Desi Love

A humble prince
A gorgeous spirit
A sovereign raajakumaar man
With open arms
A loving smile
Soft spoken words
A soul to play
Like a guitar

Where will one hand
Find the other
Upon which beach
Will our feet walk
Is there a place
Within the universe
For us to share
One heart?

I have a dream
In which you come
Into the garden
Where I write
I have a wish
In which you grant
When you will visit me
One night

I tell the moon about
My dreams
And the moon then
Tells the sun
Look in the rays of light
The tears of Surya
Raining down
With love

Although I am here
And you are living
Where you are
I know our ishq
I know our prem
Still shines between us
In the stars

© GÄ


I want to kiss your lips
But I don’t even know you

I want to kiss your neck
But I don’t even know you

I want to hold you by your hips
But I don’t even know you

I can taste your sweetness
But I don’t even know you

I need to come to grips
I don’t even know you

I want to feel your chest
But I don’t even know you

This is craziness
I don’t even know you

You could figure out the rest
But I don’t even know you

© GÄ

Heart to Heart

Love is thick
Saturated in
Everything we do
Everything we are

Through the pain
Through the joy
Love rises up

Like a fountain of light
Through the darkness
Through the accordion
Of resilient breath

The beauty of our
Soul desires to connect
Heart to heart
With each other
In intimate ways

This is what forever
Looks like with you
Casual finger strokes
Through your hair

A place to rest
No arms to bare

Tracing the lines inside your hands
Feeling your breath against my skin

My lips against your cheek
Our faces pressed together
Hours seem like minutes
Weightless greatness

You don’t care that I’m too deep
I’m turned on by the way you think
Your speaking voice is
A melody to me
It beckons me
To sink

Down into the ground
Below us

Silver outlining
On clouds of carpet
Rolling around
Arciformed through
Shadows cast by fire
In front of the hearth
The golden secrets
That we discern

Our love is like
A sunrise in Tibet
My favorite memory
With my love
Though I haven’t
Met you yet

© GÄ


There is a beautiful moon
Above us and we are moonlight
Riding in it

What I feel others do not see
Is my perception of what
They feel for me

This drags me

The problem is created in me
To oversee

What may or may not be

Floating down my red lake of tears
Fears that burden my ability
To view clearly
Blind the
Innocent love that
Surrounds me

No one cares as much as I do
About the things I imagine to be
Inside I care enough for
Everyone of us

About the things
I cannot see
About the things
I cannot read

About the things my intuition
Brings to me

© GÄ


Pursuing what could be
Divulge the grand mirage
Your music box is programmed
With perfect harmony

The mystery
A riddle even Sherlock
Could not solve
Love me
Love me not
I hear the words

As the petals
Propel and fall

As the petals
Propel and fall

Untangle the case
Decipher and decode
I dig deep to find the bottom
Of your cryptic oracle

There’s no need to rush a
Favorable circumstance

When you are ready
I’m your anchor
I’m the bloodhound
Song and dance

Detective to your heart
Lover at first glance

Allow me to
Unravel the untold

© GÄ


Is there departure
Into a darkness!
Is there destruction
In paradise!
What is this grave
Called heaven!

Eternal flight
Into the great life after death
A place where time
Has no conscience
A place where fire
Cannot breathe
A space where
You and I break
Forth into

The overpowering
Bliss of sex
Allowed to run wild
A simple answer
Rhythmic smiles
The principle of
Sublime centuries
Forms of thought
Have been painted
Over long periods
Of time

By us

Spirit and matter
Cosmic examples evolve in
Abstract tenderness
Idols sculpted in
Our auras
Conjure up a
Mutual light

Beauty does not fade
Tension is released
Evolution of life giving
Courtyards beckoning
To kiss the feet
That we gave up
In crossing over
Two complete

Unopposed spiritual progress
A sword illuminates
Exploring hidden treasures
In a world that we create

Nine energies deployed
Brutality defied
Yin and yang predominately
Becoming unified

What happens after
We turn into
Every unselfish color
Expressed by our
Instinctive desires
To love without hands
The midnight hour
In which we have no view

Our capacity to hear
Needs no ears
Our capacity to see
Needs no eyes
Our capacity to be
Who we truly are
We cannot hide
And will not die

A three pronged spear
Volcano heart
Bodies gripped by our
Depart twisting in
Sexual alchemy
Our nonexistent parts

What happens after
Life is over
Do we begin!
Continue on!

You are the afterlife
That flowers
Mountains of stardust around me
Majestically empowers
Every seed
Before my kite song
Can take flight
Export gracefully
Into a renaissance
Of what
We have propagated
Several times
Upon the earth
In old days

Becoming forth
The great beyond
Where we arrived
Before the astral

© GÄ