To Be Tasted

I am reaching
My crescendo
To accomplish the things
That as a human
I thought I could not
O what beautiful joy
To uncover courage
And the ability to fly
A sonata of
Immeasurable strength
To be considered
We don’t have to
Burn our books
To find our strength
Or tear our buildings down
Even the sweetest
Tangerine still has yet
To be tasted

© GÄ

Back to Us

Why be so hard
Do you have your
Back to us
The strongest one
No uncertain shame
In the notes
In the lyrics
Of your song
A test of wills
An attempt to
Fix my wagon
Enter onomatopoeias
Maybe mine
Sound like something breaking
Enter excuses
Or maybe
You really just don’t care
Like washing your hair
A way to show
How boring
Another moment
Is to bear

You’ll get back to us
When you get around to it

© GÄ

Go to Sleep

I literally felt
So overwhelmed
With good feelings
Right now in this moment
That the only option for me
Was to go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Lay down
Close my eyes
Is it wise not to feel
But what I feel
I wouldn’t have to feel
If I was to go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
It is so good
Each one so good
Every feeling
In my hood
What to do with it
How to do with it
I’m not sure I can
Close my eyes
Is it wise not to feel
But what I feel
I wouldn’t have to feel
If I should go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep

© GÄ

Come to Me

When words are lost
And your heart cannot find rest
Come to me
When you are weary
And you need a fiery chest
To lean your head against
Soft sure footed
An instrument if love
We’re a piano
A song if love
Were a flock of birds
Your whispers heard
Fallen completely
On the wishes of tomorrow
With tremendous voice
Beneath the sun
Beneath the moon
With everything you need
Come to me
Come to me

© GÄ

Hard to Match

Not untouchable
However harmless
Richly caught
In the glove of
My universe
Breaking open the
Outer skies
To reveal new stars
New constellations
Abound your eyes
Pierce my ears
With your darting
Looks and smooth

What wicked wings
Do fly on the wind
Of those who spy
For what they
Wish to have
Is hard to match
Like you
And I

© GÄ

For Us

For everything we’ve fought for
For ourselves
For our loved ones
For our animals
For the kindred fire
That burns between us
Even for those that didn’t
Necessarily love us
We fight through the tears
We ask questions like why?
Is this punishment?
Let it be said that
All of this is happening
For us not to us

© GÄ

To Me

Everything in our
Conceptual existence
Leans toward
Suggestive lust

Is what I want real
Or just a fantasy

Bring your body over here
To me
Let me touch you in a way
You’ve never felt before

On the bed or on the floor
Move your way to me
Let me put one hand on your face
Thumb at your lower lip
One hand on the back of your neck

You make me a train wreck
For love
Sensations pounding
Kiss me all around
I’ll return the favor
Your skin has the flavor
Of sweet amber

You return my mood
I can’t feel any other way
With you
Friendship into fervor

Murmur words of
Passion underneath your breath
Whispers at my ears
Tongue at my neck

I want you
Every part of you
When you’re ready

Bring your body over here
To me

© GÄ


Making love to you
Is like
Finding each other
When we are
Going beyond
What is

My love for you
Your love for me
Your mouth
Against my skin
My head
Between your hands
To be in your

I will not mask my
Affection for you
Undressed in our

Naked in the mirror
Of ourselves

Wrapped around you
Two bodies
One soul

Our story is told of old
Ancients chant
A Vedic dance
Singing in a voice
Ringing bell

We touch love
Love receives our taste
Caress the face
Of the unspoken

Lips are only speaking
To kiss
Or to say how much
I’ll miss you

If you leave my love
Don’t leave my love
Come to me my love
Come to me

© GÄ