Of You

What if I could be your mystic
Falling into ecstasy
Only a tiny atom but also
A giant in your heart would be
Like a drop in the bucket
A romantic sacred fossil
Contemplating the scent
Of baked cinnamon in the air
Drifting from the kitchen
An ancient heir
As you are
Loitering about my everything
Though my heart is racing
There is no running from you
Members of one body
You and I to fantasize
Imaginations artifacts
A lack of loneliness
Spills out onto the floor
Before us both
Flames of unborn love
Restituted in our shrine
What even would we taste like
If both of us were wine
Fifty percent you
Fifty percent me
Half and half
Of ecstasy
What is it like
To be the other part
Of you

© GÄ

I Like You

My truth shies
In the presence of
Your reality
In search of
Courageous lips
Two separate occasions
Colliding into one
Psychology driven

We are a perennial dance
Between the blades of grass

I like you
But not because
I’m alone at night
Not because
Being with you feels alright
I like who you are
Your qualities
Are warm

Eloquently precise

When you came to me
Before I really knew you
I liked you
But then I grew
To like you more

I keep my eyes
Casting away
So much to blush about
I say
Although it shifts
As things can be
Forever shaken
Depending on the route
We end up taking

I learn more about you
You share your truth
I suppress the lust
Even as you blink

The women of the park
Swoon all around you
I’m not sure if you care
Their intervals are woven
Like the texture in your hair
Maybe rocking
In a chair
Will calm the tide
But I’m still there

I’ll role you up
Like a burrito in a rug
An unannounced hug
Torment your face
With kisses
Leave you breathless
Laughing listless

My intuition says
There’s not much hope
In letting go of my affections
Even as I might tiptoe
Through weeping trees
My best defense
Is to make sure
That I do not
Offend the crows

© GÄ

You & Me

We rise and smile
Flowers on our heads
Statues of great richness
For lust and psalm desires
Sand into marble
The pulse that flows
Beneath our current
Stairways of water fall
Into our rapid encounter

Don’t lose your
Focus for intensity
I tell myself
But there it is
Fountains of thinking
The waiting piece again
Unlike there’s something lost
Or displaced deep within
Not what’s missing
But what’s coming
I can sense it
With every breath
That I breathe in

© GÄ

Just for You

One word brings another
While each letter drips
Slowly from my mind
The synapse triggers the spark
Through the door of my heart
Into the garden of my
Sweetest sympathy

One two three words
Become a sentence that
Run away and bleed
Coursing through my veins
Shooting from my lips
In wild excitement

Does the whip that cracks
The back of what may
Or may not exist entirely
Find itself pushing harder
Past the disconcerting thoughts
Hiding beneath

Lift up the rock
Under green leaf
A shallow hole
Where all ideas
Are in comfortable chorus
Chambered in a fold of black sheep
Emotions crisscrossed
Into broken twigs
In the form of
Comprehension transfixed

Who wears the
Sketch of a heart
Like this?
Have you ever wondered
Why this shape
Is the one we all chose
To agree upon
As the symbol of
Our love?

I thought you might have

I type the letters
And images of colored feelings
In similarities form
For us to select popping up
Even charmingly so

Used by many ancients
Epigraphy monuments
Familiar love
Familiar sonnets
Representing our 15th century
Tongues of song and
At each corner of your
Smile I find my eyes
Light up for awhile at past life tiles
Hieroglyphs and Vedic rhymes

These are
The only keys that lead
Your unforgettable hand to
Stir the syrup
Of our humor
In a bowl of savory
Timeless affection

When morning arrives
I swing my legs over bed to bring you
A tray of raspberries and red roses
Your curly initials displayed
Proudly on my chest

You know the rest

Even the sun
Is jealous that
I made my way to the kitchen
Just for you

© GÄ

Miss You

Then there
This that
Where what
Tsk tat

Emojis wish
That they could show
The hugs and love
We feel
There’s no comparison
To what the real hug
Actually appeals

