My Lover

My lover stabbed me one thousand times
Over and over with piercing eyes
Looked me up and down
Thrusting my veiled disguise
Through and through
Rescuing my skin
With several strokes of the tongue
100 different stars I’ve counted
When I close my eyes with you
I recall their starchild names in Latin
Monoceros, Triangulum and Pavo
I recall one looks like you
Spread out spaciously
Against midnight satin navy
My soul splits open wide
Stab me again with your loving eyes
Wrapped in forever sheets
No beginning, no end
Let me be your mortal prize
A lusty labyrinth full of
Dizzying cries

© GÄ

Into Your Eyes

You are my rock
More like a mountain really
Cerebral and everything
An infinite cluster of love
Blue moon swoons
Down to the null
Resting just above my tongue
As I look up
Your immortality stands
Firmly before me
I could climb the trellis
Of your strength
Unshaken as an architect
Would be so proud
Of such a building
That cannot be torn down
You resound the meaning
Of such a fortress
Earthquakes tremble
In the opposite direction
Fear lays down before your feet
Courage makes a home
Inside your full fleet heart
An island of light
Determined on the frontlines
Battling to save the lives
Of others
Compassion cries at your
Ability to outstand
What pure stability can be found
In just one person
Even in a dark and sunless place
Calling to the power
That is offered up for all
Your stature beholds
Caressed reflections of
Delectably enthralled
Meteors will dream the dream
To have the lust to throw about
Their weight throughout the sky
As you do
With clarity
It can be seen
With just one look
Into your eyes

© GÄ

Yellow Eyes

Yellow eyes
Looking for that golden light
Glowing back at me
From you
Arching up
Across the border of
Your sky
Thrusted above
Floating up
An out of body reflection
Hidden behind
What whispers gleaming
Where yellow eyes
Are casting glimpses
Secret messages
I have no words for thank you
Your touch
Is more than mere words
Could describe
Listen to all worry
Float away
Shining once again in your
Law of pure integrity
Listen to all worry
Float away
You are bright
You are not mine
You are not mine

© GÄ

Bright Eyes

I know you’re there
I know you care
I querent the dividend

I hide behind the
Shy like guy pleasured

Where dost thou shine
Ones brightest eyes
Wouldst thou brightly beaming
Project a streamline spotlight
Love drenched in blue
Orn’t hazel green toward me
Amber brown lazy sheen
Like koko roses tipping down
Shine thou light
From whence around
And to forth glows
A vibrant static glistening
Illustrious semiconductor
Of passionate overtures

Into me

Where dost thou shine
Ones brightest eyes
When shyly looked upon
By someone who could love you

Is there a digital repose
For which to open your
Most diamond like gaze
To be keenly bestowed
Some morse code
How whilst I coax
Your darting iris rays
Your wet white scleras
Of which years of joy
May runneth over
Into my pear shaped

© GÄ

Eyes of a Child

In the distant memories of love
And lack thereof
I remember so vividly
How it felt to have love
Come and leave

Innocent and beautiful meaning
Painted subtly
In colors of casual truth
Pure loves intent disguised by youth

They remind me of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before me
In the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

Every night that
I lay down my head
I feel haunted
Beneath what magnifies
How I sleep
In a bed of love
My heart’s conceived

Still I have no desire to erase
Or to replace
What I learned from
Taking that step
I love more and more
And with every broken heart
I grow in depth

And they remind me of a picture

Nothing will be able to chase
My heart away
Or cause it to break
Too many times because
A fire inside
That grows deep and wide
Fills the left side
Fills the right side
With a pure love
Of more than enough
Take what you want
And I will be here
I will be here

To remind you of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before you
With the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

© GÄ

Close Your Eyes

When you close your eyes
Do you see me
Can you dream me floating by?
Across the screen
Inside your mind
Can you feel me
Can you reach behind
Your eyes
Do you receive me?
I am there
In every pulse
Every synapse
Contemplating you
Pondering the love you share
The touch you bare
I want you

To know I close my eyes
And see you
Floating by so warmly
Experiencing this
Like out of body
Levitation in the
Waiting room
Of my mind
Traveling down
In silk vibrations
To the center of my core
Where you are
There you are

Does it scare you
That we can be this close
Share a fervent space
This way?
Like a flower
To the earth
Like a bird
To the sky
Like a mountain
Against the horizon
I feel my best self
In your eyes

You’re a red flag
Of surprise
To the bounty of a life

Cathartic rhythm
Rising and falling
Scales and lines
Of what pure beauty
Longs to hold
When I see you
Close your eyes


© GÄ