When Will It Be

Is it the want
To be in social moments
But still impossibly at arms length
That we find ourselves
Looking the other way
Even when our arms are empty
How do we celebrate
When do we spread our wings
If they are pinned
Beyond the glitter
Past the makeup
Underneath the mask
When autumn comes
Will all the bodies
We were used to holding
Fall back into our arms
All at once
Is there a chance we’ll wait
Till Christmas before
Our cheeks and lips are pressed
Our wings no longer rest
When are we free
To hold each other
When will it be

© GÄ


Memories of fulfilling
The need to have
What we want to be
Records messages
Out loud in a way
That each beginning
Echos creating
An end
That we can hear
Much more succinctly
When stings the latter

Everything that you have
Desired you already
Asked for you and it is only
Waiting to be recognized

Paint the stars
Even when
The potential seems like ice
Picture it warm
Mellow melting
Into what you
Wish it would become

Quietly sneaking up into
Your excitement
Applying color
To the thought
Dress it up
Take it out dancing
Even in fields of
Unrequited joy

It will be there

© GÄ

Will You

Will you be my love?

We only have one life
With these eyes to see

What we want to see
What do you want to see?

Will you share my heart?

Love what we want to love
Live how we want to live
Be what we want to be


Prospect of a blue sky
Plunging towards love

No greater downfall hath love
Than to have no love at all

With you

© GÄ