Back to Us

Why be so hard
Do you have your
Back to us
The strongest one
No uncertain shame
In the notes
In the lyrics
Of your song
A test of wills
An attempt to
Fix my wagon
Enter onomatopoeias
Maybe mine
Sound like something breaking
Enter excuses
Or maybe
You really just don’t care
Like washing your hair
A way to show
How boring
Another moment
Is to bear

You’ll get back to us
When you get around to it

© GÄ

Around Us

Swirled up swirled down
Dip your finger in me
And swirl it around
Maybe in Alaska there
Is less heat to go around
Maybe the moths are happier
Take off running
Into the distance
Into the sound
I have a clever way of
Balancing the ups and downs
I like to monitor the waves
Whenever you’re around
Detaching from my intergalactic
Outer spacial crown
King of the unknown
Master of all invisible forces
I spread my arms out like wings
Set to fly above the organ keys
Just a minute piece of
What’s left dripping
In the outer bounds of
Nature grass and earth
Ready to give birth to
New comings even if I
Do not have a womb
Too many questions
Not enough answers
Resting my head
Upon your shoulder
Just before bed
Is it all still left unsaid
Just a caraway seed
And a bubbling head
A nonsensical way
To relax into
The perfume that ascends
Around us

© GÄ

Between Us

In a lot of ways
I am incoherent too
That’s okay you see
Because you remind me
To be coherent of you
Your beauty
Your willingness to
Open up see is just
Unlikely for most or anyone
You ask me
How can I see you
Like it’s a crime
And yet I can’t define
How it is that I
Do see you
In every way
From across the moon
In just how you move
I hope my words are
Better that they
Elevate you
Poetry is just a fucked up
Game that all of us play
To say how much we
Love and how much we feel
I’m boring please love me
Wait do I say that out loud
Or am I lying if I don’t
Or tell me just tell me the
Thing it is that I am to say
Maybe I said it
Before yesterday
But I know if I said it
I should remember
But if I wrote the right words
If I express this in
Just the right way
Beyond all the text
What I wanted to say
At least I said this today
Before I read it again
You will always have this

© GÄ

Dreams Between

For you because
And with all knowledge
I find you
Full of intensity
Roaring hot like the sun
Nightmares crash
On lions backs
Rocking in the
Shadows of sharp claws
Hardly is the passion lost
Missing between the reeds
In dreams with you
Of all romantic deeds
For which you unwrestle
Watch one spark leap
Twist up and turn
From which you smile
To receive a beating heart
Pounding from me
Suspended discreetly
In the cosmic air
Between us

© GÄ

For Us

For everything we’ve fought for
For ourselves
For our loved ones
For our animals
For the kindred fire
That burns between us
Even for those that didn’t
Necessarily love us
We fight through the tears
We ask questions like why?
Is this punishment?
Let it be said that
All of this is happening
For us not to us

© GÄ


Caring for our home together
Flowers are growing

We antagonize one another
We repeat the same lessons frequently
Trees are snapping

We have contention
When we need a simple resolution
Cookies are burning

We cannot feel as close
As you are with your family
Memories are evaporating

But somehow…

We find each other
In the middle of a mesmerizing pool
Maddened rapids are subsiding

Float with me

© GÄ