You Are More

You are more than
An empty building
A table with no one
To sit at
You are the dream date
I would wait to sit
Next to
Across from
The roller coaster ride
Inside my heart
I want to relate to

I watch the wind
Blow in the trees
Through my hair
Through the leaves
You are still
More than all of these things
I can feel you in
The frequencies
Around the vibrations
That beat in the
Water walls that flow
Down the Kahiwa falls
You do it all

Every shooting star
Every subtle test
A breath in every nest
The pulse inside my chest
Rivets for you
Rivers rush towards you
You call the wild
And conjure my smile

When we dance again
I will hold you to no end
From the beginning
Of our drum
To the pounding
Of our love

You are more
Than I have words for

© GÄ


I’m not even sure
I want to see
What I think I’m going to
But I look

Don’t forget if you ever need me
I’ll come running

Don’t forget you’ve warned me
Pretend you’ve made a bargain
You’ve got to live up to

As much as you want love
I know you need your freedom more

© GÄ