Live Live Live!

Whatever’s left
Beyond belief your
Wildest dreams
Keepsakes bereft
You jolt awake from
Bogged down sleep
For fear and fright
Of what is left
That your worst nights
Are getting closer to
Repeat what you detest

Live live live
We cry and oh!
Live live live
Remind us oh!
Of the greatest joys
We’ve yet to sow
Choose the new pain!
Give the old one time to heal
Choose the new pain!
Let the old wound
Close the seal
Choose the new pain!
Just to feel again
Lest the old pain
Take you down again
We shall not diverge

© GÄ

Dreams Between

For you because
And with all knowledge
I find you
Full of intensity
Roaring hot like the sun
Nightmares crash
On lions backs
Rocking in the
Shadows of sharp claws
Hardly is the passion lost
Missing between the reeds
In dreams with you
Of all romantic deeds
For which you unwrestle
Watch one spark leap
Twist up and turn
From which you smile
To receive a beating heart
Pounding from me
Suspended discreetly
In the cosmic air
Between us

© GÄ

To My Dreams

There is so much
I want to say
But I cannot find
The words today
I’m gonna leave it
All up to my dreams

I lay my head down
Fore I sleep
Thoughts of you
Will slowly creep
Into my heart
Dancing in and all around me

Now here they come
All marching high
By and by

How could it be
You glisten me
It’s difficult to see
The words I want
I think it’s time for me to sleep

So here I am I’ll close my eyes
Letting all the feelings rise
And leave the words
All up to my dreams

© GÄ