Waking My Love

All of the emotions
That we are having
Are not definite and final
They are experiences
Acceptance to the fact
That in all of our deficits
This is just where we are
Right now is
Learning from our surroundings
Recalling what we see
Reminding me that
I believe I’m in love
With your soul
Whatever that means
Can I also be afraid
Of your body
Can I also be afraid
Your touch
Can I also be afraid
Of your words
Why do we crave
For what to be
Is to be
Loved by someone
Sullenly or sweet
Wanderlust somewhere
Towards a planet
That is near
For which that
Can also be forgotten in
Sunlight shadows
Can replace even the gods
Appearing beneath the gallows
Thick with shame
To reckon and reclaim
All those who ill a will
For us to fly
Even if with our
Broken wings
Beyond any doubting doubt
Could brush past the tops of
Soft and sacred trees
Make cedar sweet
The lover in me
Creeping unannounced
So pleasantly
Heaven came loose
Last night
Abreast reluctant passion
Endless was the strumming
Of pooled guitars
Lit up by stars
Beautifully blazed
In mirrored lullabies
Like a favorite bedtime story
Rhyming our illusions
As dark nooks shined
With love contusions
Nervous perfection
Singleheartedly resigned
Skipping to beats
Of inharmonious
Drummed chimes

© GÄ