As if to Coarse

Interpretation for an early bed
When I think of you like this
Capture the essence of
The warmth from your kiss
I am here in your arms

If I found another space in time
Where ultimatums rest
To feel your heart strike against
The beat beneath my chest

Where question came to me in wonder
Which would you choose to know?

Which room will you
End up in physically?

I choose your door

Here’s a copy of my key
From me

© GÄ

At the Door

The red birch chair
My underwear naked in this seat
That feels entirely too cold
To fasten ass in

My pattern of effect
Has lost the luster
Often stretched
Into the meaning
Found in every moments death

Kind and distant waves
Fish and swim about
Airs rage
Wind caught gasping, gaped
In tolerant behavior

A soundless sigh
Exhales the universe
Almost forgotten
Before the first
Is leveled out
Across the bank
Of indication

Proud-like roar
The cane like floor
That bothers to abandon
At the door

When the push
Is flaccid posture
That desires
So much more
Will awakens
Bound to break
And scold release
In lacerations
Cardinal to the making

The candid richness
Of a song
And gone
Before the breakfast table
Sets itself to feast

The bitter china
Still and quiet
In my cabinet
Cannot bring
The mean and matter
To displace
Where spoons and forks
Have always known
They had a place

© GÄ