Don’t Look Back

If this could be a
Love like us
Just a drop as
Sensory sounds repeat
Rattling our bones
We could
Lie about where we’re going
To everyone
Written on the back of
Abandoned sheet music
A wild goose chase
An ignorant map
Laments for the stuff
We have yet to do
That’s between us
Brightest lights
On the broken bridge
Hung loosely
Count them with me
Shattered ground
Beneath our feet
Let’s just take it slow
Flashlights to find our way
At the end of the line
Heads will roll
If we take it too seriously
Find your heart
Underneath the blanket
I wonder
Where are you now
My dreams are inquiring
Seaside birds calling all
Demons to the bottom of the ocean
Burned by love
Signary archaic messages
Ready for us to decipher
Let it go like the sand
Releasing the symbols we carved
Into the beach yesterday
Waking up underneath you
Like a gift to the waves
After too much
Pomegranate sugar
It’s easy to
Imagine someone like you
With me forever
Don’t look back

© GÄ

Don’t Freak Out

Crazy frenetic
Don’t leave
Your spacey
Socially distanced
What does that mean
To a lover
A first rate
A moment in time
Setting everyone up
To draw
Non-intimate lines
Cabin fever
No instant
Patiently waiting
Don’t think about
Dating or any
Kind of contact
That’s new
Even our mother’s
Must stand over there

In my dream
I see this practically
Easy to reach
Bridge that
Connects us to
Being with
One another
Fast forward
To tear through
Like a bandit
Wearing a cape
Carrying a
Magical vaccine

Death has a way
Of controlling us
Love has a way
Of beholding us
Don’t freak out
It’s only a blip
It’s only a short trip
To stay

I love ya
You’re only
A day

© GÄ


I’m not even sure
I want to see
What I think I’m going to
But I look

Don’t forget if you ever need me
I’ll come running

Don’t forget you’ve warned me
Pretend you’ve made a bargain
You’ve got to live up to

As much as you want love
I know you need your freedom more

© GÄ