Wild Tomorrow’s

Oh what glorious fun
To be overjoyed
Focus can only be
In one place
Waking up to
The next day
Standing in the same space
Same body
Same feet
Perhaps just a renewed person
Sharper than a sword
Gutting the heart
Filling it back up
Flower boxes
Hanging round the edges
Lots of thorns
For protection
One day feels like two
Yesterday was only
Moments ago
I urge thee to please
Your truest self
Echoed out into
The mercy of wild tomorrow’s
Golden avenues of
Lengthened sweetness
Even if you’re found too likable
To love

© GÄ


Everywhere I turn
Nothing to do
Keep busy with work
Where to find the fun
In a pandemic we
Must be creative
Listening to records
At home
Calling friends as
The sun goes down
Tomorrow comes back
Like yesterday
And fun is done in
The moment you create it
However you make it
Alone or in
The arms of someone
The air is still
Stagnant almost
Perfectly perfect
Nothing to stand in the way
Of what life is perpetuating
In a very unexhilarating way
The clock chimes
Nine thirty

© GÄ


I don’t want to be marked
As your victim
I don’t want to perpetuate
Your misery
Your jealousy has no
Consideration from me here
Your desire to make me
Feel unwhole is clear
Unwelcomed be it so
I will need to take inventory
On what I announce
I will have to be careful
Of power, and oh
There should always
Be space
To express one’s true feelings
Spoken directly
I am not your victim
I am not your trash
I am not someone
For you to abash

© GÄ

For Two

Sluiced up against the
Shore of my emotions
Craving wild nights
With you next to every ocean
Going nowhere fast
In the same space
Stationary ecstasy
I cast my love to you
A gypsy on the edge
Traveling in your
Sexy caravan
For two

© GÄ

Vampire Kiss

Moon dark
Black things
Between the shadows
Steps swing into
The murk beneath
Blood red lushness
Ominously staggering
Into the fog
Perish under it
A heavy kiss that
Won’t release you
Joy and sorrow
Pain tomorrow
Light rays will burn
Smiling shamelessly
The darkness spills
Into new beginnings
With sharper teeth
An ageless fright
Forever is the night
From just one bite
No longer daylight
No protection
Just a fresh start
To your newly beating heart
To quench the thirst
Of this rebirth
A different kind of love
That roams the night
On blue black lawn
Before the dawn

© GÄ

Tangled Loosely

As the cold air seeps into me
He warms this outer flesh
To reflect an openness within me

Tangled loosely between the sheets
That wax us down
Wax, ahh how I love records
Shhhh, soft without a sound

As gentle words slip slowly
Formed on his tongue
Unto my neck and then
My lips when he is done

I watch his lashes
Comb the fore frame of his eyes
They brush against me gently
As he stirs the butterflies

Our centers rest against each other
One pressed into the other

As each early moment
Takes in each late thought
Drowning in this comfort
I am gathered
I am caught

As his hands fold over mine
In this endeavor
In everything you are
Or want to be

© GÄ


A priestess nest
Tightly woven
And pendant
One and the same
My fortune
Is your tempest
Let impudence
Rain on since
Courageless soil
Pour it cannot
An empty birth

By that edifice
We shall rise
Accustomed to our
Sacred sense
Of separateness
And transmigration
Linked from
The opposite ends
To the beginnings
This is my reverence
My supple being

In one finds it not
Sadly mistaken
His eyes would
Open to the light
Of our betrothed
And beckon not
A branch so
In sanctuary mind

Mine alone is delicate
Forlorn is my beset
And yet my heart is yours
With tenderness
I will comfort this
That breaches every distance
What mankind has severed
And bestowed

© GÄ

Falls the Notes

I’ll write a sacred song for you
I’ll hum a reverent tune
Make music from my heart for you
Sing as the crocus bloom
My mind is awfully occupied
Of dreaming about you
A phenomena that even I
Cannot seem to unscrew
This is a lifelong passion longing
A chain reaction to be told
To all the thoughts
I’ve written down
To sing the lyrics of age old
To finally find your listening ears
And serenade you with the sounds
That hold you close to me for once
To sing the words in lyric rounds
That make you feel secure
To chip away the outer bark
That must protect you from the brutes
To soothe the heaviness of life
To sing a psalm I wrote for you
A tune that you can always carry
Throughout time where’er you roam
Where’er your boots may climb about
Where’er you’re walking into town
I’ll write a sacred song for you
To remember in your heart
Let your voice box tremble sweetly
Let the leaves that rustle play
In the trees the branch wood instrumental
Clicking drums the pace
Sit beside me on this bench
Rest your head in open lap
Let me comb my fingers round your crown
O’er your head so nicely found
Falls the notes
Of true loves magic
Falls the notes
Of dreamy sounds
Falls the miracle
Of music in a divinating sound

© GÄ

On Our Own

I suppose there’s
A million things I could say
Like the quiet thoughts
Stirring in my head
On a rainy day
There’s a lot of wisdom
To be uncovered
Even in the fear
Of how we say
It feels to be unloved
In a peaceful walk
Wandering about
Under the streetlights
On our own
A little march for one
In the steps of nighttime air
While the city lights will fade
In the distance listen closely
As the sirens lose their blares
A little unheard in
My feelings
Never sure of what life wants
Except to love
Just helping others
Even with
The jealous rage
Of those who want to
Hurt the innocent
Keeping voices locked
Away inside a cage
Though the signs of love
Are everywhere
And light is beaming from inside
It doesn’t mean
That we don’t feel
Like a lonely
Stranded island
Or an undiscovered planet
In the haze
I try my best just to recall
That even with the hate
Even when the tears will fall
We’re not alone
Love is too real
For all the others
Not to feel

© GÄ

Watermelon Dawn

Giving joy
Surfacing the hidden optimism
Unassailable lucid illusions
In a splendid archaic glance
Unbuttoned admonition
Sometimes miserably
Tongue tied


Enormous courage is
Eminent and roaring
Shall I make manifold my truths
Beauty elements
Grab hold of you and run
Is there anything better than
Unwrapping you for once
Even in dark times
All I want to have is fun

With you

Summer burns to autumn
Blows to winter edges on love
Appear around the highlights
In your eyes
I’m not surprised
I am
Only one person no other
Maybe your forever lover
If Greece or Belgium
Sound appeasing
Here’s my number

Standing on the lawn
Watching the seasons change
As dusk invites the
Watermelon dawn

I’ll wait for you

© GÄ