Make Believe

I’m a witness to a resurrection
Of myself transforming waves in
Ways of understanding
Parts of myself that were
Once held up in a
Pierced delay
An oceanic reaction
Caught in the potential distraction
Of who is who in which
Reality before we ever
Fall backwards into
Whatever wasn’t anyway
But oh how I love
To play make believe

In Whatever Way

All the things we do
All the seeds we plant
Nothing compares to
Standing on these steps
And thinking of you

Watching the rain fall down
On the flowers that I placed
In the ground thinking of us
Day dreaming of you is the
Best way to pass the time

I love to picture your arms
Around me
It’s just a thought
Nothing based in reality
Making up is part of the fun

And why not
Love remains
In every pulse
Every beat every tremor
In your throat when you speak

To hear you say so many things
In such a way that I
Can’t control the chills
Up my neck and
Standing on the deck
Of life I see you

In whatever way you
Decide to find yourself
In some space
Dripping rays of light
Beaming from your face
With me

You don’t know your effect
That’s the beauty of your innocence
The gorgeousness displaced
In the vast terrain
The visceral unexplained
In the soil
Of my heart

© GÄ


I want to start my life with you
Away from the devils path
You came back to me
In a voice and I heard you
Through the tunnel of my eye
In the echo of my throat
I want to start my life with you
But I can’t if we don’t
Can you pull me up
With your bottom lip
Return to me find my foot
Beneath the table also
Seeking yours out searching around
No one can see but we can feel
I can hardly control my breathing
Thinking of you and eating salty chocolates
Are my favorite things to do

© GÄ


We didn’t make up
These words individually
They don’t belong to us
We protect what we say
We put the puzzle together
But we did not invent
Letter H alone
Did you …

Someone before you maybe
Someone who did
Everyone agreed
Someone before them
There was someone who did
And you learned
How to write it

You use words in this house
This letter
The sentences are born from you
And you call them your own
They are all you have
To hang on to
And without H
Your words
Wouldn’t be your words

It’s all too old
That’s all you’ve got in this world
Minus H

It’s all tat you ave to old onto
It’s all tat you ave in tis world

Even if
You didn’t invent them
Even if
You don’t know how they got here
Even if
Other people will share them
Even if
Some birds will speak them

You want to own them
But they are not yours
They belong to everyone
And you use them so well

A beautiful possession
Even though they don’t really belong
Even if they are not really his
Or hers or yours

They want to be heard
And you brought them to life
Now free to fly
Just as they came are the words
You want to be yours

© GÄ

Why You

Why you make me
Want to do
Unexpected things for you
Why you make me
Want to switch
Rearrange and change
What if I become dumber
When I’m around you
What if I become an idiot
When I’m with you
I think I do
I lose my brain a bit
When I’m around you
Forget things
I always knew
Why do I become dumber
When I’m around you
I lose track and sight
I have a goal set
In my mind
I try to focus
And yet even things
That I have known forever
Slip like stars
Out of the sky
Why you make me
Want to why

© GÄ

Not Knowing You

My love got buried in my hurt
Because they didn’t think
It mattered that all things
Wake up together
Or at least we thought
We could
We might
We should
Wake up together
More than once
More than twice
Even more than
Three times
Three finger strokes
Along your back
Count the stones
Along your spine
Name each one
The compassion of our bones
Like xylophones
Singing to one another
Through the hammer
Of our hearts
I left my disappointments
In a basket by the sea
The path of embers
Underneath my feet
Led my most important
Self above the sand
Where once was buried
The pain of
Not knowing you

© GÄ

So There’s That

Pull me back from the cold
It’s not up to me what you think
Why let the choices I make
Why hold back from fear
Why question what I do
From concern that you
Might think this
Might think that
What is what
What is that
I’m holding back
From what I would naturally do
For fear that you
Might think this way
Or that way
I am poised with dare
Why should I care
Let you be
Allow you to respond
I am fond of you
I want you
So there
There’s that
Play my cards right
Play any cards at all
Ah ah ah ah ah aha ah
Goes the sound inside my head
Dah dah dah dah di di dah
I want you in my bed

© GÄ

Of You

What if I could be your mystic
Falling into ecstasy
Only a tiny atom but also
A giant in your heart would be
Like a drop in the bucket
A romantic sacred fossil
Contemplating the scent
Of baked cinnamon in the air
Drifting from the kitchen
An ancient heir
As you are
Loitering about my everything
Though my heart is racing
There is no running from you
Members of one body
You and I to fantasize
Imaginations artifacts
A lack of loneliness
Spills out onto the floor
Before us both
Flames of unborn love
Restituted in our shrine
What even would we taste like
If both of us were wine
Fifty percent you
Fifty percent me
Half and half
Of ecstasy
What is it like
To be the other part
Of you

© GÄ

I Like You

My truth shies
In the presence of
Your reality
In search of
Courageous lips
Two separate occasions
Colliding into one
Psychology driven

We are a perennial dance
Between the blades of grass

I like you
But not because
I’m alone at night
Not because
Being with you feels alright
I like who you are
Your qualities
Are warm

Eloquently precise

When you came to me
Before I really knew you
I liked you
But then I grew
To like you more

I keep my eyes
Casting away
So much to blush about
I say
Although it shifts
As things can be
Forever shaken
Depending on the route
We end up taking

I learn more about you
You share your truth
I suppress the lust
Even as you blink

The women of the park
Swoon all around you
I’m not sure if you care
Their intervals are woven
Like the texture in your hair
Maybe rocking
In a chair
Will calm the tide
But I’m still there

I’ll role you up
Like a burrito in a rug
An unannounced hug
Torment your face
With kisses
Leave you breathless
Laughing listless

My intuition says
There’s not much hope
In letting go of my affections
Even as I might tiptoe
Through weeping trees
My best defense
Is to make sure
That I do not
Offend the crows

© GÄ

You & Me

We rise and smile
Flowers on our heads
Statues of great richness
For lust and psalm desires
Sand into marble
The pulse that flows
Beneath our current
Stairways of water fall
Into our rapid encounter

Don’t lose your
Focus for intensity
I tell myself
But there it is
Fountains of thinking
The waiting piece again
Unlike there’s something lost
Or displaced deep within
Not what’s missing
But what’s coming
I can sense it
With every breath
That I breathe in

© GÄ