As if to Coarse

Interpretation for an early bed
When I think of you like this
Capture the essence of
The warmth from your kiss
I am here in your arms

If I found another space in time
Where ultimatums rest
To feel your heart strike against
The beat beneath my chest

Where question came to me in wonder
Which would you choose to know?

Which room will you
End up in physically?

I choose your door

Here’s a copy of my key
From me

© GÄ

You Are the Key

Rather than live through
All the things
That we collect
To build our nest
The moon is almost full
But my heart is not
Without you

Emotional situations
Move through me
With grace
Take me out of this place
Where I have everything
More than I need
And gift me
One thing


This would be home
Enough for me
Fulfilling everything
I need

No lock upon my door
You are the key

© GÄ