Get Lost

You can get lost
In a good way
If you don’t want to be found
If you don’t want to pretend
Like running from your demons
You don’t have to hang around
Falling into the same hole
That your fist left
In the wall of your heart
You built bricks
When the best ones
Played their dirty tricks
So that no one could
Climb over into your abyss
Who could ignore the outline
Of your lashes
Never get lost in the forest
Of your passion
Walk across the burning ashes
Towards your forever
For the sake of saying something
That lasts beyond
The outline of just words
Sliding with the gravity
Down to the center
Of your core
A piece of flint
A fire
You are a piece of me
A spark
A shift
You are
An uplift
A perfect shadow
You can get lost
In a good way

© GÄ

I’m Turning Blue

I’m turning blue
When I hold my breath
Thinking about you
Maudlin enough that I’m
Emotionally silly
And over you
I’m turning blue
Innocent explanations
For decadent expectations
I’m turning blue
I’m turning blue
What would you think
If I told you
I’m turning blue
I’m turning blue
Because of you

© GÄ

Every Morning

Norse code
Looking for the compass
To uncover the myth
Of your body
Not to feel
For to be what is desired
By the thing I want the most
Is to inhale the breath
That you exhale
Am I awake or am I sleeping
How much more
Will it take
All the promises I’m keeping
For us
For myself
How many more breaths
How many more steps
Until you fortify
My every morning

© GÄ

Not You

I can have sex with him
I can make love to her
But they are not you!
I can kiss his lips
I can taste her sweetness
But they are not you!

© GÄ

Make Believe

I’m a witness to a resurrection
Of myself transforming waves in
Ways of understanding
Parts of myself that were
Once held up in a
Pierced delay
An oceanic reaction
Caught in the potential distraction
Of who is who in which
Reality before we ever
Fall backwards into
Whatever wasn’t anyway
But oh how I love
To play make believe

In Whatever Way

All the things we do
All the seeds we plant
Nothing compares to
Standing on these steps
And thinking of you

Watching the rain fall down
On the flowers that I placed
In the ground thinking of us
Day dreaming of you is the
Best way to pass the time

I love to picture your arms
Around me
It’s just a thought
Nothing based in reality
Making up is part of the fun

And why not
Love remains
In every pulse
Every beat every tremor
In your throat when you speak

To hear you say so many things
In such a way that I
Can’t control the chills
Up my neck and
Standing on the deck
Of life I see you

In whatever way you
Decide to find yourself
In some space
Dripping rays of light
Beaming from your face
With me

You don’t know your effect
That’s the beauty of your innocence
The gorgeousness displaced
In the vast terrain
The visceral unexplained
In the soil
Of my heart

© GÄ


I want to start my life with you
Away from the devils path
You came back to me
In a voice and I heard you
Through the tunnel of my eye
In the echo of my throat
I want to start my life with you
But I can’t if we don’t
Can you pull me up
With your bottom lip
Return to me find my foot
Beneath the table also
Seeking yours out searching around
No one can see but we can feel
I can hardly control my breathing
Thinking of you and eating salty chocolates
Are my favorite things to do

© GÄ


We didn’t make up
These words individually
They don’t belong to us
We protect what we say
We put the puzzle together
But we did not invent
Letter H alone
Did you …

Someone before you maybe
Someone who did
Everyone agreed
Someone before them
There was someone who did
And you learned
How to write it

You use words in this house
This letter
The sentences are born from you
And you call them your own
They are all you have
To hang on to
And without H
Your words
Wouldn’t be your words

It’s all too old
That’s all you’ve got in this world
Minus H

It’s all tat you ave to old onto
It’s all tat you ave in tis world

Even if
You didn’t invent them
Even if
You don’t know how they got here
Even if
Other people will share them
Even if
Some birds will speak them

You want to own them
But they are not yours
They belong to everyone
And you use them so well

A beautiful possession
Even though they don’t really belong
Even if they are not really his
Or hers or yours

They want to be heard
And you brought them to life
Now free to fly
Just as they came are the words
You want to be yours

© GÄ

Why You

Why you make me
Want to do
Unexpected things for you
Why you make me
Want to switch
Rearrange and change
What if I become dumber
When I’m around you
What if I become an idiot
When I’m with you
I think I do
I lose my brain a bit
When I’m around you
Forget things
I always knew
Why do I become dumber
When I’m around you
I lose track and sight
I have a goal set
In my mind
I try to focus
And yet even things
That I have known forever
Slip like stars
Out of the sky
Why you make me
Want to why

© GÄ