Fever for You

You send chills
Up my body and
Into my bed
A magical place
Where I suddenly
Remember everything
I forgot to do
You’ve got such a
Nice glow about you
Lanterns hanging above us
Swinging about
Rockabye love
In your arms
Albeit likely
Virtual for the time being
But you’ll be here
Coming around the later
Clock hour
I’d wait all night for you
Waitin’ for you is a tease
And a blessin’
You keep me guessin’
Suppose that makes me
Hotter for you
Like I’ve got a fever for you
Can’t hardly tell the difference
Between honey on bread
Or your lips on me
There’s a certain music
That plays in my head
When you’re around
Different than the tune
I hear when you’re not around
That song pines a bit
I’ve got the incense lit
Watching it draw shapes
Around the room
Reminds me of the shape of you
The way it lingers in the air
It hangs like the memory
Of your essence when you leave
Even though I know you’ll be back
I always play like it will be
The last time I see you
It makes my passion ride deeper
Faster in the way that
Jumping hurdles gives you
A kind of high
Like you can do anything
Every time we jump another
I feel my blood rise
I even want to bust out cryin’
Just a little at least anyway
To know that we have this
Somebody take my temperature
The doctor says I’m fine
Maybe their’s just no thermometer
For a sickness of this kind

© GÄ

Didn’t You

You make me quiver
You make me shiver
Incredulous wonders
What you’re thinking
What you’re drinking
If you want to
Talk to me

Speak in quips

Wanna pick me up
And kiss me?
I’ll save the thought
Rest your lips on me
Just at the edge of some marbled toast
Smothered in my
Favorite marmelade

You’re like a cool drink
On a hot summer day
Splashed all over my chest
I couldn’t scream my way
Out of a hot blanket with you
But then why would I?
Better just to wrestle
The thing out
Like I’ve grappled
With the moon some nights
Dreaming about the
Dark light in your eyes

Get moody with me?
All lit up like a candle
That I could never
Blow out

If I walk away
From your tenderness
It’s just to catch my breath
Turning around selfishly
Is like meeting you
For the first time
All over again
But then

You already knew that
Didn’t you

© GÄ

Make Me Want You

You make me want you
So much cause I can’t have you
I mean you know this right
Momentary or not
Could we just get it over with?
Super bliss
Have one night
Like touching a star
Would that be enough?
I’ll take my chance

With your permission
In ways we’re not allowed
Just to be wowed by you

© GÄ

You Say

You say I am your love
But do you know
About my love
For you?

You say my music
Makes love in you
But do you know
The sound of love
You make
In me?

You say you savor me
But do you know
How much I
Crave to be
With you?

You say that I intoxicate you
But do you know
About the fire
You kindle in me?

You say that I’m your other
I fill your every dip
But do you know
How much I want
To taste your lips?

You say forever’s waiting
For us to climb into
But do you know
That I’ve been waiting
Years for you?

You say that I am quiet
And this is true to a degree
I apologize my love
You take the breath
Right out of me

© GÄ


Dwindle will the force
If we let it go
The perfect love
Mixed with fantasy
And power
Meteor shower

The mystery of blue
How far it travels
Away my perfect wonder
Daring nothing
Caught up in something
Other than what
Memories house

From moment to moment
Stellar mechanics
From star to star
I catch the scent
Of your trail
Even from afar

These words fall out
Of my mouth
In front
Of you

Newtonian rotations
Around your heart
Passing through my origin
Your horizon
Coordinates with the axis
Of my parts

This must be why
I love you

© GÄ

Want You

I can’t want you
Even though I want to
And It’s not just a warm body
I’m talking about
It’s actually you
But I can’t want you
Even though I want to
Because I’m pretty sure
That you don’t
Want me too

My body wants you
I feel my pulse rise
I feel excitement in my blood
When I’m beside you
If you don’t want me
It makes no sense to
Pretend that something
Could happen anyway with you

I’ll still be near you
Even if it means that
You can’t want me
In the same way
My body’s wanting you
There’s more to share here
Than just the sex where
We can be friends
Though not lovers
Because you still
Mean that much to me
And your beautiful
Dark warm intensity

I can get a handle
On this

To know you
Is more important
Than what my body seems to want
For us to do
And knowing that you
Have so much more to
Offer than just your sensuality
Or even a kiss

Though I might wish to
Sometimes hold you
I think a hug between friends
Is so much better

Than to have nothing at all
And if you want me
Someday we can then
Cross that bridge if
Your body decides that
It might want me too

Good conversations
Life celebrations
So many years of other things
That we can do
Yes you’re sexy
But the truth is
For me to want you to
Be with me when
You can’t want me
The same way that I want you

Is impractical

To walk away from
What we do have
Would be a waste to
Let go of
I’d be giving up
Way too much of you and so
I can accept that
We share everything else
But the sexual way
I’m feeling about you

© GÄ

You Are the Key

Rather than live through
All the things
That we collect
To build our nest
The moon is almost full
But my heart is not
Without you

Emotional situations
Move through me
With grace
Take me out of this place
Where I have everything
More than I need
And gift me
One thing


This would be home
Enough for me
Fulfilling everything
I need

No lock upon my door
You are the key

© GÄ

Would You

would she think
it would be
any different
from being
my friend

maybe it’s the mixtape
i sent
maybe it’s the same
as I would be
if someone
compiled music
for me

would you…?
then I might assume
you meant
something more
than you mean
but then
maybe we

could make out
to the mixtape
you might
send me

© GÄ

What Would You Say

What would you say
To someone who wants
No arrogance
Just a chance
To believe
In with you
To suspend time
Pause once
In themselves
To be with you
So much
That they miss
The planets turning
Ambition for stepping
Onto hot coals burning
For you
On each attempt
To open up
Your eyes with a kiss
The ability
For your heart
To also see
Into me
What you have
Wished with
Would it be
That could
Make you turn
From me?

Ask me to cry
And I will
Ask me to lie
And I will
Ask me to stand still
And I will
Ask me to walk on fire
And I will
Ask me whatever you desire
And I will…

© GÄ

Why Do You?

Why do you tear me down
When I need you to build me up
When will your insecurities
Stop stealing all our love
Why are you so reckless
With my feelings
Why are you so clumsy
With my heart
It’s like you have no awareness
At all for the fires that you start
What about the moments
You’re tearing us apart
It’s no wonder I don’t want to be touched
When you constantly hurt me this much
This song should really be called
It’s All About You
Your insecurities fly away
With all our feelings
On a plane

I just need a cloud to rest
My heavy heart on

© GÄ