Get over it
The lazy crush that hangs on
Where we float past each other
Feelings don’t just melt away
My eyes mesmerized
With you
Framed in a distinct border
You say my eyes are blue

Our precious time
Watch the clock
Along the exact same line
Countless theme
Of every eyelash
Every mole
Every freckle you behold

We are a pair of stone
Elephants attempting
To make the sound
Glancing around
Whatever we dream
Tickles the unseen
Bloom behind
Confused attention spans
Landing in a puddle
Of emotions
That wait to be redeemed

Claimed by lips that
Mutter or emit
What we can tell
Only of our secrets together
Smudge off the impossible
And our bodies are the temples
Imperishable in a birthless surrender
A house of cards
Glued together
With possibility

Feelings don’t just melt away
And they don’t always meet
Each other the same way

© GÄ

You & Me

We rise and smile
Flowers on our heads
Statues of great richness
For lust and psalm desires
Sand into marble
The pulse that flows
Beneath our current
Stairways of water fall
Into our rapid encounter

Don’t lose your
Focus for intensity
I tell myself
But there it is
Fountains of thinking
The waiting piece again
Unlike there’s something lost
Or displaced deep within
Not what’s missing
But what’s coming
I can sense it
With every breath
That I breathe in

© GÄ

Wheat Song

A witness that reflects
What has been
Passage to and from every cell
Arriving and existing
Counting the extraordinary
Hairs on your head

Five sparrows sold
For the encumbrance
Of your love is still not enough
Resounding in the sound
Of a refuge ever present
I tell myself
Drive right through it
That hollow darkness
Whisper in this mouth
Shaking wearily as we
Shadow box the backroads
In a triumph forever
Cultivating laughter
The yellow canary sings
To meet us graciously
At the roots
Of every tree
Reaching quietly
Into the absence
Of our bodies
As they once were
In the golden rustling fields
Sung sweet with wheat

© GÄ


I have touched
On the very matter of shining rocks
Tiny clocks that tell
The time that will rewind
Melting back to the perfect chime
When your hands crowned
That hidden humble part of me
Struck one and three
Set in upon me
A gathering of echos
Untold perceptions
Singing southward
Ringing black holes
Antennae’s love
Upwards and down
Walking on pendulums
Swinging back and forth in
Sounds of tremendous peace
Splinters of wood
Built in the shape of a
Space travelling bridge
Bowing out firing like cannons
Beyond the clouds
Two planets glowing
In the sky
Returning you to me
Even the wind
Wants to admit it
Though the letters
That we wrote were all
Incinerated deep within
The ashes of our mattress
Around our ozone’s
How could our auras
Ever forget

© GÄ

Eye Contact

Dark coils
Walking upside down
Maybe backwards up a ladder
Twisting as if
Springs beneath our backs
Regaling memories that
Had not fallen like the
Stars without the moon
Beating out the
Bleeding night
From the start
Remembering you

Your eyes glowing
Above me in the loft
Your teeth were gleaming too
That unforgettable smile
Is the fantasy
An apparition
Of reality

There’s no erasing
The feeling of your hands
From me
There’s no retracing
Our steps
Back to imaginary lands

Eye contact
Is somehow different
With you

© GÄ

Afternoon Rumor

Like a cloud aspired
To countless skies
Our sincerest laughter
Which never dies
All your words are true
My ears a gift
To listen to

Dappled I will crawl
Past the darkest shadows
Into the morrows light
The afternoon rumor
Is to tell of your delight
I will not be absent
From this
We will not be distant
Still the evidence
Is just a whisper
And a kiss

© GÄ

One at a Time

The unfolding of your words
From the deepest wellspring
Giveth light to the faraway
Understanding this has
Always been paradoxical
And ever will continue

Always previously given
With an undying
Debt to attachment
Something one can’t shake
Like a feeling that takes over you
My unrelenting crush

Call to me and I will answer you
Though the downtime feels a bit
Like a straitjacket for love

About such an appeal
There is only one way to deal
The cards out between you and I

One at a time

© GÄ

The Attendant

From the window
Dreaming listlessly
Through a small hole
I saw a woman
Cleaning a birdcage
Her face was beautiful
Like a swallows flight
In mid air
Long hair flowing about

The aroma of cinnamon toast
Floating everywhere
My senses all too aware
Like a gypsy fortune teller

Sometimes we see things
We shouldn’t see
Shaped like a memory
We can never forget
Strange I thought
And placed my hand
On my head
To feel my temperament
I bet I could break a hundred
If character or disposition
Could be measured
You know
Sealed glass and mercury
Rising and falling
With emotional levels

Window shopping
When relief seeks its way
To the top of blossoms so sweet
So natural and
Unassumingly with wonder
You wonder what I mean

Watching all the cars drive by
I think to myself
There goes another life
I wonder if that life
Would like to know about mine?

With each boring moment
Arrives another one
Ever so alluring
Like the art on the walls
That keeps changing every month

Hmm, I guess if I hadn’t known
About love I wouldn’t ponder
To think it might have forgotten me
But then again how could it
I’ve hardly been a day
Without it in fact
I can’t remember when
It wasn’t at the forefront
Of my mind

Yes, voyeurism
The look of love
The heart that’s sitting
Opposite in time
From mine
Warped by butterfly wings
On the tips
Of prosperity

Have you any sense of direction?
If you’ve half a mind
Or could even find the time
Meet me on the corner of
Fifty-Second and Charles
I’ll be waiting there with
A cameo of you
I had it made
Especially to impress
Your handsome heart

© GÄ

Harbor Me

To sit calmly
Await with promise
A blur of time
A melting of artistic purpose
With every brush stroke
As smooth as marble
My face resting
In the crevice of
The arm of your ship
Cradle me like twisted wood
Holding a swing
On a heartfelt goodnight

Bespeckled with
Adoration and
The scent of you
Is one
My nose could only
Recognize as this
Your fragrant love
That sends me into
Dizzy spells

Never lying to seduce you
Three hundred plus miles
Floating down the Garrone
Within you I am
Retranscribed before you
Like an old story
Finding its way to the shore
Of your lips after the flood
Of emotions that
Inhabited the bank
Of my once stony heart
Which was written
Only after you
Walked barefoot there
Amongst the rubble
Of my pizzazz

It is here
That I let myself go
In the canal
Of your impeding
Wash of rain

My chosen tributary
Flowing into your larger stream
Unlike any other estuary
You are a dream
My favorite channel
To turn to

© GÄ

Tiny White Flowers

What I need
Is seldom what I want

But if I merely listen

I too find wading through the tide pool
Of thirsty lapping waves

A revelation to the
Spirit of things

That which profoundly
Animates and illuminates
The heart of the young

Once I’m buckled into the
Unbreakable bonds of love
I will not have to ask
Will I remember you

Even if we crash

It seems the
Weeds overtook what was
The new arrival of
Ten tiny white flowers

I never would have noticed them
If what I needed was to
Lie here on my stomach

It’s what I wanted

© GÄ