Your Finger

I have an aching
That you fulfill
It’s a complicated case
Of finding love in a
Fun house mirror
Impervious appeal
A solid space
Scaffolding we build
Chuck the
Rickety steps aside
Foundations of
Tiers unlike tears
With a lovely
Darkness inviting
Balance on a beam of
Feedback sliding
Can I call you
My love huntsman
As I watch the
Eclipse of your eyes
Thou artful smiles
Thy spherical disguise
In a
Punch pink
Bubblegum rouge
I part the fringe
Of your youth
And all our innocence
Lands on top of
Here where I have learned
Of certain things
Especially that I
Am an expert on
What is good
And nostalgia is
Our food

What if instead of just reading
You actually wrote
On my skin
Like a tattoo
With your finger
Or your heart
Or just a pen

© GÄ

Your Words

If you’re not opposed
I’ll set out a change of clothes
For when we finally
Get up this afternoon

I can’t remember when
The last time was
I had someone’s lips on me
I’d rather wait for you
Than hook up

Like screaming fire!
In a crowded theater
My heart is beating
A mile a minute just thinking
Of when you’ll arrive

Why don’t you just
Throw a dagger into me
You sexy beast
Your words are like
Sensuous poetry

© GÄ

Kiss Your Neck

How much how many times
What is the balance
To find work and love
Someone to go home to
Someone to celebrate
Someone touch my lips
Working hard is what for
If there is no one to share it with
Affection calls
I feel it strongly today
Underneath the mystery
Turn me upside down
Find a way for you
To find me too
If I knew where or
How to ask you
Just to stay with you
Hold you
I want to
Kiss your neck

© GÄ

Your Greatness

As we move forward
In this new world we
Find ourselves
Settling in new ways
I say

Your beauty is confused
By its ability to be beautiful
In it’s absence it rips away
At your heart
I holler that you will find meaning
And decode what it deserves
Oh, if I could only show you

The place where you crouch
Is hiding from elegance
What a shame it is to doubt
How special your significance
Is to so many
How you fill them
With plenty

I take a step towards
The distance that forces you
To know you
The way I want to show you
Your greatness

© GÄ

Your Hand

In this distance where you stand
I can barely see your hand
Yet somehow strangely close to you
Somehow scarcely knowing you
Somehow I attempt to understand

Inspired by the swan
Graceful as her silhouette
Becomes the dawn
As the wind caresses
All that he demands
I reach beyond the distance
For your hand

© GÄ

Your Heart

He focuses on her
She is ready
Their conversation is sensual
She says
“Ohh, that’s freaking leaking!”
“There.” He said, “What?”
Is it supposed to go like this?
Ya, where is the pick at?
It’s behind
Yah… over there
That ain’t gonna hold it down
No it wasn’t on there like that
I was gonna laugh if you screwed that up
“I wasn’t gonna screw it down.”
She said
It wasn’t like that I know
Look at you!
Wait! Here is where I want to put it
Right there…
Pop it on there
Okay there’s gotta be a hinge
To this somewhere
Where’s the flashlight?
It’s gotta be here somewhere
Let me see that thing
Just for a second
What thing?
Your heart

© GÄ

At Your Edge

The mind appears
To be almost in
An unconscious stage
Of fragrance
Through a particular
Floral underpass
Calming all
My nerves
Consciousness can be
Experienced fragments
At the same time
Stitching your tattered
Pieces so
In a wonder ball
Filled with the
Whole self
You are also
Playful my love
May I climb your
Stand at your edge
Offer you a rose
Will you accept my
Your nose
I wish to present
A gorgeous storm
Of grandeur
Moment by moment
Wrapped in
Arms length

© GÄ

Close Your Eyes

When you close your eyes
Do you see me
Can you dream me floating by?
Across the screen
Inside your mind
Can you feel me
Can you reach behind
Your eyes
Do you receive me?
I am there
In every pulse
Every synapse
Contemplating you
Pondering the love you share
The touch you bare
I want you

To know I close my eyes
And see you
Floating by so warmly
Experiencing this
Like out of body
Levitation in the
Waiting room
Of my mind
Traveling down
In silk vibrations
To the center of my core
Where you are
There you are

Does it scare you
That we can be this close
Share a fervent space
This way?
Like a flower
To the earth
Like a bird
To the sky
Like a mountain
Against the horizon
I feel my best self
In your eyes

You’re a red flag
Of surprise
To the bounty of a life

Cathartic rhythm
Rising and falling
Scales and lines
Of what pure beauty
Longs to hold
When I see you
Close your eyes


© GÄ