In My Mind

I had to try
The very best
Not to gamble my
Pretensions away
Somehow by gathering every
Seed of my innocence
At all costs
I stopped still
In the tracks of symbolism
As if my heart depended on
Resolving all the
Meaningless corruptions
That ever existed
Deep interpretations
Percolated up
Like a punch in the gut
I don’t recall
Any black eyes at all
Just the untarnished memories
Beating like mallets
On the membrane
Of the xylophone
In my mind

© GÄ

In My Head

My blood is not cold
But my pulse is so hot
When I share my whole self
My lack of carelessness
Pours over in an ocean
Of unquenchable thirst
Nothing but time
Can cool me down
Invite me in
Excuse me out
What will we have left
If we take it all now
All I ever wanted was
For you to know
The pleasure of betrayal
Would be lost on me
Does brutality make you want me
Will love be crowded out
If there be no savagery
Sand in my teeth
The only way out
Is through the gaping hole
In my heart
But much more feasible
Than a hole
In my head

© GÄ

On My Back

Make room for better breathing
He says confidently
As if breathing any other way
Were possible although
Believing in any possibility
Is a gratifying occasion
For the rest of what is left
Pursed between my lips
Poised beneath my hips

The sun burns up things
When the air is too hot
Kind of makes you miss the snow
Except for when it’s snow
That you’ve got

I took a step sideways
To catch my momentary balance
And gathered inventory
For all of those that have yet
To get back to my last text

I am aware of especially one

My Dear

I might get a little attached
But how attached am I
How far will I take it
How bold can I be
If I want to say
I like you
Tell you outright
It’s too much right?
Or is it
Maybe not tonight
But maybe tomorrow right?
No blood shed here
Just thoughts of love
My dear

My dear can I call you that
Or will I scare you away
I think I’ll ask you straight out
What frightens you
So I know then what not to say
I want to write words for you
To you I want to be a part
Of what we could be if
You let me if I can be
Courageous enough
To speak without fear
To call you my dear
By your name

Could you like me too
Is it too soon to know
Maybe Monday will show
I want to kiss you
Is it too soon
I want to hold you
Is it too soon
I want to tell you how I feel
Is it too soon
Could it be that you
Are capable of hearing
All these things
That I could say
That I won’t scare you away

I can try
I need to pull up my trousers
Push up my sleeves
And say fuck it

Do you like me…

© GÄ

Waking My Love

All of the emotions
That we are having
Are not definite and final
They are experiences
Acceptance to the fact
That in all of our deficits
This is just where we are
Right now is
Learning from our surroundings
Recalling what we see
Reminding me that
I believe I’m in love
With your soul
Whatever that means
Can I also be afraid
Of your body
Can I also be afraid
Your touch
Can I also be afraid
Of your words
Why do we crave
For what to be
Is to be
Loved by someone
Sullenly or sweet
Wanderlust somewhere
Towards a planet
That is near
For which that
Can also be forgotten in
Sunlight shadows
Can replace even the gods
Appearing beneath the gallows
Thick with shame
To reckon and reclaim
All those who ill a will
For us to fly
Even if with our
Broken wings
Beyond any doubting doubt
Could brush past the tops of
Soft and sacred trees
Make cedar sweet
The lover in me
Creeping unannounced
So pleasantly
Heaven came loose
Last night
Abreast reluctant passion
Endless was the strumming
Of pooled guitars
Lit up by stars
Beautifully blazed
In mirrored lullabies
Like a favorite bedtime story
Rhyming our illusions
As dark nooks shined
With love contusions
Nervous perfection
Singleheartedly resigned
Skipping to beats
Of inharmonious
Drummed chimes

© GÄ

Not My Hand

One drop two drop three drop

How many drips till we settle the

You could make your home with


Just as the heavens cohabitate
With the clouds
Just as clouds coexist with the stars
Just as stars commingle
With the moon
Just as one bed is
Big enough for two
I am with you
But also
You don’t have to

Independently we can share
These things
Visit upon them
There is no command
To therefore be
The authority on co-anything

Even if it’s not my hand
You’re holding

© GÄ

Keep My Love

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love
Just as I have kept your love
We will remain in this love

Into a bird precisely because
You have been love
Given this love
The gods are generous
In love

In this way
I have loved to avoid anger
In this way
I have loved to avoid fear
In this way
I cannot avoid excitement

This the very love that
Prompts my wings from
A nesting place deep inside

This the very love
That shuttles me out
Past the neon signs
At midnight

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love

© GÄ

To My Dreams

There is so much
I want to say
But I cannot find
The words today
I’m gonna leave it
All up to my dreams

I lay my head down
Fore I sleep
Thoughts of you
Will slowly creep
Into my heart
Dancing in and all around me

Now here they come
All marching high
By and by

How could it be
You glisten me
It’s difficult to see
The words I want
I think it’s time for me to sleep

So here I am I’ll close my eyes
Letting all the feelings rise
And leave the words
All up to my dreams

© GÄ

My Match

Feel the chills
Every hair
Rising for you
Simple lift
Spiritual gift

Up my arms
Up the back
Of my neck
And down
My legs

Intensity I
Met my match
It was too much
To receive
In my ear
And tongue
At the roof
Of my mouth
Incomplete chords

Innocence of memory
And absence of me
Innocence of memory
And absence of me
How could it be?

I met my match
And it was
Too much
To receive

© GÄ