Beaches waiting for us to embrace
The sun sparkling on our skin
Together again

No fear for touch
To be near one another
To embrace and run
With the light of the prophets
I find you nestled
In the crevice of my heart
Spun like gold
From the wheat
Planted by the
Hands of the
Most powerful

Cast the fire from each fingertip
Burn it up with the love
Of an international passion
I carry the fear the weight
I fly with the grandmothers
And the grandfathers
Of all

Into one tree
From the roots of every soul
Together we are whole
A home for every child and every bird
On the limbs of our
Collective fold

I am with you
I am always with you

Sandcastles in the sky
Every cloud that passes by
Every heart beat that defies
The ugly that crawls up to
Extinguish our light

My hands are on your head
My fingers in your hair
You are my prayer

© GÄ


Are we standing in a graveyard
Of light or the underbrush
That caught fire to clean
The forest in our hearts out

Climbing to the top of
Every building
Shouting out fearlessly
We still have more life to live
We still have more love to give

Is the sound of traffic
Rolling by before our eyes
Emptiness or the beginning
Of something grandeur
Something big
Something that says
Live, live, LIVE!

What we thought was important
May not be what we believe now
But somehow the truest
Parts of ourselves
Are taken down
Off the shelves and
Placed into a quiet action
Ready to spring at
Any given moment

We are all connected in tragedy
For the first time
We are all realizing just how much
For all of us that wanted this
Connectedness we never asked
That it should come through pain
But then again the Multiverse
Knows best

The sun continues to go
Up and down
Down and up
We find new ways to fill our cups
Somehow what seemed
To matter before has shifted
The consciousness
Of life is found bright
Underneath rocks and stones
Vibrating deep in our bones

Is this a grave yard of life
Or catastrophic breath of death
Each role takes its turn
Each frequency finds its home

As we find a home in one another
Whether it be at the end of
Valiant sight upon the green
Looking over the serene magic
We imagined to build these things
The knife has light
The drum has passion
Casting rays of heat
Through drops of rain
Like the tears of our
Ancestors on some greater plane

Standing in a graveyard
Full of life with a beating chest
Pumping vibrantly
Looking back
Looking forward
With so much more to give
Live, live, LIVE!

© GÄ

Hold That Smile

Like you mean it
Don’t let it slide
Make it wide
Last awhile
So brilliant

Don’t second guess
If the other person
Really means it
Keep the edges up
Curved full of love

Beamingly pleased
Smile like you mean it
Watch your eyes sparkle back
Through the window
That reflects in the
Eyes of the soul

We don’t have to
Fake it till we make it
This is your moment
So hold on to it tight

Make it bright
Until you drive away
Until you turn the corner
Until they walk away

Hold that smile

© GÄ

Love Me

I woke up
With tears in my eyes
Crying for you
Opened deodorant left on the bed
Scrambled in your head

Why didn’t I love you more?
Why didn’t we spend more time?
Life is so distracting
How do we forget what’s important
Until after someone dies

In my dream I didn’t want
To make it in this life without you
I couldn’t imagine it

Grandpa was there
To hold me
Even though he was
Gone before you

I guess the missing never ends
And there’s really never enough time
So the time we had is perfect
And the time we have is
Left up to us
At my altar
In the garden
You’re still a part of me

In every flower
In every tree
You rescue me

No matter where you are
No matter where you went
I know that you just
Love me

© GÄ


I think I met an angel tonight
I asked him for a cigarette
He gave me two
And asked me if I wanted to talk

I told him everything
As he helped me off the bus
I fought my tears
And as we started to walk he said

You are lost in your own world
You cannot break free from the life
You have known
You are lost in your own world

As my tears began to dry
I forgot how it felt
For someone to be so nice
Will I ever be alright?
He said

You are lost in your own world
You cannot break free from the life
You have known
You are lost in your own world

Have you ever wanted to die?
It’s so strange to think that I
Could go from wanting to die
To wanting to be alive

She is lost in her own world
She cannot break free from the life
She has known
She is lost in her own world

© GÄ

Steam Rises

The severely fractured
Community rebuilds itself
As the steam rises
Off the roofs of each house
Off the tops of our heads
Releasing anger
Before we lay down for bed

What a beautiful prison
We have made for ourselves
In uninvited confinement
This is your home
Look around
Much better than
A cardboard pillow
On the ground
By bars

Certain losses are irreparable
Not so much as lothario
But sleeping on the back porch
Is only a fools errand
If you don’t like the stars
Are you a stargazer?
Pole perch for love
A pending warning sign
Free the doves…

In a rocking chair of forgiveness
We smile with lips of
Relentless upheaval
Resilient retrieval
Catching the tears
Of strangers
Who are our sisters and brothers
On the street

Rest your head on me
Let me be your shoulder
Of confidence
Beneficence for
A moonlight blanket
Caressing you in a
Pendicle sleep

Take my hand as we
Walk together in splendor
The value of what we become
The difference after the mystery
Subsides in the wake of a tide
That seems unbearable

I have a makeshift wagon
That can get us through
Any part of town
The lights are on
Traveling along an
Emotionally solid ground
Steam rises as we
Find our way
Back down

© GÄ


Je pense que j’ai rencontré
Un ange ce soir
Je lui ai demandé une cigarette
Il m’en donne deux
Et ma demandé si je voulais parler

Alors je lui ai tout dit
Comme il m’a aidé à sortir de l’autobus
Je me suis battu contre mes larmes
Et quand nous avons
Commencé à marcher il m’a dit

Tu es perdu dans ton propre monde
Tu ne peux pas sortir de la vie que
Tu as connus
Tu es perdu dans ton propre monde

Alors que mes larmes ont
Commencé à sécher
J’ai oublié comment il s’est senti
Pour quelqu’un de si gentil
Pourrai je jamais me sentir bien?

Avez-vous jamais eu envie de mourir?
C’est tellement étrange de penser que je
Pourrait passer de vouloir mourir
À vouloir être en vie

Elle est perdu dans son propre monde
Elle ne peut se libérer de la vie
Qu’elle a connue
Elle est perdue dans son propre monde

© GÄ