It’s hard to see beyond the parts
Do you want to read my journal notes
We could play hide and seek
Or would you just run away from me
If the light is yellow
Would you pretend that it’s green
Never put off saying you’re sorry
Especially for someone you love
Did you love me?
You couldn’t really say you were sorry
I couldn’t expect that realistically
What a weird fake reality
The life that I wanted to make
Without you is finally happening

© GÄ

After All

Can you be generous
With my heart
When I crawl out from chrysalis

A fantastic overview if
Maybe we could take notes
Mind bending material
To apply in our modern day lives
With ancient wisdoms
Consuming all like light
Without rejecting or accepting
Our compassions exhilarated
By negative situations

I can see in all directions
And the sound of emptiness
Is the source of all my words
Telling lies in order to please me
Don’t be silly
Is it too late for
What I wanted
After all

© GÄ