The Pass

Why is it you can see it
When others don’t
Turn the lights on
Look around
I’m not hiding that well
Mostly in plain sight

Friendship turns to love
Once upon a time
Lines drawn around
What is actually allowed

Wouldn’t want to screw that up
So I dream of things to say
Words resting at the tip
Of my tongue
Ready to take off
When the moment is right
Perhaps never being said
For if I say too much
You just might turn your head

So percolating silently
Approaching moments at tiptoe
Sliding around in socks
Without a noise to shake
Or rock our perfect balance

Friends can become lovers
Lovers can walk away
Better to be friends
Safer not to say
Or is it
With my heart
Take what I can get
Hold my breath to get ahead
Just don’t turn blue
You can’t love me if I’m dead

Hopped up on lust
Fantasy breaking trust
Building courageously up to
The moment where I almost
Say it all
It’s the angle of the pass

Fumbling while trying
Not to fall

© GÄ

The Rest

Does the fear
Exist around me or
Inside me
Does it tickle
The outside of us
Or try to run me over
Like a bus full of
Unnecessary emotion
Nonexistent commotion

The heavens
Part the sky
In a declaration
Of the glory of You
The skies cry out
In their adoration
Of you

Day after day
Each cloud
Each ray of sunlight
Night after night
The stars
Reveal knowledge
Of how ancient
Our beauty is
Which I would have
No clue about
If I wasn’t looking
At you

You are the spark
Flint on my heart

You are the reflection
That reminds me
Not to let the moment
Pass us by
Mother Nature tours
Us through what we
Have yet to expose
And my blood is beating
In your chest
Stealing cherries
From the
Tree limbs that are our
Diving boards
Into the ocean
Of life
Without you
I could not write
The rest

© GÄ

You Are the Key

Rather than live through
All the things
That we collect
To build our nest
The moon is almost full
But my heart is not
Without you

Emotional situations
Move through me
With grace
Take me out of this place
Where I have everything
More than I need
And gift me
One thing


This would be home
Enough for me
Fulfilling everything
I need

No lock upon my door
You are the key

© GÄ

Be the Conductor

In the conduit of a journey
Exhausted rebirth in between
Redirecting over and over
From instinctual survival
We see the world as it is
Internalized by a

Singular perception

With a tendency to inflate
Bring back a humbled gait
One has much more to learn
Than simply rely on fate

An anthropological
Apollo brought this star upon me
But the hand that betrayed me is my own
How very old and human

A pause taken for overwhelming
Experiences of abandonment
Patterns of adaptation
Perhaps in
Avoidance to forget
Being forgotten

Even if we suppress or repress
Project distract disassociate
From the act
Any escape from dealing
With real life
Is still remaining detached
In a powerful default
Of energy

Unless we embrace it
How will we face this?

How do you feel inside
Do you feel empty when you are alone?
Are you trying to fulfill
These things on your own
Or in me…
Fear of abandonment
Can push you away
Codependency can
Play with your mind

To be on a diving board of


For another persons belonging
Is alarming

Disproportionate amounts of space
Spring into a relationship haste
That leaves you hanging
Due to the death of a loved one

We can be alive together
If not for each other
Fight for the light
For whatever
We could have

Even as allies

The living
Looking forward
To what’s better

Symphonically connected
To the gifts that we discover
In this moment
Be the conductor

© GÄ

On the Days

I ponder on the days
When I will no longer
Look at my body
In the mirror
I will see my spirit
Reflecting in a pool of energy
And it will not reflect skin but light
And I will not see a mirror but a star
Echoing frequencies in my mind
That resound in the color
Of love

© GÄ