Back At Me

You read me
Like an open book he said
I just threw my head around
In every which way
I wanted him to like me
But then what would I do
If he actually did
Maybe grow my hair out
Or paint my bedroom walls blue
There was that one color
I really liked
Similarly to his eyes
I wonder if I could hide my
True feelings if he asked
When he came over
If he came over
About the blue walls
I painted them blue
Because of you
You are so beautiful
Nah, probably just lie
And say I wanted to remember
That time I was with my favorite
Childhood best friend
Who was also a dog
A beautiful dog
More beautiful than any human
I’ve ever encountered
Except for you I could say
Really it’s just a dream
Unless he actually came to
Sit with me on my bed
Looking up at the ceiling
I count all the spots I can see
In hapless wonder
I think what a joy it would be
To have him smile
Back at me

© GÄ

Take From Me

Nail and hammer
Take from me this wood
That I have built
To think that I would lose you
But I didn’t because you stayed
Hammer me out
Curls of iron
A blacksmith of the heart
Strips of shrapnel
Twirled round
Like the twisted redwood giant
In a storm of love
Hammer me out
I’ve only so many years left
Can I spend them with you
Drive in me a nail
So deep it rings
My ruby core
I’ll cry no more
To know you take from me
This wood
Body and soul
That I have built
To think that I would lose you
Before your time
Rest your head upon
This chest of mine
Listen to your sweet
In and out breathing
Lung pressed to heart
Chamber of love
Which I have loved
Hammer me out
Memories of us
Never to fade
Like bonfires
Burning prairies
In the horizons Everglades

© GÄ

Wake Up With Me

Wipe my lips at the memory
Of a kiss that is nothing
In comparison to you
He who has become one
With the essence of what is
My impermanent discovery
Lungs flutter like
Butterfly wings when I
Breathe you in
Chopping wood
Between the ferns
Surrounding green
To build a hearth
A birch like cabin for your heart
Burning the lime blue
Flames of embers truth
Impressed upon my youth
Wake up with me tomorrow

© GÄ

Come to Me

When words are lost
And your heart cannot find rest
Come to me
When you are weary
And you need a fiery chest
To lean your head against
Soft sure footed
An instrument if love
We’re a piano
A song if love
Were a flock of birds
Your whispers heard
Fallen completely
On the wishes of tomorrow
With tremendous voice
Beneath the sun
Beneath the moon
With everything you need
Come to me
Come to me

© GÄ

Here With Me

Inside you’ll find
A piece of my heart
From inside my heart
That is just a piece of you
From inside of me
That is the part of you
I feel connects with me
You can also hold it
If you need to find
Your piece of mind
Or love from me
I am with you
Just as you
Are here with me

© GÄ

Make Me Alive

Make me alive
A wise fool in your eyes
Peel me away
Like the paint
From the oldest building
You’ve ever come to stride
Pressed up against your brow
In twilights death
Glowing in the spire
Of many decades
Yet to be perceived
In cardinal choirs
I realize the devil
Went down to Georgia
To release you from your pact
To someone else
In what exact chamber
Of glowing heat
Could ever your heart beat
Without the Mayberry bed
Of rubies beneath the belly
And the back of any beast
Red and yellow leaves
Performing twisty dances
To their death on cement night
Make me alive

© GÄ

Harbor Me

To sit calmly
Await with promise
A blur of time
A melting of artistic purpose
With every brush stroke
As smooth as marble
My face resting
In the crevice of
The arm of your ship
Cradle me like twisted wood
Holding a swing
On a heartfelt goodnight

Bespeckled with
Adoration and
The scent of you
Is one
My nose could only
Recognize as this
Your fragrant love
That sends me into
Dizzy spells

Never lying to seduce you
Three hundred plus miles
Floating down the Garrone
Within you I am
Retranscribed before you
Like an old story
Finding its way to the shore
Of your lips after the flood
Of emotions that
Inhabited the bank
Of my once stony heart
Which was written
Only after you
Walked barefoot there
Amongst the rubble
Of my pizzazz

It is here
That I let myself go
In the canal
Of your impeding
Wash of rain

My chosen tributary
Flowing into your larger stream
Unlike any other estuary
You are a dream
My favorite channel
To turn to

© GÄ

Seize Me

I will twiddle my thumbs
Till the seams come undone

And the aftermath
Of love is a crackling core
Splitting wood
Vehemently stroked

A single simple chime
A serpents tail
Whipping altered states
Making out
To meet you in midair
Run my fingers through your hair
Cradled scales curled up
Japanese redfish
And a moon to catch your bare
Echo of a voice

The inner twill
Black water and bread
Make for us a meal
Bite down on summers
Misty stammered sweet
Drips of lucid steam

Two love gashes
Torn in cryptic memories
Mended in the
Mysteries as our hearts
Call out the weathered
Wide eyed fantasies of yet

My almond prize
A gold red hallucination
Sparkles optic
Nightmare visions
Awakened by our
Hot tears
Dancing vertically
On a blanket
In the sea

© GÄ

Play Me

I have a little secret
I’ve kept deep inside

If I tell you there are words
To teach your mouth how to feel
But only if it opens

If you swing your heart
And follow the truth
If you

I imagined you taller
But your smile was the same

I want more than you are
Ready to give

I could feel you burning across the room
My eyes devoured you in it
With flaming grass
Even the sun is not as hot

Tambourine symbols drum tambourine
In the middle of an orchestra string

Why did you take me?
Am I just your imagination
A photo torn from the wall
A stain of bitter past

You don’t want me to do it
Or don’t you?

I know I can find you
If I take the furthest shore

© GÄ

Love Me

I woke up
With tears in my eyes
Crying for you
Opened deodorant left on the bed
Scrambled in your head

Why didn’t I love you more?
Why didn’t we spend more time?
Life is so distracting
How do we forget what’s important
Until after someone dies

In my dream I didn’t want
To make it in this life without you
I couldn’t imagine it

Grandpa was there
To hold me
Even though he was
Gone before you

I guess the missing never ends
And there’s really never enough time
So the time we had is perfect
And the time we have is
Left up to us
At my altar
In the garden
You’re still a part of me

In every flower
In every tree
You rescue me

No matter where you are
No matter where you went
I know that you just
Love me

© GÄ