She smiles behind the curtain
No appreciation for the uncertain
My uncalculated search in
Finding no conversion
For what she hides
Her beauty

If she could only see
How I am only here
To be the truth
She’s clearly

© GÄ


We exist in everything
Good or bad
Negative or positive
We are and it is
And they say
Everyone is afraid of something
Everyone has lost something
Love is wandering around
Somewhere in a dark alley
In the backwoods of
Your lazy heart
Taking signatures
Applications for those who
Want to sign up
Smiles falling out of your cup
But the fountain is full
And so are the memories
Of our native mothers
Be ready for this
For this is good
When he opens his beak
When the water temporarily rises
Up into our creeks
You are the hunter
A stream of passion
Veins of procured
Harmony singing songs
In your capillaries
It’s in your blood child
A momentary glitch
Is a synapse in time
That travels from the wings
Of a bird to the forefront
Of your mind like
A miracle truth
Just a crystallized form
That sparklers find to
Celebrate your existence
Behold the water at your feet
Attend to the sky
As it cradles you’re head
Resting in the wind
Heart of fire
Love perspires
You belong

© GÄ

What We Do

What we do matters
To us
The little things
Not how many followers
Not the millions of likes
But learning to ride
A bike

Dismantling the
Training wheels
One moment like this
Means more than all
The billions of people
That you’ve never met
Liking your post

I have a small following
One that I can genuinely
Call friends
When I think about
The millions that could
Love what I do
I think about how
I could lose you

In the midst of all this
There is a treasure
What we do
Together is ours
No chasing stars
Just comfortably
Rising to heights
In us with us

You are my biggest fan
And it doesn’t matter
If you’re the only one
How many do we
Really need?

Your love surpasses
The love of a trillion hearts
I can stand still in this
And feel the bliss
All around me
On the other end of the line
You are there
Every time

What we do
Is all I need
You’re in every tear
Every drop of blood
I bleed

What we do
Is all in one
And when we share
Our love we send it
Out like a beam
On a boat down a stream
We love the entire world
When we do
What we do

© GÄ

Familiar Strangers

In these dark times
We need some smiles
Happiness defiles
The bitter heart
Always the slingshot
Along the creaks
And cracks
To the doorway
Of a pulse
That is stepping
Over the chords
Like a melody of grass
Rustling on our cheeks
Rolling down the
Hills of our childhood
Building a birdhouse
Out of alder wood
And dreams
Each therein branch
Broken off gifted
When we ask
The forest to
Let go of this
Bastard chain
Of bleak events
Wherein sunrise
Opens up like
Dawn regards the
Clouds without
They are affixed
As hope wears
Tassels on our garments
Symbolizing each
Their separation
From the nations
Built around them
As a holy people
Would be if sacredly
Where with heartfelt
Communion upon when
We kissed the hands
Of one another
Familiar strangers

© GÄ

Little Mahree

My little Mahree
She has everything she needs
My little Mahree
She likes to bully me
My little Mahree
It seems as if to me
I think I’ve spoiled thee
I’ve given too much
Without actually being received
Oh my little Mahree
Who has more than anyone needs

My little Mahree
Eats all the cake that she can find
My little Mahree
Often pretends that she is blind
Collecting all her friends
Throwing comments to the wind
My little Mahree
Will speak her mind all of the time

My little Mahree
Wears a face that’s hard to read
My little Mahree
She may be smiling but you see
My little Mahree
May just be planning to be mean
My little Mahree
Will use up everything in sight
My little Mahree
Will help me out then take my light

My little Mahree
She can be sweet on a good day
My little Mahree
She has a very specific way
My little Mahree
She has a plan but it’s most likely
For her hands
My little Mahree
Does not hold back
She makes demands

I love you my Mahree
I must be careful though with thee
My little Mahree
You know exactly what I mean
She may say one thing do another
She’s not quite like any other
My little Mahree
How does one understand your grief?

My little Mahree
Will give you all a kiss
But my little Mahree
Can most certainly dismiss
All of your feelings
If you do not suit her needs
My little Mahree is very special
So you see

My little Mahree
She loves me only when she wants
My little Mahree
Does anything even confronts
My little Mahree
Follows all her hearts desires
My little Mahree
Likes to start her tiny fires

My little Mahree must be free
To roam the town and swim the sea
My little Mahree
When will she ever settle down

My little Mahree plays best
If we are doing what she says
My little Mahree
Has yet to show us all the rest

© GÄ


Through the avenues of your heart
Back alley ways of love
I look around to see
If anyone’s coming

Is that you?

