I reach across myself
Down into your pocket
To find a handful of sparkling light
Impossible to pass through
Are the iron gates that protect
Or enter into my love
For you
Impossible to understand
For many
I reach across myself
In five points of direction
For your protection
Hermetic in my distance
Like the planet Mars
A pocket full of sparks
Impenetrable is
My love for you
Nothin’s gettin’ through

© GÄ


I’m okay to sit back now
A pedicel observing the bouquet
Of all the works accomplished
All the arts displayed
Paintings repolished
Why even the arrangement
A spray of delight
No need to chase after my
Dreams in the night
What was once upon twenty
Is no longer the bounty
When conversation on a
Front porch swing
Is more charming
Than a stadium cheering
All my life what I wanted
Name in lights
To be someone
Is resting in solace
Knowing we are this anyway
All along more than enough
Out of all of the needs
I’ve accomplished these things
Now to quietly hammock
And watch them
Grow up to be
Like a garden of seeds
Planted over a lifetime
Finally watering
Comforting blossoming
Casually harvesting
Watch the willow of tomorrow sway
Relaxing in a holiday
Of achievements
No matter how small
The stars and a cup of tea
What a lawn chair can be
With echoes of locusts about
Orchestrating simplicity
Isn’t that the beauty
Of every such manifestation
The fruit of our trees
Standing proud in a lovely okay

© GÄ

Out Loud

Across the sky watch it burn
Like the horizon, the last breath
Moving on from holding out
Like a shot beyond the past
From the gun your life is holding

Letting go of everything that has
Held you back from understanding
The power that resounds
Deep in the banquet of your heart
Sifting through the darker parts

Breathe it out
Cast the darkness of your past
Into a beautiful oblivion
You are standing on the ground
Of an incredible awakening

A constellation of stars in the shape
Of the sound of your love
Use your tongue now
And speak it
Out loud

© GÄ