One Breath

We cannot carry
Darkness and bitterness
In our hearts and be
Completely happy
Backing down
Resting our misunderstandings
On the ground
We bury the shame and guilt
Open the parkways to
Great roads of silk
I promise you no expectations
I promise you many elations
Between the both of us
All our baggage
Can be left at the roadside
Contoured warmth
Of being with you
Even as the sky
Could be our afghan
And the grass
Our hammocked bed
Promises held in seasons
Yet to be uncovered
Another reason
To love more deeply
And succinctly
As true lovers
Sunrise sunset
Sunrise sunset
Capable beauty
Enveloped and yoked
As one shared breath

© GÄ

One of Them

I have a tiny heart
With giant feelings
In a big sky
With little clouds
Filled with
Enormous beats
Vibrating in
Miniature pulses
Red lights everywhere
I lookout for the green
Bright yeses
When the man
Says no
Who’s behind the decks
Who controls the
Anyone with the
Check of approval
To check your box
With a big fat no
Be on the other side
Of yes
Find a way around
If the ship feels like
It’s sinking
Perhaps we’re swimming
In different directions
Destiny is a funny character
And the universe
Has many different plans
The earth is only
One of them
My friend

© GÄ

One Letter

Where do you go
When you go?
Meet me here at 17:00h
Climb through the fence
Underneath the wall if
You want to see
The seeds I’ve planted
For you
It’s lonely in the tunnel
Without you
Did you ever notice
How close the word lonely
Is to lovely?
One letter away

Could we be one
Letter away
From the possibility
Of holding hands
Resting my leg
On top of yours
Some small touch

Do you have a friend
You like a lot
Or perhaps is there
A spot
For someone like me
One letter away
One tiny kaleidoscopic exchange
Maybe a spoon shape
We could lay in

Anywhere, any way

When the mirrors in the
Pond fall apart
And back together again
I think maybe I could be
That friend
For you

One letter away
From lovely

© GÄ

One at a Time

The unfolding of your words
From the deepest wellspring
Giveth light to the faraway
Understanding this has
Always been paradoxical
And ever will continue

Always previously given
With an undying
Debt to attachment
Something one can’t shake
Like a feeling that takes over you
My unrelenting crush

Call to me and I will answer you
Though the downtime feels a bit
Like a straitjacket for love

About such an appeal
There is only one way to deal
The cards out between you and I

One at a time

© GÄ

Love One Another

A little full on the outside
Of statistics grumbling over
To start I found myself fumbling
Into piles of nothing
But discovered upside down
Numbers that bear light
Streamlined to shine
Their prominence
Proven distrustful
As any human story
Can be when soon reduced
To just a number

Bring out the tools
Grab your box
Swing open wide
The locked french doors
Even a garage
Stocked full of
Every nut and bolt
Has no true story
Left to tell
Without a drill
For there are
Two very definite sides
To every persons tale
In our community
This is us

Love one another
Isn’t just a phrase
We settle on to raise
Awareness for the
Tall boxed city lights
Made up of skylines
What’s the use for
Electric blankets we can’t
Plug in to keep us warm
What’s the point
If all we fight for
Is just for fighting
Left and right

There will be nothing
Left to hold

© GÄ