Live Live Live!

Whatever’s left
Beyond belief your
Wildest dreams
Keepsakes bereft
You jolt awake from
Bogged down sleep
For fear and fright
Of what is left
That your worst nights
Are getting closer to
Repeat what you detest

Live live live
We cry and oh!
Live live live
Remind us oh!
Of the greatest joys
We’ve yet to sow
Choose the new pain!
Give the old one time to heal
Choose the new pain!
Let the old wound
Close the seal
Choose the new pain!
Just to feel again
Lest the old pain
Take you down again
We shall not diverge

© GÄ


I wasn’t allowed to need you
We all had something
Better to hold onto
Before the pandemic
We can’t let it kill us
If we’re still alive
But it sometimes feels like
We have died
Even if we’re still alive
Friendships have died
Grandma’s have died
Pet’s have died
What happened to us why
I wasn’t allowed to need you
I wasn’t allowed to cry
I wasn’t allowed to need you
And we barely said goodbye

© GÄ

Back to Us

Why be so hard
Do you have your
Back to us
The strongest one
No uncertain shame
In the notes
In the lyrics
Of your song
A test of wills
An attempt to
Fix my wagon
Enter onomatopoeias
Maybe mine
Sound like something breaking
Enter excuses
Or maybe
You really just don’t care
Like washing your hair
A way to show
How boring
Another moment
Is to bear

You’ll get back to us
When you get around to it

© GÄ


What happened
To the integrity
Of our memory
On shifting ground
On broken ice
Whatever was built
Whatever was found
Whatever advice
Whatever smelled nice
Has become
What my eyes wish to
Forget in a blink now to shut
Kiss goodbye
Eject the memory
Walking the tightrope
Of to whatever was before
You can show yourself
Out the doorway
Of my heart

© GÄ

Deep Inside

I feel like everything
Is slowly closing in
Like the angel of death
Rests upon me
Because the people that
I cared for
Don’t know how
To care for me
I lost my excellence
I was trying to succeed
Is it the expectation
Or the missing destination
I ask

No need to die tonight
No useless selfish cries
What is the superficial
Would it be more important
If it happened in Maine
Would it matter more
If we had something to gain
Does it matter

Day after day
Each moment
Each pathetic fallacy
Is it one step closer to
Something really great
Or one step further
From a meaningful way

© GÄ

Same Way

You want someone
To feel it the same way
That you do
You want someone
To understand
The way in which
To ask you
To consider you
In the same way
A thoughtful cue
I would have done anything
For you
But you were unable
To do anything
For me
In the same way

© GÄ


Strange to stand next to someone
You were once so close to
And feel so completely far away
How strange to reflect on yourself then
In the moment when
You see who you are now
My Greenlandic roots take hold
Heavy ice beholds deserted colds
I find myself at home in the
White wild brisk alone
A wreath of fog around my neck
To set me free upon the deck
As I gaze out at a crystalline future
A removable outer icy shell
Frozen skin to push through
Fallen winds of unpredictable
Human natures while
Intuitive hyper awareness
Deliberately exposes
A survival strategy
To protect the flaming blue heart
I have scattered and shattered
Into reflective cobalt embers
As the gift of flowers are
In the memories
Of the eyes and hearts
Floating along the glacial paths

© GÄ

In the Light

I had my guard up
How awkward
It was strange
To see you
Did I miss you?
Should I hug you?
Was it hate you left me with?
When everything dissipated
You burned me
Caught me on fire
In many ways
Where the love of friends
Was left is friendship
Also lost?
There are no leftovers
From the hangovers
Of the hurt
Trial and error
Choosing to invest
In a place
With limited return
A lot of love was lost
A lot of love was found
Keep the conversation
And the memory
In the light

© GÄ

Rearranging Soul

Walk inside my flow
Stretch outside
My comfort zone
The Universe is home
Everywhere I go
I’m open
I have openness
I am available
For more
When we return the script
See uncertain darkness
As a gift
Create absences
Make space
Save grace
For what is thought
For what feels needed
Forced to face the aching
But why not
Know this pain
If it could rip the chains away
Without knowing
Self-inflicted pasts
Emotionally breaking
What was stuck
Visions will see
Facing what
Would make us fight
To run the opposite direction
When walking on the stream
Opens the door

© GÄ