To Be Tasted

I am reaching
My crescendo
To accomplish the things
That as a human
I thought I could not
O what beautiful joy
To uncover courage
And the ability to fly
A sonata of
Immeasurable strength
To be considered
We don’t have to
Burn our books
To find our strength
Or tear our buildings down
Even the sweetest
Tangerine still has yet
To be tasted

© GÄ

Be Naught

It’s not that I could love you
It’s that I do
It’s because how could I not
So many others probably
Already do
How could I be naught
Thinking about where you are
How could I be naught
Kissing your ghost
How could I be naught
Making out with your shadow
How could I be naught
Reaching out for you
In an empty bed
Filled with the eternal
Length of empty sheets to comfort the
Aching of what I would do
If you were lying next to me
Would you like my blue eyes
If you could see them
Would you study my hands
If you could touch them

© GÄ

Be Here Now

Slow rock music continues
Floating above us
When I’m around you
You say be here now
I’m trying to figure out how
Did I get here in the first place
I mean
To be clear enough to say
To recall the things
I put into a box that day
Well enough to open it up again
Magic almost like this sunrise
Or tucking ourselves
Back inside under the covers
Hide our eyes
Hide your eyes
Hide my eyes
I want to make sure you are ready
For the next two days we have
The next two weeks we have
The next two years we can
Get away again
Like tonight in somber light
Except without the wasted time
Most people spend
Trying to figure out how
Be here now you said
To be clear enough to love
The most we can
Before we’re dead

© GÄ

To Be There

There’s many hearts that I have loved
Perhaps not quite as much as you
In turn I’ve loved a lot of things
And many people this is true
But none are quite as lovely as
All the lovely things you do
Excited ways you make me feel
Turbulent shocks vibrating through
I’d kiss the bottoms of your feet
Make your bed tuck you to sleep
Brush your hair back from your eyes
Caress your cheeks and kiss your thighs
Listen to all the tales you tell
Make sure your heart is beating well
Create a space for you to be
Never disturb your sanctity
Given to all the things you are
Amongst them willing to go far
There’s never been one quite like you
Of folks among you there are few
If there is anything you need
Rest assured I’ll happily
Be there for you in every way
Just name the time, the place, the day
It may not dawn on you at all
That I could feel this way at all
But say the word no matter where
You have my promise to be there

© GÄ

When Will It Be

Is it the want
To be in social moments
But still impossibly at arms length
That we find ourselves
Looking the other way
Even when our arms are empty
How do we celebrate
When do we spread our wings
If they are pinned
Beyond the glitter
Past the makeup
Underneath the mask
When autumn comes
Will all the bodies
We were used to holding
Fall back into our arms
All at once
Is there a chance we’ll wait
Till Christmas before
Our cheeks and lips are pressed
Our wings no longer rest
When are we free
To hold each other
When will it be

© GÄ


Memories of fulfilling
The need to have
What we want to be
Records messages
Out loud in a way
That each beginning
Echos creating
An end
That we can hear
Much more succinctly
When stings the latter

Everything that you have
Desired you already
Asked for you and it is only
Waiting to be recognized

Paint the stars
Even when
The potential seems like ice
Picture it warm
Mellow melting
Into what you
Wish it would become

Quietly sneaking up into
Your excitement
Applying color
To the thought
Dress it up
Take it out dancing
Even in fields of
Unrequited joy

It will be there

© GÄ

Be the Conductor

In the conduit of a journey
Exhausted rebirth in between
Redirecting over and over
From instinctual survival
We see the world as it is
Internalized by a

Singular perception

With a tendency to inflate
Bring back a humbled gait
One has much more to learn
Than simply rely on fate

An anthropological
Apollo brought this star upon me
But the hand that betrayed me is my own
How very old and human

A pause taken for overwhelming
Experiences of abandonment
Patterns of adaptation
Perhaps in
Avoidance to forget
Being forgotten

Even if we suppress or repress
Project distract disassociate
From the act
Any escape from dealing
With real life
Is still remaining detached
In a powerful default
Of energy

Unless we embrace it
How will we face this?

How do you feel inside
Do you feel empty when you are alone?
Are you trying to fulfill
These things on your own
Or in me…
Fear of abandonment
Can push you away
Codependency can
Play with your mind

To be on a diving board of


For another persons belonging
Is alarming

Disproportionate amounts of space
Spring into a relationship haste
That leaves you hanging
Due to the death of a loved one

We can be alive together
If not for each other
Fight for the light
For whatever
We could have

Even as allies

The living
Looking forward
To what’s better

Symphonically connected
To the gifts that we discover
In this moment
Be the conductor

© GÄ