Rearranging Soul

Walk inside my flow
Stretch outside
My comfort zone
The Universe is home
Everywhere I go
I’m open
I have openness
I am available
For more
When we return the script
See uncertain darkness
As a gift
Create absences
Make space
Save grace
For what is thought
For what feels needed
Forced to face the aching
But why not
Know this pain
If it could rip the chains away
Without knowing
Self-inflicted pasts
Emotionally breaking
What was stuck
Visions will see
Facing what
Would make us fight
To run the opposite direction
When walking on the stream
Opens the door

© GÄ

Wide Open

There’s so many things
That I could be
But with you I am
The only thing
I want to be
Because I am with you

The hurt and pain
The past and drought
Of all the emptiness
That I’ve allowed
To keep me
From falling in love
Forgets itself
When I’m with you

Love is great and beautiful
But this means more
Than even what
Love has in store

The feelings that
Your eyes arouse within me
To make the sweetest sounds
In the echo of your voice

Whatever makes this real
Is everything I need
You love me unlike
Any love I’ve ever seen
I want to run
From a heart that feels
Unmistakably broken
But you hold me down
And force the doors of love
Wide open

© GÄ

Open Up

I ask the doors to open up
I pray the gates will hurry up
I ask the powers that solely be
To start the flow of majesty
I ask the doors to open up
I pray the recommended peace
Will soon commence with a quickness
Will soon make good from everything
I ask the doors to open up
I ask three times because I know
I’m not the only one who asks
I know that’s how the story goes
I pray the gates will hurry up
Return the symbol to freehold
Make good the overflowing cup
So mote the doors will open up
So mote the doors will open up

© GÄ