If I told you everything
Would you leave
If I am honest
And say how much
I love you
Will it scare you
Would you retreat
If you knew
Everything about me
Would it be enough
For you to want
To turn your back on me
Would this be the end
Or would we simply
Start beginning
I would walk
Through walls for you
Telling all the truths
I find myself trusting
You so much it’s like
Sleepwalking into you
One eye opened
One eye closed
Both eyes burning
With pure love
Wherever you’ve come from
Whatever you’ve done
If you can love me as I am
I will love you as the one
Nighttime awakenings
Drowsy with your lust
Parasomnia divine
Deprivation of you
Is like an empty bed
Without you
I would walk
Through walls for you
Telling all my truths
I find myself trusting
You so much it’s like
Sleepwalking into you

© GÄ

Waking My Love

All of the emotions
That we are having
Are not definite and final
They are experiences
Acceptance to the fact
That in all of our deficits
This is just where we are
Right now is
Learning from our surroundings
Recalling what we see
Reminding me that
I believe I’m in love
With your soul
Whatever that means
Can I also be afraid
Of your body
Can I also be afraid
Your touch
Can I also be afraid
Of your words
Why do we crave
For what to be
Is to be
Loved by someone
Sullenly or sweet
Wanderlust somewhere
Towards a planet
That is near
For which that
Can also be forgotten in
Sunlight shadows
Can replace even the gods
Appearing beneath the gallows
Thick with shame
To reckon and reclaim
All those who ill a will
For us to fly
Even if with our
Broken wings
Beyond any doubting doubt
Could brush past the tops of
Soft and sacred trees
Make cedar sweet
The lover in me
Creeping unannounced
So pleasantly
Heaven came loose
Last night
Abreast reluctant passion
Endless was the strumming
Of pooled guitars
Lit up by stars
Beautifully blazed
In mirrored lullabies
Like a favorite bedtime story
Rhyming our illusions
As dark nooks shined
With love contusions
Nervous perfection
Singleheartedly resigned
Skipping to beats
Of inharmonious
Drummed chimes

© GÄ


Our bodies stumbling around
Dragging each other about found
In the banks of a luscious land
Bewildered in a space filled with
Floating lanterns and dripping states
Your commands give me delight
Without trouble without stress
Shimmering without duress
Suffusing joys and sorrows
Suddenly expanding
Woven slightly before midnight
We are a parachute withstanding
Unabandoned love

© GÄ


Wondering winks
Hands grab
Final distinct
Between my teeth
Acting like grownups
The night comes fast
Pulling up the covers
Hanging out our feet
A perfect gravity
For stretching
Love for each other
In marvelous ways
A mighty rage
Breaking into perspectives
Of perspiration
Adult decisions
Wet on the skin
In all the light
Of dreaming
Softly in these sheets
Faux feathers
Plush beneath
Our heads
Scarlet sins
Naked wins
Lush lyrics
Pillared in love

© GÄ

Yet Begins

Subtle smile
Beauty astral
A single forever
Situated in an
Everlasting bouquet
Hanging upside down
By the sliding glass door

Remember my soul
Eager to love
At no time violent
Complimenting antidotes
For heaven like sheets
Wrapped about our
Legs and arms and things

We have a fascinating
History yet to be told
Remember this when
We are old
Recall it all before we have
What we have yet begun to hold

A night song exhaled
In streams of red
Love red words unsaid
Remember what we
Have yet to begin
After our limbs are draped
About the bed
White noise from the fan
Drifting calmly
Against your hand
Waking up
My finger drawn
Across your lips

The glowing labours
Of our love
Swollen in the walls
I remember the color
A little less brighter
The night before

Cease the northern lights
If our disheveled passion
Ends on distant winds
Before the shaking
Of our pleasure
Yet begins

© GÄ

Timeless Love

Plans to give you
What hope knows
Hatching the dream
Gripped by silver scenes
Lining the cerebral
Contextual beliefs
Procured night secrets
Certain and possible truths
Timeless love
Contemporary layers and years of
Teary wilderness
Mending poems
Sewing masterpieces
Miraculous and sweet
Blood red beets
On earthshaken golden
Backs of beasts
Bound by foxes trot with
Iridescent tread
Tiptoes silently in
Transient treasured threads
Running towards the
Fascination of a wanderlust
Romance outside the cave
Where upside down
Magic potions bubble to the top
Dimensions fate
Is only blooming
Outside the gate

© GÄ

Once Upon A Love

I wake up to you
But I don’t come home to you
The permissions that you
Give yourself to be
With your friends
With yourself
But not with me
Different than the
Permissions that you
Give yourself
To be with me

What if the things
That my mother was saying
Were sorted so that I
Could understand

Unveiling deception
Asks the necessary question
To be a part of one
Another makes us some
Perhaps closer
To being estranged

Less likely to fall in love
Hopelessly and yet
Here we are
Attempting to chew
Away at the truth

© GÄ


Exploring the metaphor
Elegant and surreal
Possibly inspired
By the great heat
That rises from within
An alpinism or chemistry
Of climbing to the top
Of every emotion
Every bubble
Before it pops
Is the summit of our lust
A gift or a curse
When I am blind
When I can no longer see
When the blindfold
Cannot keep me
From the answers that
I feel
I feel
I feel
What do you see?
Traces imperceptibly
Dabs of ink
Scribbles on notebook covers
A crush a lush for romance
A mountaineer that tiptoes
A puppeteer of music
On heart strings
It’s chemistry
An experiment
Scientific physically
Body and landscape
Eager for the wind
Or just your breath
Against my skin
It feels the same
I feel
I feel
I feel
I will not turn from it
Even when I’m old
There’s no switchblade
That could hold me back
I remember the snake
In the tale about the apple
Desiring fruit
Can be so risky
Just like chemistry

© GÄ

Self Love

Perspectives on being
In love or lack there of

I’ve been quiet
For so long
Feeling an opening
The pleasure riding
High rising

Forming one body
Too high for most of us
A tenacious song
Even in silence
Redemptive landscape
Into clearer air
Disquieting the story
With a
Perfect trust

There will be other days
Words will be heard
Flourishing like rain
Born in the clouds
Find you where it all began
Your downy voice
Your software

Into the center
Of my heart

© GÄ

Love Noise

I’m no self appointed
Angel of death
But I am dangerous
To you
My love is questionably
Eternities of dreamlike love
Stand before you
Graciously transported
Residing in a tone of voice
That resonates your walls
Drenched in the theater
Of your mind
Untrammeled with
Shimmering tendencies
Revealing my deepest sincerities
Encouraging supreme surrenders
A ship in your hearts sea
An embarkation of wishes
Largely breaking the medium
Sights of small things
Shattering all the
Trinkets of the almost utmost
Sentiments subjective to
The unknown
Beckon you
Beyond reality
Each talking bubble
Every love thought
Crystallized in
Cosmic graphics
Even the stars have followed
A launchway for
Sandwiches and blankets
In the grass
Tumbling around
Your foot is slipping
Into my unfailing love
An unerring noise
That rattles the core

© GÄ