Back to Us

Why be so hard
Do you have your
Back to us
The strongest one
No uncertain shame
In the notes
In the lyrics
Of your song
A test of wills
An attempt to
Fix my wagon
Enter onomatopoeias
Maybe mine
Sound like something breaking
Enter excuses
Or maybe
You really just don’t care
Like washing your hair
A way to show
How boring
Another moment
Is to bear

You’ll get back to us
When you get around to it

© GÄ

On My Back

Make room for better breathing
He says confidently
As if breathing any other way
Were possible although
Believing in any possibility
Is a gratifying occasion
For the rest of what is left
Pursed between my lips
Poised beneath my hips

The sun burns up things
When the air is too hot
Kind of makes you miss the snow
Except for when it’s snow
That you’ve got

I took a step sideways
To catch my momentary balance
And gathered inventory
For all of those that have yet
To get back to my last text

I am aware of especially one

Back At Me

You read me
Like an open book he said
I just threw my head around
In every which way
I wanted him to like me
But then what would I do
If he actually did
Maybe grow my hair out
Or paint my bedroom walls blue
There was that one color
I really liked
Similarly to his eyes
I wonder if I could hide my
True feelings if he asked
When he came over
If he came over
About the blue walls
I painted them blue
Because of you
You are so beautiful
Nah, probably just lie
And say I wanted to remember
That time I was with my favorite
Childhood best friend
Who was also a dog
A beautiful dog
More beautiful than any human
I’ve ever encountered
Except for you I could say
Really it’s just a dream
Unless he actually came to
Sit with me on my bed
Looking up at the ceiling
I count all the spots I can see
In hapless wonder
I think what a joy it would be
To have him smile
Back at me

© GÄ

Back Inside

Purest form of generosity
Driving up over the hill
Into the horizon of your smile
I jump back inside myself
In search of a kiss
The scent of your breath
A drop of honey on my lips
And a cigarette I saved from the 30’s
Transforming my stupidity
Into poetry
My solution for grace
Turned inside out
A quick turn of the cheek
And a smooch on your face
Left all the questions I had
About generosity in a shopping cart
Abandoned only to be adored
And fondled by the nefarious
Hands of an eager heart
I could take off my shoes now
Stand in the grass barefoot
Thinking of you and how
You touch me with every sensation
That wants to climb up my legs
And out from the top of my head
Where I might find your hand resting
In a mirage of subtle memories
I have been watering since I left
This house to find your soul

© GÄ

Back & Forth

I am
Lower cased in fragments of
Position and
But by that which I decree
And that which burns in me
Is better
Back and forth
Twisted simply in my heart
Pauses percentages of life
I won’t pencil in
The things that deserve ink
As I can’t pencil in the past
And erase it’s cause
Can operate
So smoothly in your arms
Taking sips of sunlight
Off and on

© GÄ

Don’t Look Back

If this could be a
Love like us
Just a drop as
Sensory sounds repeat
Rattling our bones
We could
Lie about where we’re going
To everyone
Written on the back of
Abandoned sheet music
A wild goose chase
An ignorant map
Laments for the stuff
We have yet to do
That’s between us
Brightest lights
On the broken bridge
Hung loosely
Count them with me
Shattered ground
Beneath our feet
Let’s just take it slow
Flashlights to find our way
At the end of the line
Heads will roll
If we take it too seriously
Find your heart
Underneath the blanket
I wonder
Where are you now
My dreams are inquiring
Seaside birds calling all
Demons to the bottom of the ocean
Burned by love
Signary archaic messages
Ready for us to decipher
Let it go like the sand
Releasing the symbols we carved
Into the beach yesterday
Waking up underneath you
Like a gift to the waves
After too much
Pomegranate sugar
It’s easy to
Imagine someone like you
With me forever
Don’t look back

© GÄ