Good Deeds

To love you
Is to love you brilliantly
To hold you
To make love to you
Never discard you
Is to fill your cup
I will not report you
To the authorities
For your criminal kisses
Step into the light
So that I may expose
Your good deeds

© GÄ

Manger Le Corbeau

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I ever know
Such a pure bath
Could end up
Eating crow—

I let your body
Pass over me like an eclipse
I let my body
Rest under you like a
Raging river to abridge
Our differences
In one story
Twelve trees
A rope knotted and aligned
In a hanging bed of twine
Twisted and divine

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I truly know
Such a pure bath
Would be worthwhile
To swallow

© GÄ

Love Contusions

Sweet disdain
Bitter broken heart
Rotting love
The harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

O, sweet disdain
No blame no hate
No anger can create
A fusion for love
A potion for what
Broken-hearted throats
Are thirsty for
Are dry from it all

O, bitter broken heart
You know what it’s like
To feel forgotten about
That’s what this feels like
I don’t believe that it’s better
To say it out loud
But I’m working through
Living under a shroud

O, rotting love
Serious heavinesses
Now with gripped work
I understand that to feel hurt
Is to be forgotten about
Underneath all of that
What I have done
To provide this beautiful space
Consider feelings in every step
Of this shattered place

O, the harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

© GÄ


When we’re ready to
Give it up
Say goodbye
Flip the script and pick
Side A or side B

Like charades falling apart
I’m looking through your eyes
From where I stand
Look at these possessions
That I presented
For you to love

Can I listen to this tape
And pretend that you’re there
Would it be the same if you were?
Will it sound better without you

All the stories that are sung
Chapter by chapter
Verse to verse
Can I listen
Can I watch
Before the one
Who wants it shows up
I’m arriving
Now that it’s done
You’re the one I haven’t met yet
The one I haven’t slept with

Do you want this with me
Can I offer my cassette
I couldn’t want more
Nothing more for what we would

To make love with a mixtape

© GÄ

Green Light

I want your green light
Satisfy this appetite
Spark my dynamite
Everywhere I see you there
Green light
Truest eyes
The brightest smile
The warmest hands
Running towards your
Sweet demands
Miles and miles
Goes on for days
Green light
Kill the red
Love you til we lose
Our heads
Lose our way
Forget the plan
Wrap my legs around you
In a
Green light

© GÄ

And On

Erotic wanderings
In the heart beats vicinity
Or the soil of your charm
Steps up and down
Is it the left or the right
That is more important
Which side to decide
To define how much
Which way to turn
How much to show
How much to hide
All the games I have wanted
To play with you
All the wishes I have hoped
Would be granted
Can we have one
Without the other
I can barely sit up
Paralyzed in the shadow
Of your future memories
What potion should I drink
Or which melon should I eat
If it were for your forgetting
None could be so strong
If it would be a toast to
Your remembering
The brightest embers
Would burn on and on
And on…

© GÄ

After Brunch

Like the quiver
Of a cat whisker
It shudders subtly
The feeling of remoteness
Forgotten bewilderment
Caring even less about
A remaining balance
Like sucking clean the fingers
From the sweetest hand fed meal
Delicate in taste
The most sacred piece of cake
Or an insatiable appetite
Uncovered by a lovesick fool
Naked running through the forest
Would you have me then
Would you hold my head
Would you caress my feet
And when would you premier
Before me dancing first
In your best circle of flowers
Picked out by the wind and scattered
About amongst the branches
Aligning twigs into a bed
To make love with me in
After brunch

© GÄ

Exactly the Same

Is it a headache
Or a heartache
It doesn’t really matter
They both feel almost
Exactly the same
My chest is filled with
Constipated breath
Is it worth biting
The tongue that would speak
To say that I love you
Even oh
Even if it leaves me weak
Even if it leaves us empty
Even if the universe
Betrays my passion
And abandons me
For every star that
I would copulate
To engulf my dreams
With light
Even if it leaves us empty
Even if it leaves me weak
Even if my tongue
Would be the one
To kiss and also speak
Into flames rather
Than with water that my mouth
Should pour out
In excited lament for to be
Orphaned by the moon
How soon is now
To take my headache
How soon is now
To break my heartache
It doesn’t really matter if
They both feel almost
Exactly the same

© GÄ

To Give

I am a tortured soul
Like a cold sore
A cancerous mole
Walking a tightrope
Of death
And still I have so
Much life to live

I am what no one wants
I am what no one loves
Sent from up above
Glistening in a garden of
Broken glass and blood
Left over from
The steps I took to get
Closer to the core
Of myself
If it seems like I am
Pushing you away
It might just be that you
We’re never really here

To sit next to or lie down with
A tortured soul
A burning cold sore
A cancerous mole
Walking the tightrope
Of my living death
Deceiving me
Though I still have yet-

So much breath
To breathe
So much life left
To conceive
So much more
To give

© GÄ

Better Habits

Landlocked like Serbia
Drinking a thimble of your poison
I could not have been
More shocked by your departure
Nor more relieved
That I should not also have to wait
For your return

© GÄ