Wherever did the wind blow
To sweep you cooly in
Wherever will the wind be
To escort you calmly out
The stress of the unknown
Exhibits pain from those
Not listening now
There is a voice inside
My head that tells me
Everything will be okay
Does the head say one thing
And the heart the other?
Is there only one voice or many
A lot of decisions
One true path
Just take a bath
Meditate and wait
Answer the question tomorrow
Don’t respond right away
Impulse says to
Take a deep breath
Tomorrow will arrive
At its usual hour

© GÄ

I Love You

The more love you give
the more you receive
I suggest we give it all
I love you

Every part of you
Inside and out
Realize you are
Someone before
It’s too late
It’s never too late
So do it now
Before you perish
All your good ideas
The light inside you
Is waiting for you
To grasp it
Can you see yourself
Somewhere in there
Do you see
What I see?

I love you

© GÄ