You Say

You say I am your love
But do you know
About my love
For you?

You say my music
Makes love in you
But do you know
The sound of love
You make
In me?

You say you savor me
But do you know
How much I
Crave to be
With you?

You say that I intoxicate you
But do you know
About the fire
You kindle in me?

You say that I’m your other
I fill your every dip
But do you know
How much I want
To taste your lips?

You say forever’s waiting
For us to climb into
But do you know
That I’ve been waiting
Years for you?

You say that I am quiet
And this is true to a degree
I apologize my love
You take the breath
Right out of me

© GÄ

What Would You Say

What would you say
To someone who wants
No arrogance
Just a chance
To believe
In with you
To suspend time
Pause once
In themselves
To be with you
So much
That they miss
The planets turning
Ambition for stepping
Onto hot coals burning
For you
On each attempt
To open up
Your eyes with a kiss
The ability
For your heart
To also see
Into me
What you have
Wished with
Would it be
That could
Make you turn
From me?

Ask me to cry
And I will
Ask me to lie
And I will
Ask me to stand still
And I will
Ask me to walk on fire
And I will
Ask me whatever you desire
And I will…

© GÄ

I Wish You

To say it
This is difficult
My blood is thick with love

Your about as convincing
As a rattlesnake
That has been taught how to purr

I wish you
All the torches
Of the underworld
And beyond
Yet I also wish you love

To see your way through there
Snowflakes in hell

My headless horseman
Thoughtless choices

You’re such a paragon
Of sanctity and

If you need to prove
Your power
Please do it
Somewhere else

And the words you choose
They loose all their

Expensive suit
Authentic boot
Materials don’t matter
It’s what you do

Actions speak louder
Than your words

For instance is a word
That one would use
To describe
An awful tie
That somehow
Ended up in a box
On Christmas Day

But still I say
I wish you peace
I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
And more
And most of all
I wish you legions of pure love
Oceans of hearts upon your shore

I wish you love
Like you have never felt before

© GÄ