Hard to Match

Not untouchable
However harmless
Richly caught
In the glove of
My universe
Breaking open the
Outer skies
To reveal new stars
New constellations
Abound your eyes
Pierce my ears
With your darting
Looks and smooth

What wicked wings
Do fly on the wind
Of those who spy
For what they
Wish to have
Is hard to match
Like you
And I

© GÄ

My Match

Feel the chills
Every hair
Rising for you
Simple lift
Spiritual gift

Up my arms
Up the back
Of my neck
And down
My legs

Intensity I
Met my match
It was too much
To receive
In my ear
And tongue
At the roof
Of my mouth
Incomplete chords

Innocence of memory
And absence of me
Innocence of memory
And absence of me
How could it be?

I met my match
And it was
Too much
To receive

© GÄ