Fly by the Moon

Fly by the moon
Flower underneath my nose
Cigarette at my lips
Warm cup of tea awaiting
Ignorance is bliss

Fly by the moon
Come away with me tonight
Feel the wind beneath
The light in yonder sky

We can fly
Even with a few feathers gone amiss
La lune is waiting patiently
To highlight every move
The breath of brilliance

Cut out a paper airplane
Even if to fold it from the sky
A piece of heaven
Drifting through the clouds
Inherent we can fly

To plant a garden
In the moon dust of your heart
My favorite flower is
Your image twirling in my eye

Fly by the moon
A white windstorm is heading
As starred azaleas take to bloom
In the crescent of your smile
Above the gloom

© GÄ


I am the eagle
That has fallen
In the front lawn
Of some innocent observer
With one working wing

A beautiful display
An ornate wingspan
But do not try and make me
A trophy or a treasure
For your den to display

When a single golden tear
Falls from my eye
A sun cry
It is in this very moment
That I find I’m still alive

And as I try
Test my breadth
Ask myself to fly
Yes even with one wing
You can feel my

As my beak
Meets your beak

Static shock
Aviary energy
We could be nesting
But instead of resting

I’ll be the eagle
That has fallen
On the front lawn
Of your home
It could be anyone
But it is you
Your maison
Observing me
Giving me life

With one wing
Willing to sing
My other wing
Willing to fly
When I see you
I realize

Four wings are stronger
Than two

© GÄ