I can hear my voice echo when
I call out your name
Down the boulevard
Maybe you’re asleep
Somewhere in between
The street lamps

Walking over the bridge
Of your nose
In the hope to leave a trace
Some small particle of me
So that you know

I’m looking for you
So you can follow my scent
A footprint
To find your way
Into the comfortable safe
Space that I’ve made for you

In the home of my heart
There’s a place where you can lay
Curl up into the light
And the warmth behind my eyes
That only shines the way
It does when it’s looking back
At you

I hold a flame in my hand
Down a cobble stone path
Made of rock and clay
A thousand years old
Emotionally paved with
Tears of joy
Days and days
So many thoughts and dreams
We’ve painted

I’ll punch the devil
If he gets in our way

© GÄ


I want to kiss your lips
But I don’t even know you

I want to kiss your neck
But I don’t even know you

I want to hold you by your hips
But I don’t even know you

I can taste your sweetness
But I don’t even know you

I need to come to grips
I don’t even know you

I want to feel your chest
But I don’t even know you

This is craziness
I don’t even know you

You could figure out the rest
But I don’t even know you

© GÄ

Heart to Heart

Love is thick
Saturated in
Everything we do
Everything we are

Through the pain
Through the joy
Love rises up

Like a fountain of light
Through the darkness
Through the accordion
Of resilient breath

The beauty of our
Soul desires to connect
Heart to heart
With each other
In intimate ways

This is what forever
Looks like with you
Casual finger strokes
Through your hair

A place to rest
No arms to bare

Tracing the lines inside your hands
Feeling your breath against my skin

My lips against your cheek
Our faces pressed together
Hours seem like minutes
Weightless greatness

You don’t care that I’m too deep
I’m turned on by the way you think
Your speaking voice is
A melody to me
It beckons me
To sink

Down into the ground
Below us

Silver outlining
On clouds of carpet
Rolling around
Arciformed through
Shadows cast by fire
In front of the hearth
The golden secrets
That we discern

Our love is like
A sunrise in Tibet
My favorite memory
With my love
Though I haven’t
Met you yet

© GÄ

All Kinds

It takes all kinds
To balance this space
Love your enemies they say
Those that do not relate to you
Add to the beauty
Of what you manifest
What they mistake

Even feeling excluded
Can bring a better power
To the joy and the love
That we can ultimately

As we bloom

The rose may feel
Unaccepted and

Believe me you
Don’t want that energy
Believe me if you had it
You would wish it
Was a dream

The poison to be loved
The pesticide that kills the dove

More like a nightmare
From the one who is jealous

On the outside of the self
Looking in to understand
It is the ones that do not fit
That lend a hand

Offering a spotlight
To your brilliance
Where you shine

The sun will rise on evil
And the good
The difference in between
Will reveal what others could
Love if they only would
Push aside
The monster
That is
The ego

Unlike any other
In the capability
To love it all

The mentality is not the same
A very different mental frame

On the surface
Though this person
Though this thing
May not love you
May not like you
May not understand you
Will never comprehend you

It will show up as your
Beautiful difference to be
Loved by others

And the insecurities
That smother their misjudgment
Will benefit the gifts you give
The rose that lives

Your heart

© GÄ


A moment of pause inspires a thought

Do you take me seriously
Do you believe
That I mean what I say?

Do you think that
I’m too serious
Do you just not care

My intentions are good
My feelings are strong
Can it be understood
My emotions are a vessel

There is no tragic curse

Is it dangerous to accept
Do you have to be first
Is there an order
In how this plays
Does it mean nothing or
Do you just not care

I am genuine
I am thoughtful
I am sober
I am austere

Would it matter
If I did nothing
Or do you even care?

Serenely composed
Unnecessarily compared

Am I important
Deserving attention
Or do you even care!

An epiphany no matter how absurd

Take note of
My consideration
I always keep my word
I always follow through
You may not take me seriously
Take it to heart
Because I do

I cannot trust you
If you cannot see
The value to come through

In every touch
With every breath
Though perhaps radiant

And silly how ‘bout
A clue

There is intention
And deep thought
In every little thing
I do

Why should I want
To be
Taken seriously
If it’s by someone
Like you

© GÄ