It’s hard to see beyond the parts
Do you want to read my journal notes
We could play hide and seek
Or would you just run away from me
If the light is yellow
Would you pretend that it’s green
Never put off saying you’re sorry
Especially for someone you love
Did you love me?
You couldn’t really say you were sorry
I couldn’t expect that realistically
What a weird fake reality
The life that I wanted to make
Without you is finally happening

© GÄ

Before the Alarms

Strategically you could in a way
Create a space to be with you
There is nothing more desirable
To me than a lack of

Me there with you simply

To see what your heart sees
During the day
To wait for you impatiently
Hold me
I am more than one way

You are absolutely right
Every moment for me
Takes a drink from your glass
And if not love at first sight
At last

What you say I need
Is all I want
So far in distance but so close
In the way that you’re discreet


Uncertainty can be strong
But loving me is even stronger
And this reflection of your love
Would be enough to create
A gem that has not yet existed
In the world between us

A most coveted ring

Imagine me around you
When you close your eyes at night
Know that dreams have a means to
Build a bridge before the alarms
Wake us up in the morning
Just as the dawn would find me
In your arms

© GÄ