Mixed Up

A little mixed up
The highs and lows
The to’s and fro’s
Wishes floating
‘Round in the sky
Pappus flying
All around me
Too easy to
Be sad

Watch the emotions
Meter up and down
Escalator running
Soaring in reverse
Making headway
Upside down
Upended smiles
Riding upturned
On a dandelion parachute
Nothing to catch me
From falling
Gliding head over heels
With broken wheels
Eagerly anticipating
The distance

Holding on with everything
Ready to let go
At any given moment
Nothing is absolute
Not even the beat
Of my heart
Even as it repeats
I know
Only love
Is forever

I can see love
In everything
Even as the trees
Even as the stars
Even as the Earth

Love is still there
Hovering exciting
Withstanding despair
Only love is forever

© GÄ

What Is Good

To you
How many times
How many different ways
What does it mean
If it’s gonna be good
To you

Little things matter
How big does it have to be
To be good
What does it mean
If it’s gonna be good

What’s the signal
When do we know
Is it natural
Does it flow
Will it become
Better than it is
Or is this it

Is this as good
As it gets
Or is there
A bigger picture
How do we find
Our happiest

What it means
To be subjective
Do we see our name
In lights
Or at the edge of
Temple flights
Stairs that bear
Our needs

To breathe the
Simple things
What do we truly need
For what is good

© GÄ

Love Is Blind

Drinking from your cup
Of aquatic astral love
I find neutrality is
Dripping down the walls

Fluorescent lighting
A possible earthquake
That never takes
A double shot of love
Almost exploding
But not quite
In subtle wakes

The question that my mind
Has trouble still to find
Or to define
Is of which petal
Will fall next

Blindfolded bed

He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not

Love is patient
Love is blind

What have we got?

© GÄ