With Dream

Clearing my headspace
Tossing away the disdain
It’s beginning to feel
Like creating a place
Share one with another again
Where I can give of myself
Nothing left of bereft
Nor held back
What a world it could be
I want hope
I want feeling
I want destiny
With you I want
Nonsense without any jealously
No need for rescuing
Found finally in each other
A place
Without strings
Attachments to things
My feet are on fire
With dream

© GÄ

Just A Dream

Maybe I’m not depressed
Maybe I’m a mess
And maybe all of this
Is just a dream
Because for all my life
I still have yet to find
A reason to give up
On what I try
For what I die
For every sign
Maybe I’m just less
Of what I thought
Was truly best
Better than the mess
No just the same
And in the wake of
Binding pain
In the coming days
My inner flame is
Still sustained
Maybe I’m not depressed
Maybe I am a mess
And maybe all of this
Is just a dream

© GÄ

Enchanted Loom

Climb through
My dreams the canvases
Claim the desire to
Understand you
Make it comprehensible
The subconscious
In my stomach
Feed my thoughts
Burning inside
Spinning wheel
Of flumes
My consciousness
It tells me everything
Left to my interpretation
Moonlit my throat
Swallows to see
Look inside the third eye
From my heart
I’m hungry to know you
What you want to say
Even my dreams
Can’t tell me
These kinds of

In a Tuscan maze

I walk the Earths womb
Darkness and light
Quietly on tiptoe
In each sickness
Frightful not to know
Never knowing really
What I don’t
But I won’t put
Our book of secrets down
The wand is waiting
Overflowing with answers
For our love
Just at the forefront
Packed up
Like a chrysalis
Caught in your
Enchanted loom
Voodoo dust
A caterpillar
Ready to burst
Feet extended
Tongue curled up
Doorframe to window
Web strung resilience
A quilted heart
Swept away by your
Love broom

© GÄ


In appreciation for
Such energy felt
I climbed outside
Of the exhausted self

Recall of slipping
The fingers between
My hand found the edge
Of his calico seam

Eyes open I noticed
His lips had escaped
Like a tower of softness
Had melted away

A sideways view
Of the spiritual extreme
The tossed twist reality
Of a really good dream

© GÄ