At Your Door

Tripping over your touch
Discordant notes play
The room is echoing
With our voices
Exhilarated as
Tightrope dancers
Even would be
Forgiving mistakes
While playing hopscotch
As we fill our dinner plates
With mended meals
Light up the candles
Count to four
Your words shall
Pour out
Like favorite wine
Even if I never knew
Your real name
Running out of time
I would still call you
My other
Without horses
Without wagons
Barefoot across
Hot summer sand
Or broken glass
Even as cruel as winter
Promised to be
On frozen toes
That’s how it goes
When all that matters
Is to bring you
One sweet rose
I handpicked for you
A cane of thorns
For our protection
When I meet thee
At your door
Before we share
A musical kiss

© GÄ

Vampire Kiss

Moon dark
Black things
Between the shadows
Steps swing into
The murk beneath
Blood red lushness
Ominously staggering
Into the fog
Perish under it
A heavy kiss that
Won’t release you
Joy and sorrow
Pain tomorrow
Light rays will burn
Smiling shamelessly
The darkness spills
Into new beginnings
With sharper teeth
An ageless fright
Forever is the night
From just one bite
No longer daylight
No protection
Just a fresh start
To your newly beating heart
To quench the thirst
Of this rebirth
A different kind of love
That roams the night
On blue black lawn
Before the dawn

© GÄ

Kiss Your Neck

How much how many times
What is the balance
To find work and love
Someone to go home to
Someone to celebrate
Someone touch my lips
Working hard is what for
If there is no one to share it with
Affection calls
I feel it strongly today
Underneath the mystery
Turn me upside down
Find a way for you
To find me too
If I knew where or
How to ask you
Just to stay with you
Hold you
I want to
Kiss your neck

© GÄ

Kiss and Tell

You don’t have to know me well
To know that I don’t kiss and tell
Your secret’s safe with me
Even if moments compel
I don’t ever kiss and tell

So you say you never do this
Kind of thing
So you say you’ll make exceptions
Just this once with me

You don’t have to know me well
To know that I don’t kiss and tell
I’m ready to dive in
Just say the word

Baby you don’t even have
To part your lips
This could be one of those moments
We deserve

You don’t have to know me well
To know that I don’t kiss and tell
I just want your arms around me
Right away

Your eye contact is gleaming
Your scent has got me dreaming
Of my face between your shoulder
And your neck

You don’t have to know me well
To know that I don’t kiss and tell
So what the heck
I’m ready for you
If you will

© GÄ


Involuntary spring
Jump out of everything
That weighs you down
Your heavy crown
The burden that you bear
For the title that you wear

Diamonds and rubies
Cannot hold a candle to love
Dark passageways lit
By the prestige
Of what the world expects
You to be

Glow up
Push through
Often there will be
No answer for
What you will learn
When you cross over
Into the heavenly lair

King of love
Queen of kindness
Money is only temporary
Your highness
A kiss on the cheek
Is worth more than
All the tokens in your keep

Create the memories
That will join you in your castle
In the clouds
Not the memories
That you will leave
In a pile of bricks
On this earthly shroud

Sensations fill the air
With everything you need
The magic of less
The feeling of more
Deep in your heart
Beneath the pores
Of this temporary

© GÄ


How can I say
What I want to say
You’ve taken
My breath completely away

Gasping for words
Out of breath over you
Panting for letters
To express it all too

A hush
Quietness for this love
A lull of tranquility

There is nothing to say
Conversations downplay
What my mouth
And my lips
Could reveal

To you

© GÄ

One More Day

I don’t feel rushed to say hello
I don’t feel rushed to say goodbye
I don’t feel rushed in any way
I really want to take my time

One more hug
One more kiss
One more chance
To grant this wish

Fulfill this moment with your sweet
Fragrant delicious existence
Climb my mountain
Raid my caves
Explore mysterious terrain
The artifacts inside my head
Will open up to your refuge
I’ll serve you tea
I’ll make you food
Calm your demons
Soothe your mood

Emerging in your eden
Gardening your tender soil
Wipe your tears
Hold your heart
Excavate your every part

To be your clouds
To fill your sky
Offer a safe haven at night
Rest in my arms
Knowing I’m there
When you awake
From your slumber

Breakfast in bed
I’ll kiss your head
Massage your fears and cares away
Don’t hurry off
Why don’t you stay
Another hour
One more day

© GÄ