Into Your Eyes

You are my rock
More like a mountain really
Cerebral and everything
An infinite cluster of love
Blue moon swoons
Down to the null
Resting just above my tongue
As I look up
Your immortality stands
Firmly before me
I could climb the trellis
Of your strength
Unshaken as an architect
Would be so proud
Of such a building
That cannot be torn down
You resound the meaning
Of such a fortress
Earthquakes tremble
In the opposite direction
Fear lays down before your feet
Courage makes a home
Inside your full fleet heart
An island of light
Determined on the frontlines
Battling to save the lives
Of others
Compassion cries at your
Ability to outstand
What pure stability can be found
In just one person
Even in a dark and sunless place
Calling to the power
That is offered up for all
Your stature beholds
Caressed reflections of
Delectably enthralled
Meteors will dream the dream
To have the lust to throw about
Their weight throughout the sky
As you do
With clarity
It can be seen
With just one look
Into your eyes

© GÄ


Giving up is not an option
When you want the things you want
But if the pieces just won’t fit
You will prevent what’s meant to come

Holding on as tight as possible
May show your strength indeed
But letting go may be the kind of
Strength you actually need

© GÄ