We Can

I think it’s safe to say
That the weight of existence
Is crushing all of us in
An unmerciful way right now

Real garbage hurts
More than pretend garbage
Easy to face the truth when it’s a lie
Your face is a lie
My heart is the truth
Your darkness belongs in a gutter
And the memories of our youth
Is consumed by bags of trash
In the backyard

Something like this
I write about love
I cant not about romance
Nor could I ever be hypocritical
Intimacy is the core of me
Even if there is none

A lack of visible smiles
Hiding behind masks
Nobody touch
The anti-hug is amassed
Not for me
I hope that when you see me
Not for you too

Our greatest hibernation
Is upon us
To love one another
Is the only thing that matters
If but to fall within the divide
The chasm that separates us
I’d give my all
Just to hold you again

Even if I never have
Even if you never have
We can

I want this distance
To be over

© GÄ

We Are

Our souls are intertwined
You shine I shine
Jumping keeps us
Above the compass
Hidden in our blood
There’s still enough
Time left for Australia
Many more lines
Before we write the last one

If we spontaneously combust
We’ll do it together
Let our hair down
Turn our smiles up
Shakers of heaven and earth
Our fingertips rumble
The energy of everything
We touch intentionally

Mountains turn their peaks
As we fly by
The sky is a carpet
For you and I to glide
Independent dreamers
We wrote the constitution
Before language was born
A single letter streaming
In the shape of a heart

© GÄ

What We Do

What we do matters
To us
The little things
Not how many followers
Not the millions of likes
But learning to ride
A bike

Dismantling the
Training wheels
One moment like this
Means more than all
The billions of people
That you’ve never met
Liking your post

I have a small following
One that I can genuinely
Call friends
When I think about
The millions that could
Love what I do
I think about how
I could lose you

In the midst of all this
There is a treasure
What we do
Together is ours
No chasing stars
Just comfortably
Rising to heights
In us with us

You are my biggest fan
And it doesn’t matter
If you’re the only one
How many do we
Really need?

Your love surpasses
The love of a trillion hearts
I can stand still in this
And feel the bliss
All around me
On the other end of the line
You are there
Every time

What we do
Is all I need
You’re in every tear
Every drop of blood
I bleed

What we do
Is all in one
And when we share
Our love we send it
Out like a beam
On a boat down a stream
We love the entire world
When we do
What we do

© GÄ


The words are ready

Not knowing exciting
Where it could go

Pendant that butterflies move
My adventures of lust
In the corridor
For your heart

I have a few rare moments
When looks like yours
Like a summit
Blink before me

Something new

I imagine you are blushing
Arouse me

I imagine your fervor
Restores me

No burning desire
Or thirst could plunge
Without mirrored
Tongue affection

This can be
Our direction
I’m open

Could we

© GÄ