Exploring the metaphor
Elegant and surreal
Possibly inspired
By the great heat
That rises from within
An alpinism or chemistry
Of climbing to the top
Of every emotion
Every bubble
Before it pops
Is the summit of our lust
A gift or a curse
When I am blind
When I can no longer see
When the blindfold
Cannot keep me
From the answers that
I feel
I feel
I feel
What do you see?
Traces imperceptibly
Dabs of ink
Scribbles on notebook covers
A crush a lush for romance
A mountaineer that tiptoes
A puppeteer of music
On heart strings
It’s chemistry
An experiment
Scientific physically
Body and landscape
Eager for the wind
Or just your breath
Against my skin
It feels the same
I feel
I feel
I feel
I will not turn from it
Even when I’m old
There’s no switchblade
That could hold me back
I remember the snake
In the tale about the apple
Desiring fruit
Can be so risky
Just like chemistry

© GÄ

Self Love

Perspectives on being
In love or lack there of

I’ve been quiet
For so long
Feeling an opening
The pleasure riding
High rising

Forming one body
Too high for most of us
A tenacious song
Even in silence
Redemptive landscape
Into clearer air
Disquieting the story
With a
Perfect trust

There will be other days
Words will be heard
Flourishing like rain
Born in the clouds
Find you where it all began
Your downy voice
Your software

Into the center
Of my heart

© GÄ

Love Noise

I’m no self appointed
Angel of death
But I am dangerous
To you
My love is questionably
Eternities of dreamlike love
Stand before you
Graciously transported
Residing in a tone of voice
That resonates your walls
Drenched in the theater
Of your mind
Untrammeled with
Shimmering tendencies
Revealing my deepest sincerities
Encouraging supreme surrenders
A ship in your hearts sea
An embarkation of wishes
Largely breaking the medium
Sights of small things
Shattering all the
Trinkets of the almost utmost
Sentiments subjective to
The unknown
Beckon you
Beyond reality
Each talking bubble
Every love thought
Crystallized in
Cosmic graphics
Even the stars have followed
A launchway for
Sandwiches and blankets
In the grass
Tumbling around
Your foot is slipping
Into my unfailing love
An unerring noise
That rattles the core

© GÄ

Ghostly Love

The truth is
I am grateful

I crave
I long for
Transcendent love

Exhaustion at the end
Of a busy day
Could never mask
My desires

My satisfaction
A feeling of work
To do what I’m
Capable of
With you

As surely as grass
Yearns for water
My mouth seeks
Your bread
Even if I fear
The breaking changes

I search a great cloud
In a sky full of witnesses
Throwing off everything
Daggers that hinder
The wisps if words
Are lisps that conjure
Us absent on lips

An arm around to receive
What lowers to raise
Dips down to retrieve
The ghost of a love engraved
That wanders the halls

Calling out
For the home
That cements it
Underneath our

In the chest
Of our bodies
Pressed together
Even if exhaled sharply
Just for a moment

© GÄ

Love Grove

Good hath come
To the generous heart
The lenders of selflessness given
Freely conducting
A symphony of their affairs
No worry no wear
Just being there

People look
Side to side
In a most bewildered stare
In my direction if not for money
Then what for?

I imagine
Walking slowly into the universal
Garden among the green
With a resilient ardent glow

If we should fall to
The consumption of the
Materials of being here on earth
Hidden behind the stained glass
Treasures in a manic state rebirthed
Walking atop the all too
Attractively colored shards

Our cause will crumble
Under her spell
The witch of darkness
Rings the bell
Call to the one in white
With blood free diamonds in her hair
To be so drawn to her
Though we are so often
Drawn to danger magnetically
There is a comfort
Knowing the trees
Are surely there

To coexist within a grove
That has not need
For pots of gold
Within our hearts and hands
For what we hold
Toward every footpath
Is surely sold
Our freedom from the coin
Into the wealth of love

© GÄ

Keep My Love

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love
Just as I have kept your love
We will remain in this love

Into a bird precisely because
You have been love
Given this love
The gods are generous
In love

In this way
I have loved to avoid anger
In this way
I have loved to avoid fear
In this way
I cannot avoid excitement

This the very love that
Prompts my wings from
A nesting place deep inside

This the very love
That shuttles me out
Past the neon signs
At midnight

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love

© GÄ

Love Terrors

Sovereign love
Why did you make
My heavens delighted to touch you
Why is my earth quaking with your
Terrific power and wide smile
Nothing is too difficult for you
Will I dream about it for a long time?
Will I linger in your nonexistent arms?
Will I find you under the bed
Hide to jump and scare me if you dare
Do I wish for you to sneak behind a wall?
Grab hold of me and shake me
With your love terrors
Wrap me in your playful charms
Pull me around like the stars
If I wake up and find you laughing
In the drum of my ear
I would only be dreaming
For I will never find you here
A game of waiting
But I can play pretend
Until someone like you
Does exactly this
My friend

© GÄ

Love One Another

A little full on the outside
Of statistics grumbling over
To start I found myself fumbling
Into piles of nothing
But discovered upside down
Numbers that bear light
Streamlined to shine
Their prominence
Proven distrustful
As any human story
Can be when soon reduced
To just a number

Bring out the tools
Grab your box
Swing open wide
The locked french doors
Even a garage
Stocked full of
Every nut and bolt
Has no true story
Left to tell
Without a drill
For there are
Two very definite sides
To every persons tale
In our community
This is us

Love one another
Isn’t just a phrase
We settle on to raise
Awareness for the
Tall boxed city lights
Made up of skylines
What’s the use for
Electric blankets we can’t
Plug in to keep us warm
What’s the point
If all we fight for
Is just for fighting
Left and right

There will be nothing
Left to hold

© GÄ

What Love Is

If you were my moon
I would serenade you
Like the reeds serenade
The Betwa’s shore

If I serve you humbly in love
My heart has many colors
I can show you how the light
Can be much more
Casting through in hues
You may have never seen

One droplet of the ocean
One droplet of serene
One single ray of light
Can hold an entire body
Of meaning
A colorful night
With you

Now is the time to find you
While the world is on hold
To place different hats upon you
Dress you with the closet
Of my love

There is nowhere we have to be
Even the kitchen is a journey
We have every meadow
Between our chests
Every fragrant scent

If our heads are peonies
How would our petals kiss?
This is how you make me think
That this is what love is

© GÄ

Someone Loving Me

I awoke to someone loving me
Wanting me in every moment
Feeling it as I am
In my dream

I remember his face

I lie in bed
Looking into the sky
Waking up just enough
To see the grey
Through the crisscross pattern
In my window

Pushing past
The modern obstacles
Of an everyday morning
I made it into my path

On my way
I found
Four ravens
Pecking in their
Pleasure us treasure
Of leftovers

One flew
For protection
To a roof nearby
The other three

© GÄ