melt away in the fire
Of our kiln

Why does the sun
Look like the moon
In your eyes
Why does your kiss
Fear the plank
Of a thousand
Sweet goodbyes

You have a heart of gold
Pre Latin code
Debut to the first mark
Of a sanctuary mold
Requited kindness
In a spark

Richly shining

A love pond
Ruminating basin to
An offering of joy
Your illuminated selfless
Wonders conjugate
Forms of pain into a
Heedless soft relief
With no suspicion
For contention
Nor deceit

Lying prostrate reverently
I bow to kiss your golden
Heart and at your feet
I see your beauty

© GÄ


Through the avenues of your heart
Back alley ways of love
I look around to see
If anyone’s coming

Is that you?

I can hear my voice echo when
I call out your name
Down the boulevard
Maybe you’re asleep
Somewhere in between
The street lamps

Walking over the bridge
Of your nose
In the hope to leave a trace
Some small particle of me
So that you know

I’m looking for you
So you can follow my scent
A footprint
To find your way
Into the comfortable safe
Space that I’ve made for you

In the home of my heart
There’s a place where you can lay
Curl up into the light
And the warmth behind my eyes
That only shines the way
It does when it’s looking back
At you

I hold a flame in my hand
Down a cobble stone path
Made of rock and clay
A thousand years old
Emotionally paved with
Tears of joy
Days and days
So many thoughts and dreams
We’ve painted

I’ll punch the devil
If he gets in our way

© GÄ

Heart to Heart

Love is thick
Saturated in
Everything we do
Everything we are

Through the pain
Through the joy
Love rises up

Like a fountain of light
Through the darkness
Through the accordion
Of resilient breath

The beauty of our
Soul desires to connect
Heart to heart
With each other
In intimate ways

This is what forever
Looks like with you
Casual finger strokes
Through your hair

A place to rest
No arms to bare

Tracing the lines inside your hands
Feeling your breath against my skin

My lips against your cheek
Our faces pressed together
Hours seem like minutes
Weightless greatness

You don’t care that I’m too deep
I’m turned on by the way you think
Your speaking voice is
A melody to me
It beckons me
To sink

Down into the ground
Below us

Silver outlining
On clouds of carpet
Rolling around
Arciformed through
Shadows cast by fire
In front of the hearth
The golden secrets
That we discern

Our love is like
A sunrise in Tibet
My favorite memory
With my love
Though I haven’t
Met you yet

© GÄ