Keeping Score

Does life get easier
As we move along
Or harder

Do we understand more
Or is it actually less
We comprehend

It seems the more that I know
The less I understand

It’s taking me longer to cool down
From the things that heat me up

This is historical
This is a longtime coming
This is
What happens
As time goes by

I’d rather warn you
Than console you

Evolving beyond and above
What folks are incapable of
I could write a novel in the rain

I’ve already had my heart broken
A million times or so
What’s the point
Of keeping score
If the heart is broken
Another million times or more

© GÄ

At All

Oh how it sucks the air out
Takes the breath from the body
Distinctively vacuums away
When the people you love betray you
They will hurt you again
You will hurt me again
If I let you in
You will hurt me again
If I let you in
You will hurt me
Again and again
Did I accomplish anything
For the vision of this life
Were there to be something
A little more predictable for me
To be given the difficult task
Of trying hard to grasp
At a love with you
At a life with you
At the bare minimum
A friendship
But my hands are left grasping
In the interest of my own death
To finalize the breaking
Of a heart you truly never loved
To finalize the tearing away
At non existence
Sweet persistence
Towards non existence
Sweet persistence
Towards non existence
Insistant persistence of me
That leaves what is left dripping wet
Sopping damp with courageous tears
Did I accomplish love
If not from someone
But for them all
Did I accomplish love
At all?

© GÄ

Good Deeds

To love you
Is to love you brilliantly
To hold you
To make love to you
Never discard you
Is to fill your cup
I will not report you
To the authorities
For your criminal kisses
Step into the light
So that I may expose
Your good deeds

© GÄ

Cut Me Off

Why be mad because it’s true
If you already knew it would be?

I’m drawn to your aggression
Flip me off and watch me become erect
What makes your fever
Also make me want you more
Attractively berating
What is this beautiful yelling
A strange saliva comes to
The surface of my kiss
While you stand shouting
What is this ardor warmth
That burns for more of your howling
Lost in your aftermath
Significantly as you drive away
Why be mad because
You can’t have something
You didn’t even know that you wanted
Leave me wanting more
To taste your salty skin
The fervent pitch
O, the sweet temperature of your sweat
On my lips
The throttle of your shout
What is this about
What is this about
What is this about
To drink the outline of your fire
With my eyes
Only a memory now
Resting like a flame
In my lap

© GÄ

Only by You

I have wished upon wishes
For someone so delicious as you
Quite handsome and beguiling
Whilst all the while smiling
As you do
A kiss is just a kiss
Lest the kiss shall be imparted
Only by you
For lips are not the same
If any other lips should claim
My cheeks than yours
What to defame my luscious lover
Surely would bring
An instant slap across with hand!
Should one ever try to land
A kiss upon this face
That waits only for you

© GÄ

Happy Cracks

We have a broken cord
A mystic multi thread
Many parts empty
But with certainty some links
Are chained and bonded
Interwoven broken
Hit or miss cracks
Fullness and emptiness
Sometimes we gather the spark
Often it feels too dark
The pit of my stomach
Unsure that it wants to feel
Unreel the ugly parts
Uncovering the pretty parts
The glistening smile
Behind the damp unpredictable
A friendly time
From time to time
Filling the blanks
With happy space
And remedies
For broken dreams

© GÄ

Manger Le Corbeau

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I ever know
Such a pure bath
Could end up
Eating crow—

I let your body
Pass over me like an eclipse
I let my body
Rest under you like a
Raging river to abridge
Our differences
In one story
Twelve trees
A rope knotted and aligned
In a hanging bed of twine
Twisted and divine

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I truly know
Such a pure bath
Would be worthwhile
To swallow

© GÄ

Love Contusions

Sweet disdain
Bitter broken heart
Rotting love
The harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

O, sweet disdain
No blame no hate
No anger can create
A fusion for love
A potion for what
Broken-hearted throats
Are thirsty for
Are dry from it all

O, bitter broken heart
You know what it’s like
To feel forgotten about
That’s what this feels like
I don’t believe that it’s better
To say it out loud
But I’m working through
Living under a shroud

O, rotting love
Serious heavinesses
Now with gripped work
I understand that to feel hurt
Is to be forgotten about
Underneath all of that
What I have done
To provide this beautiful space
Consider feelings in every step
Of this shattered place

O, the harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

© GÄ

I’m Turning Blue

I’m turning blue
When I hold my breath
Thinking about you
Maudlin enough that I’m
Emotionally silly
And over you
I’m turning blue
Innocent explanations
For decadent expectations
I’m turning blue
I’m turning blue
What would you think
If I told you
I’m turning blue
I’m turning blue
Because of you

© GÄ

My Lover

My lover stabbed me one thousand times
Over and over with piercing eyes
Looked me up and down
Thrusting my veiled disguise
Through and through
Rescuing my skin
With several strokes of the tongue
100 different stars I’ve counted
When I close my eyes with you
I recall their starchild names in Latin
Monoceros, Triangulum and Pavo
I recall one looks like you
Spread out spaciously
Against midnight satin navy
My soul splits open wide
Stab me again with your loving eyes
Wrapped in forever sheets
No beginning, no end
Let me be your mortal prize
A lusty labyrinth full of
Dizzying cries

© GÄ