Astro Child

Patience and gratitude
Twist up thine roots
Stretch upwards
To touch the tips
Of Orion and Lyra
Through grafts
In one backward
Swift dance
Fill the coroners chalice
With the jewels of a
Priceless ripped cloth
In a tattered black sky

Show me the way

Glyphed in Perseus light
Parted lips
Broke apart
Scribed with words of a
Luminous bright
Waltzing singularly
Quietly in between
Giraffe patches are
Hidden truths behind
Proud and serene
Oh so delicately
Hedged perfectly green in a maze
Of cracked vertical pleasure

Show us the way

Twist up thine roots
Stretching forward in yellow
Searchlights that reveal
What is warmly
Beheld in the misunderstood
Understanding of space
Whisked with
Miniature yeses
Frenetically wild
Unlikely crowned voices
Alighted aligned
Would be proud to
Give birth to a child
Born with wings
In a country unfortunately
Fat with the
Recklessly streamed
Thrones of laughter

Show them the way

Lost little darkness that
Wants to obtain
Innocents quick to obey
What pure consciousness
Cannot betroth
For to loose the
Entire revolt
Would be quick to a colt
Or horse stable
Once inadequately
Waking up the beginning
Before it’s begun

Show me the way

Does the smile on your lips
Resemble the tips
Of Australis?

Does the curse of Corvus
Box us in with the knowledge
Of thorns bleeding blood
Rest the reddest of roses

In any language
Only two words unlock
The hands of the grandfather clock
Timeless Mother

In longitude as latitude curves
Twisting up as pure gratitude

Show me the way

Patience and gratitude
Triangulum faced
Patience and gratitude
Sparkling sidewalks are paced
Sweet expressions
In grit lands of grace

dot dot dot…

© GÄ

Eyes of a Child

In the distant memories of love
And lack thereof
I remember so vividly
How it felt to have love
Come and leave

Innocent and beautiful meaning
Painted subtly
In colors of casual truth
Pure loves intent disguised by youth

They remind me of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before me
In the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

Every night that
I lay down my head
I feel haunted
Beneath what magnifies
How I sleep
In a bed of love
My heart’s conceived

Still I have no desire to erase
Or to replace
What I learned from
Taking that step
I love more and more
And with every broken heart
I grow in depth

And they remind me of a picture

Nothing will be able to chase
My heart away
Or cause it to break
Too many times because
A fire inside
That grows deep and wide
Fills the left side
Fills the right side
With a pure love
Of more than enough
Take what you want
And I will be here
I will be here

To remind you of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before you
With the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

© GÄ