Make Believe

I’m a witness to a resurrection
Of myself transforming waves in
Ways of understanding
Parts of myself that were
Once held up in a
Pierced delay
An oceanic reaction
Caught in the potential distraction
Of who is who in which
Reality before we ever
Fall backwards into
Whatever wasn’t anyway
But oh how I love
To play make believe

Make Me Alive

Make me alive
A wise fool in your eyes
Peel me away
Like the paint
From the oldest building
You’ve ever come to stride
Pressed up against your brow
In twilights death
Glowing in the spire
Of many decades
Yet to be perceived
In cardinal choirs
I realize the devil
Went down to Georgia
To release you from your pact
To someone else
In what exact chamber
Of glowing heat
Could ever your heart beat
Without the Mayberry bed
Of rubies beneath the belly
And the back of any beast
Red and yellow leaves
Performing twisty dances
To their death on cement night
Make me alive

© GÄ

Make Me Want You

You make me want you
So much cause I can’t have you
I mean you know this right
Momentary or not
Could we just get it over with?
Super bliss
Have one night
Like touching a star
Would that be enough?
I’ll take my chance

With your permission
In ways we’re not allowed
Just to be wowed by you

© GÄ