Wake Up With Me

Wipe my lips at the memory
Of a kiss that is nothing
In comparison to you
He who has become one
With the essence of what is
My impermanent discovery
Lungs flutter like
Butterfly wings when I
Breathe you in
Chopping wood
Between the ferns
Surrounding green
To build a hearth
A birch like cabin for your heart
Burning the lime blue
Flames of embers truth
Impressed upon my youth
Wake up with me tomorrow

© GÄ

Here With Me

Inside you’ll find
A piece of my heart
From inside my heart
That is just a piece of you
From inside of me
That is the part of you
I feel connects with me
You can also hold it
If you need to find
Your piece of mind
Or love from me
I am with you
Just as you
Are here with me

© GÄ

With Grace

Here’s a new covenant
Maybe I care less
Maybe there’s no reason to care more
If we already care enough
It’s also important to learn
Not to give a shit
So much of my life has been
Caring so much
What if caring too much
Left no room for mistakes
Left no room for badass moments
Maybe a pandemic is
The perfect opportunity
To learn how to be free
Such is the way for a flower to bloom
In the soil of badass moments
And a quest to hold onto
The sensitivity I have gained
But now the inner strength
Of self discovery
No longer bending over
To be walked all over
Maybe too much for some
Is my personality
And maybe
It’s time to be okay with
How I am
To feel okay with the excitement
Embrace the strength
Breaking out wild and soft
With grace

© GÄ

With Me

Can you forgive me
For wanting more from you
Can you forgive me
For asking you to
Be a better version
Of yourself
To be the kinder person
That I can see inside of you
That you are to
Everyone else
But not to me
Can you forgive me
For wanting more for you
Can you forgive me
That’s all I ask of you

I don’t want to pass you by
Never knowing
Who you could be
Because you’re afraid
To show your true self
Fall into my arms
Let it all crumble
Into the most beautiful
Version of you
I can handle the cracks
Fumble your emotions
All over me, with me
I don’t want you to be frightened
Allow me to get closer

Dancing on a lotus
With you
Underneath a tent
Of entrusted pleasant

Forgive me for wanting
More from you
Forgive me for wanting
More with you
If I see your capabilities
I only mean to
Show them to you
Display your crown
To you
You don’t have to hide
Your insides
From me

I’ll love you either way
Hold your heart
In my hands
I know the good in you
Don’t waste another day
With me

Roll around
In vulnerability with me

The ravine is waiting
For us to
Float down
Your serene

© GÄ