My eyelashes are wet
With the circumference
Of my desire for you
The empire I inspire for you
Although the iceberg of my
Patience melts slowly
As I sketch the outline
Of your drift
The existence between
My headphones rings
Like a distant
Church bell in my head
A century of crickets
Chirp in accolades of us
A line used to join our staffs
Carrying simultaneous parts
Along the stream of light
That blinds the funeral
For our love in a weighted
Ceremonial harbor
Floating up into
A resurrection of butterflies
After the wet chrysalis
Drips from each strand
Of our lashes
Synchronized into a pool
We kayak through
Together as the milk of
Our tomorrow feeds
The pasture of every beast
That bellows and bleats
Rejoicing in the favored
Emotions we have championed
Out above the surface
Of our bodies that
Meet the horizon of
Blue and green
I’m not afraid
To show you
Who I truly am
You are more mouthwatering
Than any dish
I’ve ever had

© GÄ

What We Do

What we do matters
To us
The little things
Not how many followers
Not the millions of likes
But learning to ride
A bike

Dismantling the
Training wheels
One moment like this
Means more than all
The billions of people
That you’ve never met
Liking your post

I have a small following
One that I can genuinely
Call friends
When I think about
The millions that could
Love what I do
I think about how
I could lose you

In the midst of all this
There is a treasure
What we do
Together is ours
No chasing stars
Just comfortably
Rising to heights
In us with us

You are my biggest fan
And it doesn’t matter
If you’re the only one
How many do we
Really need?

Your love surpasses
The love of a trillion hearts
I can stand still in this
And feel the bliss
All around me
On the other end of the line
You are there
Every time

What we do
Is all I need
You’re in every tear
Every drop of blood
I bleed

What we do
Is all in one
And when we share
Our love we send it
Out like a beam
On a boat down a stream
We love the entire world
When we do
What we do

© GÄ


Do you feel the distance
Of keeping up but still
It’s so far away
Do you want to
Get closer
Keep reaching out
Asking the me
That you know
To be able to
Achieve the things
That feel the distance
Of letting it all go
Letting it become
What it wants to be
As we strive to have
Our voices heard
So many of us
Have things to say
But do not feel like
We are heard
How do we ask
For the world
To listen…

Do you feel done in this town
Is there a question
Going round about you
Or is it all in your head
Only we know our value
Watch it take off
When the truth of
“Who I am”
Rises to the occasion
There is only one answer
Be yourself

Grab a quill
Grab a pen
Whatever it takes
Make no mistake-

You never know
Maybe the one
You always hoped
To hear what you have to say
Will be or is already watching

© GÄ

You Are More

You are more than
An empty building
A table with no one
To sit at
You are the dream date
I would wait to sit
Next to
Across from
The roller coaster ride
Inside my heart
I want to relate to

I watch the wind
Blow in the trees
Through my hair
Through the leaves
You are still
More than all of these things
I can feel you in
The frequencies
Around the vibrations
That beat in the
Water walls that flow
Down the Kahiwa falls
You do it all

Every shooting star
Every subtle test
A breath in every nest
The pulse inside my chest
Rivets for you
Rivers rush towards you
You call the wild
And conjure my smile

When we dance again
I will hold you to no end
From the beginning
Of our drum
To the pounding
Of our love

You are more
Than I have words for

© GÄ

Can You

Can you feel
Time grasping
At you
Slipping away into
I don’t know where
Is there enough
Do you ask yourself
Where it’s all going

Sometimes I do
I think about you
The things I really want to do
Maybe tomorrow
I say before
It all fades away

Am I coming or going
Loving life without knowing
If the moment is now
Waiting too long
Could mean it’s
Slipping somehow
Yet out of the blue
The blurry images
Looking through
My tears
Fighting through
The years
I see you

Sometimes I do
I think about you
The things I really want to do
Maybe tomorrow
I say before
It all fades away

Do you see me
Looking back at you
In just enough time
Before I ask
What time cannot
Tell us
We tell ourselves
Dusting off
All the shelves
Knowing now time is you
Knowing now time is me
The only time
That we have
Is the time that we’ll be
Do I live in your heart
Like you’re living in mine
I don’t want to confuse
Or waste
Any more time

Can you feel
Time grasping
At you
Slipping away into
What could be us
If we just make a move

Sometimes I do
I think about you
The things I really want to do
Maybe tomorrow
I say before
It all fades away

© GÄ

Desi Love

A humble prince
A gorgeous spirit
A sovereign raajakumaar man
With open arms
A loving smile
Soft spoken words
A soul to play
Like a guitar

Where will one hand
Find the other
Upon which beach
Will our feet walk
Is there a place
Within the universe
For us to share
One heart?

I have a dream
In which you come
Into the garden
Where I write
I have a wish
In which you grant
When you will visit me
One night

I tell the moon about
My dreams
And the moon then
Tells the sun
Look in the rays of light
The tears of Surya
Raining down
With love

Although I am here
And you are living
Where you are
I know our ishq
I know our prem
Still shines between us
In the stars

© GÄ


I want to kiss your lips
But I don’t even know you

I want to kiss your neck
But I don’t even know you

I want to hold you by your hips
But I don’t even know you

I can taste your sweetness
But I don’t even know you

I need to come to grips
I don’t even know you

I want to feel your chest
But I don’t even know you

This is craziness
I don’t even know you

You could figure out the rest
But I don’t even know you

© GÄ

Heart to Heart

Love is thick
Saturated in
Everything we do
Everything we are

Through the pain
Through the joy
Love rises up

Like a fountain of light
Through the darkness
Through the accordion
Of resilient breath

The beauty of our
Soul desires to connect
Heart to heart
With each other
In intimate ways

This is what forever
Looks like with you
Casual finger strokes
Through your hair

A place to rest
No arms to bare

Tracing the lines inside your hands
Feeling your breath against my skin

My lips against your cheek
Our faces pressed together
Hours seem like minutes
Weightless greatness

You don’t care that I’m too deep
I’m turned on by the way you think
Your speaking voice is
A melody to me
It beckons me
To sink

Down into the ground
Below us

Silver outlining
On clouds of carpet
Rolling around
Arciformed through
Shadows cast by fire
In front of the hearth
The golden secrets
That we discern

Our love is like
A sunrise in Tibet
My favorite memory
With my love
Though I haven’t
Met you yet

© GÄ


There is a beautiful moon
Above us and we are moonlight
Riding in it

What I feel others do not see
Is my perception of what
They feel for me

This drags me

The problem is created in me
To oversee

What may or may not be

Floating down my red lake of tears
Fears that burden my ability
To view clearly
Blind the
Innocent love that
Surrounds me

No one cares as much as I do
About the things I imagine to be
Inside I care enough for
Everyone of us

About the things
I cannot see
About the things
I cannot read

About the things my intuition
Brings to me

© GÄ