This Love

Love is there to uplift you
Empower you and console you
I cannot ever love you too much
Although some people do not have the
Capacity to love enough
Are you afraid to feel my love?
If we sit by the fire
Would we be in it?
If the table was long
Would we sit next to one another
Or at opposite ends?
I was listening to
An inner nocturnal wail
That reluctantly climbed up
From within my deepest insides
Questioning what love
Could be made of
If one could blurt it out
What love could be fought for
If one would fight no doubt
If were it not for the shame
That came of not sharpening
The blade keenly enough
To cut through the difference
For love is not war
But worth fighting for

© GÄ

What About

What about laying
In a bed after everything
We’ve done
What about you smoking
A cigarette
In the lust that
We’ve become
What about the words that
We would say
To one another
In afterglow
What about these moments
After loving
What about
What’s left to know?
What about the laughter
And all the things
We would share after
In this space
Glued to one another
As minutes turning over
Staring at your face
For one more hour
What about again
Another love patch
Rolled up in stitches
Your kisses sour
Once again before you go
What about the everything
That happens later
As this timelessness

© GÄ

Come What May

In the same era
Cusped in some greater spine
Appointed to the reckoning
Of visionary wealth
Abundant showers
Animal instincts
Above despair
Beautifully transparent
The echos of medieval
Beasts are delivered
From the cave
It’s okay to give
Without receiving
In fact to be there
For someone else
Does not concede
That you are there for yourself
Look ahead to the sky
Past the personal defied
Emotions that want to hold
You back and away
Look past the clouds
Past the walls and
Dismal grey to say
The best thing
That will bring you
To the end
Where love is conquered
The destruction of friendship
Is vanquished
Leave no vacancy
For deep darkness
To destroy
Or take away
The better day
That shines upon
This moment
Or what our connection
Can truly mean
To one another
Come what may

© GÄ

What Is Good

To you
How many times
How many different ways
What does it mean
If it’s gonna be good
To you

Little things matter
How big does it have to be
To be good
What does it mean
If it’s gonna be good

What’s the signal
When do we know
Is it natural
Does it flow
Will it become
Better than it is
Or is this it

Is this as good
As it gets
Or is there
A bigger picture
How do we find
Our happiest

What it means
To be subjective
Do we see our name
In lights
Or at the edge of
Temple flights
Stairs that bear
Our needs

To breathe the
Simple things
What do we truly need
For what is good

© GÄ

What We Do

What we do matters
To us
The little things
Not how many followers
Not the millions of likes
But learning to ride
A bike

Dismantling the
Training wheels
One moment like this
Means more than all
The billions of people
That you’ve never met
Liking your post

I have a small following
One that I can genuinely
Call friends
When I think about
The millions that could
Love what I do
I think about how
I could lose you

In the midst of all this
There is a treasure
What we do
Together is ours
No chasing stars
Just comfortably
Rising to heights
In us with us

You are my biggest fan
And it doesn’t matter
If you’re the only one
How many do we
Really need?

Your love surpasses
The love of a trillion hearts
I can stand still in this
And feel the bliss
All around me
On the other end of the line
You are there
Every time

What we do
Is all I need
You’re in every tear
Every drop of blood
I bleed

What we do
Is all in one
And when we share
Our love we send it
Out like a beam
On a boat down a stream
We love the entire world
When we do
What we do

© GÄ

What Would You Say

What would you say
To someone who wants
No arrogance
Just a chance
To believe
In with you
To suspend time
Pause once
In themselves
To be with you
So much
That they miss
The planets turning
Ambition for stepping
Onto hot coals burning
For you
On each attempt
To open up
Your eyes with a kiss
The ability
For your heart
To also see
Into me
What you have
Wished with
Would it be
That could
Make you turn
From me?

Ask me to cry
And I will
Ask me to lie
And I will
Ask me to stand still
And I will
Ask me to walk on fire
And I will
Ask me whatever you desire
And I will…

© GÄ

What Is What

I put the pieces together
Wrong sometimes
Deceived by my own love
Confused by my own senses
As free as I want to be
But too free for some
At least it seems
But not for all
The right
Fireworks happen
A spark a snap and
The moment carries
To spend time with
Those who want to have fun
To let go on many levels
Of course we’ll come back
To where we were
What’s so scary?
Why is it when we lose control
That fear finds a way in
Shouldn’t we be
Wandering through our thoughts
To find ourselves and one another
What’s wrong with dancing
What’s wrong with fear
What’s wrong with being
Called out for who we
Who are you
Have you asked yourself?
Are you near
Do you ask yourself
Like this?
Is this
Questionable behavior
I mean what am I asking?
Am I asking too much
Why am I asking?
Why does it feel like
I’m asking too much
We’re all wounded
Deep down
Let the lips loose
Let the tongue waggle
Let the soul out
Let the eyes dazzle
What is what
Where are we
What is here
When we choose
To be here now
Where are we
Where are
You now

© GÄ