Cosmic Love

I feel you crackling in my heart
Like a fire we could start
I hear you moving through my mind
Like a passion we could find
I sense you brushing past my nose
With a scent that overflows
Into a river of devotion that aligns
With every universal cosmic love design

© GÄ


I guess I’m in love
With you
Even though you
Can’t love me
You love me

To be close to you
To touch you
To dream about
What it looks like

So free
When you walk in
The room you
Light it up
You light
Me up

Tomorrow doesn’t matter
Yesterday is gone
Every moment of
Today is like
When will you
Call next

You remember the last thing

Your voice
Deep and low
My feelings
Anything will do
Starving a bit
So that’s not on you
That’s on me

But you…

I will never
Forget about

© GÄ

Sticks & Stones

You can call me
Whatever you want

A hopeless romantic
A fool for the ages
An impossible optimist
Lost in translation

An ignorant faggot
A dumb ox
A ferry
There’s no gauge
For the love
I am willing to carry

A drastic nostalgic
A pointless fantastic
Utopian lover or
Passionate basket

Case for admission
A psych ward condition
A place for pathetic
Amorous fiction

No matter the words
Regardless intention
Whatever opinion
You happen to mention

I am a blockhead for love
A buffoon for the taking
Ignoramus admirer
Stooge of creation
When love is at hand
I see hearts in the making
I won’t give up on love
There is no heartbreaking

Emotion or feeling
To turn off the phone
The lines are all up
For this loving switchboard

My bones are not weak
Sticks and stones
You may throw
No matter the dagger
I’m ready to go

I’m a numskull for ecstasy
A dimwitted tool
I believe in agape
I break all the rules

If push comes to shove
To shut my love warehouse down
Remember my love is
A curious clown
That will laugh at attempts
To box and to fight
I’m eager to hug
All the darkness in sight

I’m a ninny
A twerp
An ineffable jerk
For the one thing on earth
That makes my heart
Want to burst

A cretin for love
There’s no stopping my drive
I believe in this stuff
I’m just that kind of guy

© GÄ


Why do we love
The wrong one

How long does it take
To learn that the sun
Shines in the eyes
Of the unexpected

No matter how much we cry
This will not bring the love
Of someone who does not
Love in return

Even with yearning to die

Wait for the light
Of the right one

The fire that burns
In a destiny
Swollen with opportunity
Arrives without force
Running a course
Just for you

Friendship will
Promise this

Believing beyond
Where this is
Reigns a generous
Wind carried off
With a kiss
To one day

And remind you

When the time to recall
Of what once did befall
A true reason for love
Will enthrall you

© GÄ

In Our Blood

Fall into an altered state
Golden hat for two
Crackling embers of a fire
If I composed a letter today
I would write one out
And send it off to you
Intention in every stroke
Every overcurve rising with my
Innermost thoughts
Every descender every slant
A heartfelt manuscript
Even the ink would be blessed
But I don’t know your address
I’m not sure where you reside
I watch the things you scribe
From a distance
Like watching the geese
Disappear in the mist
Of the morning fog
Your words gather in
Flocks of love
This way and that way
I am thunderstruck
Before the storm
The stove is warm
Inside my eyes
As I watch you prepare
A feast for the heart
Words the sweet divine
Passes through you
I see you too
Have the Gods in your blood
Creation is love
Love is divine
What is it like
To be with you?

The space between us
Is in particularly
Would it be a mouthful
If we were together?
It doesn’t really matter
I don’t know where you dwell
Perhaps it’s the in the sky
Underneath a shell
Somewhere in the sea
Or on an island waiting
For a letter just
From me

© GÄ

Desi Love

A humble prince
A gorgeous spirit
A sovereign raajakumaar man
With open arms
A loving smile
Soft spoken words
A soul to play
Like a guitar

Where will one hand
Find the other
Upon which beach
Will our feet walk
Is there a place
Within the universe
For us to share
One heart?

I have a dream
In which you come
Into the garden
Where I write
I have a wish
In which you grant
When you will visit me
One night

I tell the moon about
My dreams
And the moon then
Tells the sun
Look in the rays of light
The tears of Surya
Raining down
With love

Although I am here
And you are living
Where you are
I know our ishq
I know our prem
Still shines between us
In the stars

© GÄ


Take my hand
And walk with me
From here into

Across the petals
Of our souls
Above the Universe

Our names embedded
In the stars
Footsteps in sands
All over Mars

And volcanos meet
Rising chemistry

One hundred and
Eighty three moons believe
In our

Comets bolt
In yellow gold
Sanskrit scribed
In tales of old

Mutual heat
In flames between
The color of red
That cherries dream

Lightning dances
At our feet
Black holes
Form exhibiting

The gravity
Our love defies
Angels will sing
Demons will cry

Walk with me
Through horizons light
Where morning makes love
To the night

© GÄ