Fly by the Moon

Fly by the moon
Flower underneath my nose
Cigarette at my lips
Warm cup of tea awaiting
Ignorance is bliss

Fly by the moon
Come away with me tonight
Feel the wind beneath
The light in yonder sky

We can fly
Even with a few feathers gone amiss
La lune is waiting patiently
To highlight every move
The breath of brilliance

Cut out a paper airplane
Even if to fold it from the sky
A piece of heaven
Drifting through the clouds
Inherent we can fly

To plant a garden
In the moon dust of your heart
My favorite flower is
Your image twirling in my eye

Fly by the moon
A white windstorm is heading
As starred azaleas take to bloom
In the crescent of your smile
Above the gloom

© GÄ

Cries at the Moon

I fell asleep
To her cries
At the moon
She and she
In an intimate

I heard angels
Awake in her voice
Softly carrying
Her magic
Like wings
Sweetly nourishing
Her delicate song

Hush now
Though a presence
Is near
Light wants not
To embellish
A guard driven fear

Oh so benevolent
In airs gentle loom
Does ear sit
To our cries
At the moon

© GÄ

Moon Migration

I love you for the
30 years you were alive
Not the one day
That you died

If I enter through
The narrow gate
A black hole piloting
365 years ago
A discovery of the first
Moon found in a pack of 92
Wolves call out to you
For wide is the gate
Spacious is our road
That leads to
Conception and many
Stars like yours
Have entered through it
However tiny is the doorway
Narrower the Milky Way
That leads to life
Without you in it
Only few will find it

I’ve found you
In every leaf
Traveling in the smoke
Sweet incense stairs
Hanging in the air
I find you there
Migrating towards the aura
Wrapped around my heart
Orbiting in one resilient
Sterling pulse

Drifting further
And further away
From the planet
It gave birth to
Circling my center
Even in winter
No matters darkness
Can break or shatter
What we’ve sealed

© GÄ


There is a beautiful moon
Above us and we are moonlight
Riding in it

What I feel others do not see
Is my perception of what
They feel for me

This drags me

The problem is created in me
To oversee

What may or may not be

Floating down my red lake of tears
Fears that burden my ability
To view clearly
Blind the
Innocent love that
Surrounds me

No one cares as much as I do
About the things I imagine to be
Inside I care enough for
Everyone of us

About the things
I cannot see
About the things
I cannot read

About the things my intuition
Brings to me

© GÄ