After All

Can you be generous
With my heart
When I crawl out from chrysalis

A fantastic overview if
Maybe we could take notes
Mind bending material
To apply in our modern day lives
With ancient wisdoms
Consuming all like light
Without rejecting or accepting
Our compassions exhilarated
By negative situations

I can see in all directions
And the sound of emptiness
Is the source of all my words
Telling lies in order to please me
Don’t be silly
Is it too late for
What I wanted
After all

© GÄ


Wondering winks
Hands grab
Final distinct
Between my teeth
Acting like grownups
The night comes fast
Pulling up the covers
Hanging out our feet
A perfect gravity
For stretching
Love for each other
In marvelous ways
A mighty rage
Breaking into perspectives
Of perspiration
Adult decisions
Wet on the skin
In all the light
Of dreaming
Softly in these sheets
Faux feathers
Plush beneath
Our heads
Scarlet sins
Naked wins
Lush lyrics
Pillared in love

© GÄ


Sometimes extended
And appearing
Like a song
Or a story
Sustainable arms
Like the branches
Of a tree
Standing inside
My own wood
Sharpened perceptions
Aligned edges
Accepting heart wisdom
From beginning to end
All that is before
And after in

© GÄ

To My Dreams

There is so much
I want to say
But I cannot find
The words today
I’m gonna leave it
All up to my dreams

I lay my head down
Fore I sleep
Thoughts of you
Will slowly creep
Into my heart
Dancing in and all around me

Now here they come
All marching high
By and by

How could it be
You glisten me
It’s difficult to see
The words I want
I think it’s time for me to sleep

So here I am I’ll close my eyes
Letting all the feelings rise
And leave the words
All up to my dreams

© GÄ

All Kinds

It takes all kinds
To balance this space
Love your enemies they say
Those that do not relate to you
Add to the beauty
Of what you manifest
What they mistake

Even feeling excluded
Can bring a better power
To the joy and the love
That we can ultimately

As we bloom

The rose may feel
Unaccepted and

Believe me you
Don’t want that energy
Believe me if you had it
You would wish it
Was a dream

The poison to be loved
The pesticide that kills the dove

More like a nightmare
From the one who is jealous

On the outside of the self
Looking in to understand
It is the ones that do not fit
That lend a hand

Offering a spotlight
To your brilliance
Where you shine

The sun will rise on evil
And the good
The difference in between
Will reveal what others could
Love if they only would
Push aside
The monster
That is
The ego

Unlike any other
In the capability
To love it all

The mentality is not the same
A very different mental frame

On the surface
Though this person
Though this thing
May not love you
May not like you
May not understand you
Will never comprehend you

It will show up as your
Beautiful difference to be
Loved by others

And the insecurities
That smother their misjudgment
Will benefit the gifts you give
The rose that lives

Your heart

© GÄ