This Love

Love is there to uplift you
Empower you and console you
I cannot ever love you too much
Although some people do not have the
Capacity to love enough
Are you afraid to feel my love?
If we sit by the fire
Would we be in it?
If the table was long
Would we sit next to one another
Or at opposite ends?
I was listening to
An inner nocturnal wail
That reluctantly climbed up
From within my deepest insides
Questioning what love
Could be made of
If one could blurt it out
What love could be fought for
If one would fight no doubt
If were it not for the shame
That came of not sharpening
The blade keenly enough
To cut through the difference
For love is not war
But worth fighting for

© GÄ


Looking over our letters
Over my shouldered attempts
To make things better
I asked for tenderness
I cried for the loss of us
Even when we were together
I misunderstood your capacity
To love me hard enough
As hard as someone should
As hard as someone would
If they didn’t want to lose you
If they didn’t want to lose me
No mystique
No smoke and mirrors
No hidden cameras
Just open love
An opening for love
Looking over our letters
It really never got better
And so we found a way
To go our own directions
Although I miss the person
That I thought you were
When I cried for the loss of us
I realized whom
You were before
Didn’t really live there

© GÄ

Same Way

You want someone
To feel it the same way
That you do
You want someone
To understand
The way in which
To ask you
To consider you
In the same way
A thoughtful cue
I would have done anything
For you
But you were unable
To do anything
For me
In the same way

© GÄ

Love Thread

Fall in
Fall out
Fall all over you
Like a coat
Cover you
Trip over my tongue
No return
From your oblivion
Feel the threads
Connecting us
From the beginning
Toward the end of
What we’re living
No reply
Thinking clearly seems
To be the least of my
Standing in the weight
Of your repleted company
When I find you
When you find me
What will you be wearing
When we find the words
That echo us
To fall in and
Fall out all over
One another
What color will it be
Tripping over ourselves
Into the oblivion
Of warm reverberations
One sleeve at a time

© GÄ


Turn me upside down
Like a pineapple cake
Devilish tongues cannot mistake
The taste and
Still I’m hanging around
Swinging from my fantasies
Wondering if what I’m
Dreaming about being
Attractive to is actually
Attracted to me

© GÄ

Keeping Score

Does life get easier
As we move along
Or harder

Do we understand more
Or is it actually less
We comprehend

It seems the more that I know
The less I understand

It’s taking me longer to cool down
From the things that heat me up

This is historical
This is a longtime coming
This is
What happens
As time goes by

I’d rather warn you
Than console you

Evolving beyond and above
What folks are incapable of
I could write a novel in the rain

I’ve already had my heart broken
A million times or so
What’s the point
Of keeping score
If the heart is broken
Another million times or more

© GÄ

Good Deeds

To love you
Is to love you brilliantly
To hold you
To make love to you
Never discard you
Is to fill your cup
I will not report you
To the authorities
For your criminal kisses
Step into the light
So that I may expose
Your good deeds

© GÄ

Manger Le Corbeau

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I ever know
Such a pure bath
Could end up
Eating crow—

I let your body
Pass over me like an eclipse
I let my body
Rest under you like a
Raging river to abridge
Our differences
In one story
Twelve trees
A rope knotted and aligned
In a hanging bed of twine
Twisted and divine

In my mind I’m so in love
I’ve never tasted you
So how could I truly know
Such a pure bath
Would be worthwhile
To swallow

© GÄ

Love Contusions

Sweet disdain
Bitter broken heart
Rotting love
The harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

O, sweet disdain
No blame no hate
No anger can create
A fusion for love
A potion for what
Broken-hearted throats
Are thirsty for
Are dry from it all

O, bitter broken heart
You know what it’s like
To feel forgotten about
That’s what this feels like
I don’t believe that it’s better
To say it out loud
But I’m working through
Living under a shroud

O, rotting love
Serious heavinesses
Now with gripped work
I understand that to feel hurt
Is to be forgotten about
Underneath all of that
What I have done
To provide this beautiful space
Consider feelings in every step
Of this shattered place

O, the harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

© GÄ


When we’re ready to
Give it up
Say goodbye
Flip the script and pick
Side A or side B

Like charades falling apart
I’m looking through your eyes
From where I stand
Look at these possessions
That I presented
For you to love

Can I listen to this tape
And pretend that you’re there
Would it be the same if you were?
Will it sound better without you

All the stories that are sung
Chapter by chapter
Verse to verse
Can I listen
Can I watch
Before the one
Who wants it shows up
I’m arriving
Now that it’s done
You’re the one I haven’t met yet
The one I haven’t slept with

Do you want this with me
Can I offer my cassette
I couldn’t want more
Nothing more for what we would

To make love with a mixtape

© GÄ