I miss your face
I miss your love
I miss your warm
Inviting hugs

When will we meet
In fields of barley
Running towards each other
Hardly feels like it’s tomorrow
Why in fact it’s feeling
Farther and farther and farther

I won’t give up
And don’t you either
I’m a tried and true believer
That the day will be here
Sooner than we think
Even though it’s hard to tell
I truly hope
You’re safe and well
See you again
When we can laugh
And looking back we can relent
About the time we spent
As isolated friends

I send a kiss to you

© GÄ

You Are More

You are more than
An empty building
A table with no one
To sit at
You are the dream date
I would wait to sit
Next to
Across from
The roller coaster ride
Inside my heart
I want to relate to

I watch the wind
Blow in the trees
Through my hair
Through the leaves
You are still
More than all of these things
I can feel you in
The frequencies
Around the vibrations
That beat in the
Water walls that flow
Down the Kahiwa falls
You do it all

Every shooting star
Every subtle test
A breath in every nest
The pulse inside my chest
Rivets for you
Rivers rush towards you
You call the wild
And conjure my smile

When we dance again
I will hold you to no end
From the beginning
Of our drum
To the pounding
Of our love

You are more
Than I have words for

© GÄ

I Love You

The more love you give
the more you receive
I suggest we give it all
I love you

Every part of you
Inside and out
Realize you are
Someone before
It’s too late
It’s never too late
So do it now
Before you perish
All your good ideas
The light inside you
Is waiting for you
To grasp it
Can you see yourself
Somewhere in there
Do you see
What I see?

I love you

© GÄ

Fever for You

You send chills
Up my body and
Into my bed
A magical place
Where I suddenly
Remember everything
I forgot to do
You’ve got such a
Nice glow about you
Lanterns hanging above us
Swinging about
Rockabye love
In your arms
Albeit likely
Virtual for the time being
But you’ll be here
Coming around the later
Clock hour
I’d wait all night for you
Waitin’ for you is a tease
And a blessin’
You keep me guessin’
Suppose that makes me
Hotter for you
Like I’ve got a fever for you
Can’t hardly tell the difference
Between honey on bread
Or your lips on me
There’s a certain music
That plays in my head
When you’re around
Different than the tune
I hear when you’re not around
That song pines a bit
I’ve got the incense lit
Watching it draw shapes
Around the room
Reminds me of the shape of you
The way it lingers in the air
It hangs like the memory
Of your essence when you leave
Even though I know you’ll be back
I always play like it will be
The last time I see you
It makes my passion ride deeper
Faster in the way that
Jumping hurdles gives you
A kind of high
Like you can do anything
Every time we jump another
I feel my blood rise
I even want to bust out cryin’
Just a little at least anyway
To know that we have this
Somebody take my temperature
The doctor says I’m fine
Maybe their’s just no thermometer
For a sickness of this kind

© GÄ

Didn’t You

You make me quiver
You make me shiver
Incredulous wonders
What you’re thinking
What you’re drinking
If you want to
Talk to me

Speak in quips

Wanna pick me up
And kiss me?
I’ll save the thought
Rest your lips on me
Just at the edge of some marbled toast
Smothered in my
Favorite marmelade

You’re like a cool drink
On a hot summer day
Splashed all over my chest
I couldn’t scream my way
Out of a hot blanket with you
But then why would I?
Better just to wrestle
The thing out
Like I’ve grappled
With the moon some nights
Dreaming about the
Dark light in your eyes

Get moody with me?
All lit up like a candle
That I could never
Blow out

If I walk away
From your tenderness
It’s just to catch my breath
Turning around selfishly
Is like meeting you
For the first time
All over again
But then

You already knew that
Didn’t you

© GÄ

Make Me Want You

You make me want you
So much cause I can’t have you
I mean you know this right
Momentary or not
Could we just get it over with?
Super bliss
Have one night
Like touching a star
Would that be enough?
I’ll take my chance

With your permission
In ways we’re not allowed
Just to be wowed by you

© GÄ